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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 1244: His Reputation Trembles the Heavens

Chapter 1244: His Reputation Trembles the Heavens

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Li Xiang? What about him?” Chen Xiaobei cocked his head.

“He met with some trouble during his search but he said that he didn’t need my help. He said he could handle it but the opening of Emperor Qin’s tomb will have to be postponed,” said Jiang Ziya.

“Did you ask what the problem was exactly? Is Li Xiang in some kind of danger?”

“He didn’t elaborate. But the Orochi scales are his best protective talisman. Whoever harms him will be completely stripped of the chance to venture into Emperor Qin’s tomb. He should be very safe!”

“That’s true!” Chen Xiaobei nodded. “Before the ninth Orochi Scale is collected, no one can afford a fallout! Without one of the scales, the other Orochi Scales would be useless!”

“Exactly! So, you don’t have to worry about Li Xiang. It’s just that the plan will have to be delayed!”

“It’s alright. I’ve got my hands full anyway!” Chen Xiaobei smiled. “After all, the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks! Who knows, the surprise may be even better in the end because of the delay!”

“There would definitely be a surprise. Emperor Qin is the kind of person that is so powerful even the heavens are afraid of him! I believe that there has to be some really good treasure inside his tomb!”

“The heavens are afraid of him? What do you mean?”

“After Emperor Qin had conquered all of the Warring States in China, he declared that he was going to partake the Divine Pill and lead a million cavalry to attack the heavenly realm! That was impossible, of course. But the year when the Qin Empire was at its prime, a million skilled and valiant warriors gathered in the city of Xianyang, both gods and ghouls alike, all worshipping the devoted Emperor! All one million of them raised their swords to skies and roared to heaven! Their battle cries shook both heaven and earth! Their ruthless resolve pierced the heavens like invisible swords! The deities trembled; the Jade Emperor quavered! The merit points that Emperor Qin had now accumulated by unifying the whole of China was more than enough to allow him to become a deity, but because the Jade Emperor feared Emperor Qin, he secretly replaced the Divine Pill with a vat of poison. He would not allow the great Emperor Qin to ascend to heaven! That is how this extraordinary emperor died at the young age of 49!”

Chen Xiaobei was shocked to hear this.

This was the first time Chen Xiaobei had heard of this classified information. There was no record of such thing on earth!

This was in fact, highly classified information from the heavenly realms. Other than Jiang Ziya alone, Old Wang and Six-Eared Macaque knew nothing about this.

The Jade Emperor had poisoned to death a heavily-merited earthly realm Emperor!

If this matter was made public, the Ancestral Lord would hold his royal highness the Jade Emperor responsible!

After all, since Emperor Qin had united China by putting an end to the wars and bringing peace to millions, his merit points should definitely be in the hundreds of millions!

If Ancestral Lord knew about this, he would surely scutinize and investigate this matter!

“Xiaobei! Don’t think too much! This thing happened such a long time ago and I only told you to demonstrate that there might be a lot of mind-boggling things hidden within Emperor Qin’s mausoleum. Sooner or later, you will have to go and check it out!”

“I understand! That is for certain! Oh, yeah! Is Emperor Qin cultivating in the underworld? I could ask him privately about what’s inside the mausoleum, right?”

“Of course not! Emperor Qin passed away with a lot of resentment in his heart. In all likelihood, he fell into the realm of demons and became a demon himself, forbidden to reincarnate!”

“Oh, that makes sense… He was framed. It’s normal that he would choose to enter the realm of demons!”

Chen Xiaobei felt a little disappointed.

The great Emperor Qin was denigrated just like that. How sad and unfortunate!

“Alright, that’s all for now. Do anyone else have any issues they want to bring up? If there’s nothing else, I will be leaving Bei Xuan Faction with Lin Nan early tomorrow morning!”

The three other men shook their heads and returned to their respective rooms to rest.

Early the next morning, Chen Xiaobei brought Lin Nan with him to Dragon City airport.

Focker had already arranged for them to take a direct flight to Paradise Island on a private jet.

Because Focker mobilized 100 billion in funds to acquire the Ma Organization’s shares, Chen Xiaobei had to pay a large sum of money to make up for the difference so that Focker would be able to answer his family’s questioning about this substantial transaction. Besides that, Tidal Faction was also just a stone’s throw away from Paradise Island.

After they landed, Chen Xiaobei brought Lin Nan to the commercial district of Paradise Island.

“Go explore the area on your own. I have to meet someone. I just need to pass him something and we’ll be on our way to see your sister!”

“Oh… Okay…” Lin Nan was so overwhelmed by his surroundings he could barely speak. Everything seemed to fascinate him.

Paradise Island was not very big and if anything came up, they could always contact each other via cellphone. Lin Nan should be perfectly safe. With that in mind, Chen Xiaobei walked into a white castle in the center of the island.

Focker and Hades, both whom were Chen Xiaobei’s loyal ‘dogs’, had been waiting for him in the mansion. If it was not for the fear of gossip, they would have already gone to pick Chen Xiaobei up from the airport.

Chen Xiaobei skipped the formalities and dove straight to business. “So? Were there any problems?”

“Oh, don’t even start! I’m in trouble!” Focker said, his brows furrowed. “I don’t know what’s up with my family this time! They are coming down hard on me for a mere 100 billion! Not only are they are looking into my recent transactions, they are also reviewing all the other older transactions! They are even sending a team to check my account held in escrow by my eldest brother who I never saw eye-to-eye with! I’m afraid he might dig up problems that aren’t even there!”

Chen Xiaobei frowned. “How did this happen?”

“My theory is… it must have something to do with Master Focker’s sudden breakthrough in his cultivation!” Yan Wang said. “Remember how on New Year’s Eve, Bro Bei, you gave Focker a present that helped him to break through his Qi refining stage? Master Focker’s eldest cousin is the immediate heir to his family’s fortune. He must have felt threatened by that and is taking the opportunity to subdue Master Focker!”

“Your theory makes a lot of sense!” Chen Xiaobei nodded. “What will happen if he succeeds in doing so?”

“The lenient punishment would be a reduction and limitation of the funds he was allowed to have access to. A severe punishment would be to return home in exile and repent for one year!”

“This is serious!”

Chen Xiaobei felt a pounding headache coming.

Focker was Chen Xiaobei’s ‘money-milking factory’. Without Focker’s help, he would not have access to all that money in the future!

“I guess I will have to pay this cousin a visit!” Chen Xiaobei said. It appeared that things were not as simple as he thought it would be.

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