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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 193: Weird Request From Mengpo

Chapter 193: Weird Request From Mengpo

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It seemed that Lan's condition was still pretty good. Maybe Shi Kelang was worried that hurting the hostage might have reduced the chances of getting the ransom. All he did was to knock her out. It was not strong enough to cause any injuries. He then carried Lan to his car.





The Netherspirit Battlescouter displayed another four notification. Chen received another fifty thousand merit points for killing the four family members of Shi Family.


[Your current merit points is 170000. You need another 130000 merit points to go to another level! Charm: 17000, Luck: 17000!]

"Not bad at all! Mengchen did not suffer any injuries, and I received one hundred thousand merit points as well! The path to helping Brother Yu get back to his male body is getting closer and closer!"

The corner of Chen's mouth raised up, and a genuine smile was shown on Chen's face. Not only did the harvest today enable him to shorten the gap to helping Xiangyu, his charm and luck were improved greatly as well. It might just bring Chen some good surprises!

Chen locked the car door and went back to the warehouse. First, he moved all thirty-five corpses together and poured the rest of the bodies from his treasure chest onto the pile of corpses as well.

"Finally, I get to use the Body Dissolving Poison that I mixed earlier!" Chen raised his eyebrows and took out a small china bottle from his treasure chest. He opened the lid and poured the black liquid on the pile of bodies.




The black liquid started to react with the corpses. White smoke was seen rising from the pile of corpses. Next, muscles, bone, clothes and even guns started to dissolve really fast!

"Damn! This is some potent sheet!"

Chen said shockingly, "Not even a single thing was not dissolved by the poison! There's only a pool of blood on the ground. I don't think they can tie me to the blood! I need to bring this good sheet with me whenever I want to kill people!"

Chen went back to the car after he dealt with all the bodies. Lan was still in a comatose state. That was not a big problem to Chen. All he needed to do was feed a bottle of Hundred Herbs Potion to her, and all the hunger and tiredness would disappear completely.

"Hold on!"

Chen hesitated and thought, "How am I going to explain to her about what happened in there just now? Even if Lan agrees to help me to keep the secret, the Ice Demon Queen might suspect that I'm the person behind this massacre! Then, I will be in huge trouble!"

"It's tough for me to fool everyone after I kill so many people! Lan might be traumatized by this incident! It will be great if she can forget everything about it! Oh! Right!"

Chen was all lighted up. He then took out the Mengpo's Soup from his treasure chest. The liquid in the bowl was dark green. At then, there was another problem.

"How much should I feed her to forget about the things that happened in these two days? I will be in huge trouble if I overfeed her! To be safe, I should ask Mengpo about it!"

Chen quickly opened up his Red Envelop group chat.

Chen: Aunt Mengpo, are you there?

Mengpo: *Cough* God Chen, you are such a naughty guy! I'm old enough to become your great-grandmother. And, you just called me your aunty! Lol…

Chen: Haha… Please don't get angry at me. I was worried that you might get angry if I call you old grandma. (Act cute emoji)

Mengpo: Such a sweet mouth! Spill it… Why are you looking for me?

Chen: I would like to know how much Mengpo's Soup should I feed to a person if I want her to forget about the things that happened in two days?

Mengpo: One drop of it is more than enough.

Chen: Okay… Thank you so much, Mengpo. I don't have anything else to ask you.

Mengpo: Hold on, God Chen! I have a favor to ask you!

Chen: Please say.

Mengpo: God Chen, you should know that there are two options for a people after they die. Option one; they can enter the earth realm to continue to train themselves. Option two; they can choose to be reincarnated. I have a group of besties with me. They have been waiting at the Naihe Bridge for more than thousand years. They still can't decide on what they want to do.

Chen: Why?

Mengpo: They spent their entire life in the emperor's palace. Thus, they are still virgins (blush). The fact that they died as virgins bother them greatly!

Chen: Erm…

Mengpo: Right! They might turn into evil spirit if they still can't make a decision! And, they will be banished to hell! I can't afford to see them turning into evil spirits! Thus, I'm hoping that you can help me with this problem.


Chen was completely stunned when he saw Mengpo's request.

He thought, "A group of old virgins… Man! This is so bizarre! Where should I even begin to help them? I can't be sending them a bucket of cucumbers and asking them to do it themselves, right?"

Chen was having a headache when he thought about it. Initially, he was going to decline helping Mengpo but those grannies were actually quite pitiful. Thus, Chen decided to think of a way to help them.

Chen: Mengpo granny, I don't have any ideas with me right now… Allow me to have some time to think about it… I will contact you once I figure out something.

Mengpo: Okay! Okay! Okay! I'm so grateful for your promise!

Chen: You are most welcome, Mengpo granny! I should go back to take care of my friend. See you around! Bye!

Mengpo: Okay! See you around too, God Chen!

Chen put down his phone and fed a drop of Mengpo's Soup to Lan. Then, he kept the rest of the Mengpo's Soup back in his treasure chest. After that, he took a bottle of Hundred Herbs Potion and fed it to Lan.


A few minutes later, Lan finally regained her conscious. At the same time, Chen already drove to Binghai driveway away from the warehouse at the harbor.

"I… Where am I?"

Lan lifted her hands slowly and rubbed on her temples. She took a look at her left and right side.

"Xiaobei! Why am I in your car?" Lan asked shockingly.

Her beautiful eyes were opened wide when she saw Chen.

"I was going to ask you about that. Why were you sleeping at the beach? You have been missing for two days! We were really worried about you!" Chen was trying to make up some bullsheet story.

Lan rolled her eyes and pouted, "I'm not going to fool around with you. I have to go home to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with my family!"

"I'm not lying to you! Now, it's four in the afternoon. Listen to the news on the radio, and you will know I'm telling you the truth."

Chen proceeded to turn on the radio.

A woman's voice can be heard on the radio.

"Good afternoon everyone! Today is the 25th of September. The time now is four in the afternoon! Welcome to my show called Your Moon My Songs. I'm your good friend; Zhang Xiaoxian!"

"This… How is this even possible?!" Lan was shocked she heard the news from the radio station. Chen might have lied to her but the broadcaster from the radio station would never lie to her audience! Next, Chen was shocked by the news that was reported by the radio station!

Translator's footnote

1. Naihe Bridge: Bridge of Helplessness", a bridge every soul has to cross before being reincarnated, they are said to drink the Mengpo soup(孟婆汤) at Naihe Qiao so they will forget everything in their current lives and prepare for reincarnation.

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