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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 191: Have You Ever Seen A Chinese Sword?

Chapter 191: Have You Ever Seen A Chinese Sword?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"He disappeared!"

"Where is he?"

"Oh, my God? How did he disappear into thin air?"

The mercenaries stopped with their shooting when they realized something was wrong. Chen had moved to the back of one of the mercenaries.


The mercenary's neck was broken along with the crispy sound echoing in the air. He died instantly.

"This… This is not possible! I… I must be dreaming!"

Shi Kelang's face was filled with extreme shock, "The speed of that bastard is so much faster as compared to the time when he fought with me! This… This is simply not humanly possible!"

He would never know how Chen improved his combat power in such a short period of time! That was not scientific at all!

"Second… Second master… What is happening now?"

At the same time, Shi Dafeng, Shi Dabiao, and Shi Mingwei were in deep shock as well. Their legs went soft. Thus, none of them could stand properly on the ground. A few minutes ago, they imagined how Chen would be captured by the mercenaries, crippled and tortured mercilessly by them. None of them expected Chen's combat power to skyrocket enough to defeat all the mercenaries! Basically, Chen was killing the mercenaries like stepping on ants! At this moment, Chen was like a demon to them when they look at Chen's stare. Their hearts and souls had been completely flooded by extreme fear!

"Far… Mr. Farker… You guys must kill that bastard! Don't let him live! If not, the consequences of him staying alive will be real bad!" Shi Kelang's voice sounded shaky. Chen's combat power was a destructive impact on him. Deep inside his soul, he was so afraid of Chen.

"Needless to say, I will definitely kill that bastard!"

Farker was starting at Chen furiously like a volcano waiting to erupt. Chen managed to kill a few more mercenaries when they were talking to each other. The rest of them had fallen into complete chaos. It was just a matter of time before Chen killed the rest of them!

"Mr. Shi…! There's something I need to tell you before I kill him!"

Farker did not charge at Chen immediately. He talked about the loss that he just suffered from Shi Kelang.

"This bastard is so much more powerful than what you told me earlier! Your inaccurate intel caused all my gang members to die in vain! What are you going to do about my loss?!"

"Don't worry! Mr. Farker!"

Without hesitation, he said immediately, "We will be able to collect a huge ransom from the Lan Family after you kill this bastard! I will then use the money to cover your loss! By that time, you will have enough money to build a new army!"

"Alright! Deal!"

Farker licked his lips and laughed coldly, "I wanted to change this batch of garbage for better ones long before this! I will go to Africa to recruit some warlords after I receive the money that you promised me! Those warlords and mercenaries in Africa are the real deal!"

He did not move a single bit after he made the statement. He was literally watching his comrades being massacred by Chen! It was pretty obvious that those dead mercenaries were just tools that could be replaced by him. Since he was getting a batch of better replacements, he could not care less about his current batch of mercenaries!

Even animals knew how to protect their partners. But, this Farker had no regards towards his partners at all. His atrocity would make one boil with anger. This Farker was worse any animal!


Finally, the last mercenary was killed by Chen with a hard kick that caved his chest in. The Netherspirit Battlescouter started to display a series of notifications to Chen.


[You have killed a big bad guy. 1000 merit points had been awarded to you!]


[You have killed a big bad guy. 1000 merit points had been awarded to you!]



[Your current merit points are 100000. You still need another 200000 merit points to go to next level!]


[Congratulation! You have become Philanthropist the Third! Charm: 10000, Luck: 10000!]

Chen wasn't affected by the good news at all. To him, this was just the beginning.


Farker clapped his hand and walked towards Chen with an arrogant face and said, "Real elites do not use guns! Real elite like me uses melee weapons to destroy their opponents!"


Farker took out a rapier from his waist while talking arrogantly! He was trying to tell Chen that he was the Jianghu elite while Chen was just a weakling that used a gun to kill his opponents.

"Elite? You are far from that!"

Chen raised his eyebrow and looked at Farker condescendingly.


[Cultivation: Later phase of physical stage, Health: 2000, Combat power: 2000!]

Chen already saw through him even though he acted like he is some kind of ten thousand combat power elite! Two thousand combat power was a huge number to old Chen. At then, he stood at a higher ground. Thus, an opponent with two thousand combat power was just another piece of dead meat to him. Chen wanted to reward him with a word; hehe!

"You will know soon whether I'm an elite or not!"

Farker shook his wrist, and the rapier became really straight. It was like a giant needle that gleamed menacingly!

"Wow! This is awesome!"

It was like some kind of special effect in movies; the whole Shi Family could not look away from him. A hope for victory started to light up inside their hearts. There was a saying; amateurs know only the surface but elites know the inside out of everything!

Shi Kelang started to compliment Farker nonstop when he saw the impressive move, "Mr. Farker, such powerful move! I don't think I can possess such arm strength even after I have trained for ten years! The ending is pretty much set with your presence here!"

"Hmph! Don't you worry! Monkeys like him will not live when I decide to fight him personally!"

Farker was really proud when he heard the compliments from Shi Family. He looked at Chen in disdain.

"Bastard! I will let you witness the power of sword skill of the Farker Family that has been passed down from generation to generation! My sword skill is definitely better than your Chinese sword skill by hundred folds!"

Farker squinted and filled his body with a murderous aura!


Farker stepped on the ground hard and burst to Chen like an arrow! He did not reserve any of his two thousand combat power. At the same time, he aimed his rapier at Chen's heart! The rapier was thin and long. A powerful thrust like this could penetrate through a steel board, let alone a human body! Technically speaking, a rapier embedded with such power was definitely more powerful than a gun! Unfortunately, that was just another joke to Chen.

"So, this is it? You said this is more powerful than out Chinese sword skill! You are such an amateur! Have you seen the real Chinese sword skill?!"

Chen lifted his arm and aimed it at Farker.


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