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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 1495: A Heist

Chapter 1495: A Heist

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Now, the Green Hill Planet is inhabited by the descendants of the Fox Tribe. It is completely different from the ancient Green Hill Planet. Just like what you saw on me, I was born with fox tails. Hence, I would be considered as half a beast and half a human! When the Fox Tribe was first born, they were in full fox form. After a long period of training and cultivation, almost all of them could transform themselves into humans! To put it in simple terms, my foxtail is just like the silver hairband on the people from Silver Plume Planet! We are born with it! The real Demonic Fox only existed during the ancient eras but not now.”

Chen Xiaobei then nodded his head after hearing out Bai Linsu. All these sounded like fictional stories to him. During the previous three calamities, Chanism and Jieism had a huge war among themselves. The war had caused the void to shatter! With that being said, the earthly realm would just be a small piece of the void, just like Penglai Island that Chen Xiaobei been to. It could not be compared to the Divine Penglai Island during the ancient times! Another example would be Mount Kunlun! It was no longer a Divine Zone where deities stayed during the ancient era!

Of course, Chen Xiaobei was not thinking about the origin of Green Hill Planet. He was thinking about whether the reincarnated Da Ji would be born at this ancient planet related to the Demonic Fox. From what he knew right now, he figured out that it was impossible that Bai Linsu had been reincarnated from his Little Fox. As for Linghu Shuang, she was not even a descendant of the Demonic Fox Tribe.

With a new goal in mind, Chen Xiaobei wanted to look for his Little Fox at Green Hill Planet. Though Chen Xiaobei did not have much information about it, he could always ask Lady Nuwo. He would be able to kill two birds with one stone if Little Fox was at Green Hill Planet.

As for now, he needed to focus on another matter first.

“Senior Bai, you haven’t told me on how I should get my hands on the Spatial Spiritual Crystal when we travel to Green Hill Planet.”

“My enemy has it! I will steal it for you since you need it urgently!” said Bai Linsu.

“Enemy? Are you talking about Yi Family? Don’t do it! Yi Family treats you as their worst enemy! You will be killed if you make a small mistake!”

“Is it really that dangerous? I can see that Senior Bai is really powerful! Are you trying to say that her enemies are more powerful than her?”

“Of course! Green Hill Starfield is at a higher tier than the Northern Wilderness Starfield! At Northern Wilderness Satrfield, my Sifu is as powerful as the overlord! However, she is not most powerful elite in Green Hill Starfield, and the Yi Family is the most powerful family over there! Their family head is also way more powerful than my Sifu!” said Linghu Shuang.

“Shuang’er! Stop it! Mr. Chen had once risked his life to save you! That’s why I’m willing to risk my life to get the Spatial Spiritual Jade for him! Besides, don’t you know your Sifu? Would I allow myself to die that easily?!” replied Bai Linsu.

“You are right about that…”

Linghu Shuang nodded her head and she looked less worried now.

“May I know Senior Bai’s other identities?” asked Chen Xiaobei in a curious manner.

“Sifu, am I allowed to say it?”

Linghu Shuang turned around to look at Bai Linsu, and she saw that she nodded her head.

“Other than being known as the Dimension Master, my Sifu is also known as the greatest thief at Green Hill Starfield!”

“Greatest thief? Damn! I’m pretty sure that Senior Bai can get her hands on the Spatial Spiritual Crystal with ease huh!” said Chen Xiaobei.

“No doubt, my Sifu is really good at it but it’s not as simple as you think it is! The only time my Sifu failed to steal an item was at Yi Family’s place! That’s why Yi Family treats her as their sworn enemy!” said Linghu Shuang.

“Do you think she will fail this time? If that’s the case, I think I should go with Senior Bai!”

“You are just going to make the whole thing worse! You have no idea how dangerous the Yi Family is! You will not do her any good if you go with my Sifu. She would also have to divide her attention to protect you!”

“Is there something wrong with you today? You are normally kind and obedient! Why are you treating me in such a bad manner today?!”

“That’s because you are a pervert! You have ill intentions towards my Sifu!”

“I have told you that’s a misunderstanding! Could it be that you are in love with me? Why are you getting jealous over your Sifu?”

“I… I didn’t… Please don’t spur out such nonsense! I’m going to beat you up for that!”

“Alright! Shuang’er, stop messing around! Mr. Chen, I’m used to acting alone! More unexpected things might happen if you come along with me! So, I need you and Shuang’er to stay put here! Yi Family is extremely hard to deal with! I need to put my full attention on them!”

The things that Bai Lunsu had just said was pretty much similar to what Linghu Shuang said. She assumed that Chen Xiaobei was not going to be much help if he went with her. Regarding this decision, Chen Xiaobei did not say much about it. All he needed to do was to put on his Nightstalker Outfit and he would be able to go with Bai Linsu. The best outcome would be that Bai Linsu managed to steal the item without any problems. If something bad did happen to her, Chen Xiaobei would be able to help her in time as well.

After that, Bai Linsu led the three of them to a portal on Divine Cloud Planet to one of the planets that was located in the Northern Wilderness Starfield. From that planet, they went through another portal to travel to Green Hill Starfield. Just like what Linghu Shuang had said earlier, Green Hill was definitely better than Northern Wilderness. The Spiritual Qi in the air had a better quality to it. The planet in question was Reborn Purple Planet. It was only a random planet that was located outside of Green Hill Starfield! Chen Xiaobei could not help but notice that the people on the streets were equipped with extremely powerful cultivation.

The descendants of Green Hill’s Demonic Fox Tribe were usually at Ethereal cultivation! Even the kids there were already at True Nirvana cultivation! The higher the tier of a planet, the more powerful the civilians were! Imagine how powerful the nobles were if the normal people were this powerful! The family head of Yi Family was as powerful as Bai Linsu; equivalent to the overlord of the entire Northern Wilderness!

Chen Xiaobei had a hunch that the operation would not be as smooth as he hoped! And, it would be extremely difficult to locate his Little Fox as well. Though these two matters were extremely hard to accomplish, Chen Xiaobei was determined to complete these two tasks no matter what.

The darkness of night arrived.

Chen Xiaobei and Linghu Shuang were asked to stay at a hotel. It was at this time that Bai Linsu took the opportunity to sneak into Yi Family.

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