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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 1494: Heading to Green Hill Planet

Chapter 1494: Heading to Green Hill Planet

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Demonic Fox!

The aura exuded by this lady called Bai Linsu was extremely similar with Demonic Fox. Well, they were not exactly the same but they were at least 70% similar to each other. This special temperament could only be concluded with one word – seductiveness! Just by looking at her face, Chen Xiaobei was drawn to her like a magnet and her curvy body was like water that could soothe one’s heart. The temperament that came right out from her was tender and sultry. This woman right here was the epitome of a seductress.



Looking at Chen Xiaobei staring at her mindlessly, Bai Linsu was left in an awkward situation. Immediately, she let out two coughs to wake Chen Xiaobei up.

“Big brother Chen! You are such a pervert! You are not allowed to stare at my Sifu in such a manner!”

Linghu Shuang used her fist to thump Chen Xiaobei’s chest.

“Ugh… I’m really sorry… I don’t mean to stare at you in such rude manner… It’s just you look extremely similar to one of my friends… I was lost in my thoughts earlier… My apologies…”

“Psst! Your reasoning is pretty damn outdated!” said Linghu Shuang.

“I’m not trying to make any excuses here! I’m telling the truth! Look at my sincere eyes!” replied Chen Xiaobei with his eyes wide open.

“Save it! You should look into the mirror just now! You look exactly like those perverts who stared at my Sifu!”

“Shuang’er! Watch your manners! Mr. Chen has saved me three times! You should know him better now! Do you really think you can stand here and talk to me if he is a real pervert?”

“About this… Fine… I’m at fault here…”

Clearly, Linghu Shuang was feeling jealous over her Sifu. She would never doubt Chen Xiaobei’s character. Seeing that Chjen Xiaobei had his gaze fixed on her Sifu, she could not help but feel slightly uncomfortable. On the other hand, it seemed Bai Linsu did not mind the admiration at all.

“The first time was at Silver Plume! The second time was at Overgrown Forest! And the third time happened last night! Mr. Chen, you have saved Shuang’er three times now! I’m wondering how should I repay your kindness!”

“Senior Bai, you are most welcome! Shuang’er and I have gone through a lot together! It’s only right for me to help her when she’s in need of my help! You don’t have to repay me! I will not ask for anything in return!”

“Alright! With the things that you just said, Shuang’er and I will pour out our hearts to help you when you go through difficult times!”

Though Bai Linsu was soft and gentle, there was actually a sense of a heroic presence from the way she talked.

“Actually, I do have something that needs your help right now! I’m asked to repair the portal that connects Earth and the Northern Wilderness Starfield! I have heard that you are an expert at solving dimensional problems! Please help me!”

“It’s not difficult to repair a portal! Provide me with enough resources, and I can fix it within ten days! The real problem is, how should we travel to earth within a month?”

“I have a way to return to earth instantaneously!”

“How is that even possible?”

“According to what I know, there’s only one way to travel from earth to here, and that is through the portal at South Town Star Temple. Without the portal, we will have to travel to earth with a spaceship!”

“Please believe in me. To me, travelling to earth is as easy as eating a piece of cake! Just tell me what you need! I will go and prepare now!”

“I still find it really hard to believe! But, we can actually prepare everything that I’ll need to fix the portal beforehand! The portal at South Town Star Temple can be considered as a high-tier portal! The Talisman Rune within the Formation Core has to be crafted with Spiritual-tier jadestone! Other than this, the next most important thing is called a Spatial Spiritual Crystal!”

“No problem! I have 500 million low-grade Spiritual Stones with me right now! Just give me a list and I will go prepare everything that you need right now!”

“500 million low-grade Spiritual Stones?”

Taken aback, she could not help but begin to reevaluate Chen Xiaobei. From the very beginning, she knew that Chen Xiaobei was no ordinary person. She had never expected that Chen Xiaobei was loaded with such a ridiculous amount of Spiritual Stones.

All Chen Xiaobei did was nod his head and respond to her shock with a smile. He had just acquired these 500 million Spiritual Stones from Tie Family, and now he could finally put some good use to it.

“It’s not hard to purchase Spiritual-tier jadestones. The Spatial Spiritual Crystal is the one item that is extremely hard to come by! This material is really rare! It can be used to build a portal and create your own private dimension! Many intergalactic factions and elites desire to get their hands on this item! That is why once a Spatial Spiritual Crystal becomes available in the market, you can expect a huge fight! Hence, it is almost impossible to use Spiritual Stones to purchase it!”

Upon hearing that, Chen Xiaobei could not help but frown. Initially, he thought Bai Linsu could help him to solve all his problems. He had never expected that the Spatial Spiritual Crystal would become a wall that stopped him from advancing.

“Senior Bai! This matter is really important to me! If I fail to repair this portal within a month, everything that I’ve done would be wasted! My friend would also die because she would not get the medicine that she needs in time!”

“There is very high demand for Spatial Spiritual Crystals in the market! We have to try to figure out another way to acquire it!”

“Senior Bai, please enlighten me! I will do whatever it takes to acquire it!”

Not only did this second test that the overlord gave to Chen Xiaobei have something to do with his position at Northern Wilderness Starfield, but it was also connected to the life and death of Wenren Muyue. Rendered with no other option, he had to do whatever it took to achieve his goal.

“Alright! If that’s the case, please follow me to Green Hill Planet! We will talk more about it when we travel there!”

“Green Hill… Senior Bai… I meant to ask you about this just now… Green Hill Planet is the place where the legendary Divine Fox stays, right?”

“You are right! Let’s not waste any time! We should depart right now!”

After that, Bai Linsu turned around and walked to the exit. Chen Xiaobei was left in shock again when Bai Linsu turned around. He saw three snow-white fluffy tails swinging in front of him.

“You are such a pervert! How dare you stare at my Sifu’s butt?! I’m going to tell her right now!” said Lingu Shuang while using her fist to thump at Chen Xiaobei’s chest again.

“Ah? No… This is a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!”

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