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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 192: Vengeance Best Served Hot!

Chapter 192: Vengeance Best Served Hot!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"What is this bastard trying to do?"

"I can't figure out what is he trying to do… Is he trying to use his palm to stop Farker's sword?"

"I think he just went full retard! Mr. Farker's awesome sword skill made his brain short-circuit! Hahaha…"

The Shi Family started to laugh at Chen.

"Bastard! Are you not going to struggle before you die? It's no fun killing a person who doesn't struggle! Hahaha…"

Farker started to laugh arrogantly as well.

His bloodthirsty stare showed that he was looking forward to penetrating Chen's heart with his soft blade. The scene of blood gushing out from Chen's chest made him really excited! Blood and women were the only things in this world that could make Farker excited!

However, he never thought that he would not even witness a blood gushing scene.


Chen was calmed. He shouted and a dragon that had waited for a long time to have a taste of blood burst out from his palm!


A shadow-like black dragon let out its powerful and dominating presence!

"What… What is this thing?"

Everyone was in awe. Especially Farker! His confidence and arrogant had completely disappeared into thin air. They were replaced by trembling fear deep inside his heart and soul! He felt like he was just an useless tiny dust as compared to that powerful black dragon. As the leader of Demon Mercenary, Farker had been through more than one life and death situations. He was so used to those kinds of situations! However, the fear that he felt this time was completely different from the fear that he familiar with. His pupils contracted, hands and feet went cold. He was completely powerless in front of the black dragon. He could not even breath properly at this critical situation. Let alone fight against the black dragon.

This is the true fear! Unfortunately, it was too late for him to realize it!


The Black Dragon penetrated his chest. A bloody hole could be seen on Farker's chest after the Black Dragon disappeared. His heart and lung were completely disintegrated by the Black Dragon. The blood gushed out like a fountain from his back. He did not even know how he died in the end.

"Oh my god… Sheet! What the f*ck is that thing?"

"That is so damn scary! Is that some kind of alien technology? I think that bastard is an alien instead of a human!"

"God! I think we just offended a powerful monster!"

Shi Dafeng, Shi Dabiao, and Shi Mingwei were too scared to move their bodies. Goosebumps were all over their bodies. Three of them had a hard time controlling their bladders. They might just pee themselves anytime soon. To them, that Black Dragon was not the kind of thing that should exist in this world! Normal people like them could never accept abnormalities like this!

"Fly… Flying Sword! That was the legendary Flying Sword!"

As a Jianghu guy, Shi Kelang managed to identify the sword skill that Chen just used to kill Farker. His eyes were wide opened, and his jaw almost fell to the ground.


The Black Dragon flew back to Chen. A bloody sword mark could be seen from the dragon head. That was the mark of Chaos Sword Essence that fed on enemies' blood! It rested in Chen's body for quite some time. It had more than enough time to finish its transformation. It was definitely more powerful as compared to the time when Chen used it to defeat his enemies. Since Chen's cultivation had improved a lot, it was not necessary for it to return to Chen immediately.

Chen's strength allowed him to use the sword three more times without feeling tired or exhausted. The Black Dragon was circling around Chen. His powerful presence brought a huge impact on the Shi Family. Three of them could feel their hearts being crushed slowly as Chen walked towards them.

"How is this possible? Legend had it that only few Jianghu elites possessed the ability to maneuver the Flying Sword! How did Chen manage to… Oh god… This bastard is a monster…"

Shi Kelang was so shocked. He began to doubt everything that he knew so far.


[You have killed a Two Life Times Bad Guy! 20000 merit points had been awarded to you!]


[Your current merit points is 120000. You need another 180000 merit to go to next level! Charm: 12000, Luck: 12000!]

Chen knew that he received a huge amount of merit points after his Netherspirit Battlesocuter showed him the notification. Finally, the Demon Mercenary Gang was destroyed!

"So, four of you there! Decide the way you want to die!"

Chen stared coldly at the last four family members from Shi Family. There was still no sense of emotion could be seen from Chen. He looked at them like four corpses rather than four live persons!

"Oh my god… I don't want to die!"

Shi Mingwei knelt down and started to cry like a big baby. He was a coward from the beginning. It was impossible for him to withstand the pressure from Chen and the Chaos Sword Essence! Thus, it was totally understandable that he finally broke down.

"Second master! We still have our hostage with us! The hostage!"

As compare to Shi Mingwei's cowardice, Shi Dafeng and Shi Dabiao hung on to their last hope to survive!

"That's right! Lan Mengchen is still in our hand! Why should we afraid of him?!"

Shi Kelang was all lighted up when he was reminded of the hostage. He ran to Lan like he was just given a shot of adrenaline.

"Such kiddy move! Do you really think you can run faster than me?!"

Chen looked at him coldly and shouted, "Sword! Go!"


The wind blew all of a sudden. The presence of the Black Dragon tore open the space and caught up with Shi Kelang!

"Sheet! I'm so done…"

Shi Kelang could feel the powerful presence at his back! All hope was lost. He couldn't react to the Flying Sword's lightning speed. A heart wrecking pain started to spread to his whole body. The blood gushed out the next second. The Black Dragon managed to cut his body in half.

"Second master!!!"

Shi Dafeng and Shi Dabiao screamed hysterically! It was not the death of their family member that made them scream, but the hope that had been completely destroyed by Chen!

"Stop screaming! The two of you are going to accompany him on the way to hell! You won't be lonely when you reach hell!"

Chen moved his finger and the black dragon flew to them.



The heads of Shi Dabiao and Shi Dafeng were cut off along with the sound. Their eyes were still opened wide when their head landed on the ground!



Two streams of blood splashed to Shi Mingwei! He was covered it blood completely! He broke down earlier when he could longer see any hope to live through the day. Another powerful stab landed on his weakened heart when he saw two more of his family members died in a gruesome way.

His eyes were rolled back. He did not manage to express his feeling. He had been scared to death, literally! Finally, the whole Shi Family was completely massacred by Chen! Chen's bloodlust finally calmed down. He walked to Lan slowly.

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