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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 1243: Mysterious Ming He

Chapter 1243: Mysterious Ming He

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Uncle Lin, feel free to speak your mind!”

“The second matter is about my research. You should know that the Poseidon Operation was executed in Japan. But the true mastermind behind it all is America!”

“Yes. I know about that.”

Earlier, an agent named Zaar was assigned by the CIA to travel to Japan to capture Chen Xiaobei in order to threaten Professor Lin. Through Nikkawa Uchu and Phantom Rain, Chen Xiaobei got to know that Japan was just a guard dog for America. The one that was going to yield the fruits of the labor was America!

“Recently, very important documents went missing from my research facility! After some investigation, we found out that America was the one trying to mess with us!”

“Uncle Lin, don’t you worry! Thunder Kirin Special Force has already acted upon this matter. I believe that they will eliminate all threats. You will be fine!”

“No! I don’t worry about myself! America has a lot of resources and they are really powerful! I’m afraid that they will find out the true identity of Lin Nan and Lin Xiang!”

“Your worry does make sense to me! I will pay more attention to it!”

“Okay! With your promise, I can finally let out a sigh of relief! Of course! You have to be more careful as well! I don’t think you know how powerful America is!”

“Are they really that powerful? When I’m more available, I will travel to America and make their president my loyal hound!”

“Don’t say things like that! One does not simply joke around with America’s might!”

To Professor Lin, Chen Xiaobei was just like any other hot-headed teenager. People like them always liked to come up with exaggerated statements to prove themselves. There was no way he would believe that Chen Xiaobei could make America’s president his loyal hound. He also never thought that Chen Xiaobei had already taken Japan into his possession!

Nikkawa Uchu was now Chen Xiaobei’s loyal hound!

And the almighty emperor was actually Six Eared Macaque!

In other words, the nation of Japan had now became Chen Xiaobei’s private garden.

As for America, they were definitely more powerful than Japan. Chen Xiaobei could actually feed Heavenly Dog Biscuits to the president if he desired to. Of course, he would have to plan properly before he could do it in the future. Right now, he still had a lot of pending matters waiting for him.

“Uncle, please don’t worry. I know what to do. I will not mess this up!”

“Okay! With your good attitude and temperament, I’m not worried at all! So, those are the two things that I wanted to talk to you about! We should head out now. It’s not nice for us to be absent from the party for too long!”



After that, the two of them returned to the party room. The atmosphere was still bright and cheerful. Everyone treated each other like families.

It was now eleven at night.

Elder Luo and Lan Mengcheng’s grandma wanted to retire for the night. So, Luo Puti and Lan Mengcheng took their leave with their family members.

As for Song Qincheng, she had an important meeting that she had to attend tomorrow. It was about changing Ma Organization’s name to Qincheng Organization. She too left with Wenyuan. Now that Wenyuan was the most famous actress of Qincheng Entertainment, her schedule was completely packed. It was close to impossible for her to have any holidays.

Hong Hai’er, NeZha, and Lin Nan had applied for leave together. That was why they could rest at Bei Xuan Faction tonight. Had they not, they would have to rush back to the company right after the party. The workload that they had was no less than Wenyuan.

Professor Lin left the place alone because he wanted Lin Nan to tag along with Chen Xiaobei to visit Lin Xiang.

Fire Boss and his families were resting in one of the guest rooms.

Lastly, Jing Fei went to visit a brothel with Hong Hai’er.

Finally, all the guests had left. Chen Xiaobei’s parents headed back to their room to have a good night sleep as well. He then called three of his friends that came from the heavenly realm to sit down for a chat at the gazebo in his garden.

“Do you guys know a person named Ming He?” asked Chen Xiaobei.

“Ming He? I have never heard of this person before!” said Six Ears Macaque while shaking his head.

“I have never heard of this person as well. Xiaobei. Why do you ask?” said Jiang Ziya.

As for Old Wang, he did not respond to the question. All he did was pay attention to their conversation.

“When I attended the Red Envelope Snatching Session just now, I noticed that Ming He was the luckiest person in the group! I managed to snatch my first and last Red Envelope. And both Red Envelopes belonged to this Ming He!” said Chen Xiaobei.

“Damn! What a coincidence!” exclaimed Six Ears Macaque.

“You are right! That’s why I want to know the true identity of this person! There’s one more thing that baffles me! I can’t seem to find this person on the member list in the group!”

“This is getting more and more interesting! What did you get from the Red Envelopes that you snatched from him?” asked Jiang Ziya, taken aback.

“The first Red Envelope contains a picture of Hundred Ghosts Parade and the second Red Envelope contains a Shura Mirror!”

“It seems like these two items can be categorized as Five-Star Spiritual Items. They are not that valuable. Most of the beings in the underworld realm can acquire them easily. This cannot help us to identify the identity of Ming He,” said Six Ears Macaque.

Jiang Ziya then nodded his head indicating that he agreed with Six Eared Macaque.

“Erm… If it’s fate, I’m pretty sure the person will not contact Xiaobei voluntarily. And if the person really wanted to avoid Xiaobei, we will never be able to know the person’s true identity!” said Old Wang.

Chen Xiaobei continued, “Old Wang is right! I will not dwell on this issue since the person doesn’t want to reveal his/her identity. Maybe I will cross paths with this person in the future! Let’s change topics!”

Jiang Ziya went on saying, “Everything is really smooth in Japan! Basically, Nikkawa Uchu and Six Ears Macaque have all the power in their hands. The only problem is America keeps asking us to cooperate with them! It’s really annoying!”

“America again! It seems like I have to take into consideration collecting America as my possession!” said Chen Xiaobei.

“Do whatever you need to do! We will definitely support you!” assured a smiling Jiang Ziya.

“You can start planning now. Sooner or later, America will be mine!”

“Understood! There’s one more matter about Li Xiang!”

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