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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 1496: Inescapable Trap

Chapter 1496: Inescapable Trap

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“This is my first time in Green Hill Starfield, so I want to go take a look around. Wait here like a good girl okay?”

Just as Bai Linsu left, Chen Xiaobei made an excuse to leave Linghu Shuang’s line of sight.

“Why should I wait here? I want to go with you!” Linghu Shuang pouted.

“You can’t go! What if your Sifu comes back and she can’t find us? She would be very worried then!” Chen Xiaobei reasoned.

“Pfft! Don’t think I’m that easily fooled!” Linghu Shuang said. “You’re sneaking out to follow my Sifu!”

“You’re overthinking again. With your Sifu’s ability, do you think I could catch up with her?” Chen Xiaobei retorted.

“Tha… That’s true.” Linghu Shuang nodded. “My Sifu is more skilful than you are. She’ll know if you’re trailing her!”

“Now that’s more like it! You wait here, and guard your position. I’m just going to walk around and I’ll be back real soon!” Chen Xiaobei shot her a smile before running out of the room.

“Wait a minute!” Linghu Shuang frowned. “You really don’t want to bring me along that badly, huh? It’s not like I’ll eat you!”

Once he got outside, Chen Xiaobei went up to the hotel’s rooftop with his fastest speed, changed into the Nightstalker Outfit and disappeared into the skies on the Somersault Cloud.

Like a predatory bird, Chen Xiaobei scanned the streets from high above and soon spotted Bai Linsu.

Instead of going after her, he remained in the clouds and scouted from above.

After all, Bai Linsu was given the title of the best thief. She must have some tricks up her sleeve and should be able to complete this task effortlessly. Naturally, Chen Xiaobei would not have to get involved.

If there were any unexpected incidents however, Chen Xiaobei would come to protect Bai Linsu.

Due to the fact that she had trespassed into the Yin Family’s home before, this time should be like riding a bicycle.

Her cultivation was high and she was very experienced, so getting into the Yin family’s home should be easier than Chen Xiaobei imagined it to be.

Bai Linsu slipped unnoticed into the Lin family’s forbidden tower.

Chen Xiaobei could not tell how many traps, and how much danger lay within this tower.

But in a short three minutes later, Bai Linsu walked out of the tower, an enchanting victorious smile could be seen adorned on her angelic face.

“Was it successful? That was so smooth!” Chen Xiaobei had observed the whole thing from above.

From the expression on Bai Linsu’s face, and the fact that she was leaving using the same route she came from, it was pretty obvious that she had already gotten the Spatial Spiritual Crystal and was ready to escape the Yins’ house.

But, it was then when Chen Xiaobei’s face suddenly fell. “Crap! It’s not that easy!”

From above, he saw that the lights all over the peaceful Yin mansion suddenly lit up, and hundreds of people were streaming from the doors to surround Bai Linsu.

“Damn it!” On the ground, Bai Linsu also noticed the incoming danger. She then channeled her Ethereal force, stomped her feet on the ground and launched herself 10 meters into the air.

Bai Linsu’s Ethereal Force was released, gathering itself to form stairs in mid-air. She ran up the stairs to escape as fast as she could.

It would also seem that the Yin family came prepared.

“Bai Linsu! I’ve been waiting for you for a damn long time! Since you’re here already, don’t even think of leaving here alive!” barked an angry voice. The master of the Yin Family whose cultivation was similar to Bai Linsu leapt into the air and landed before Bai Linsu.

As the master of the household had said, he had been waiting for a very long time. The Ethereal Force on his body had already reached its peak, having gathered enough strength to explode at this very moment!


The heavens trembled, and Fire Attribute Ethereal Force combusted behind the master of the Yin Family, and transformed into a red three-tailed giant fox.

The rest of the Yin family members were standing 10 meters away, all covered by an invisible force, and all 100 people were unable to move!

That’s right! This was the force of nature that the master of the house was wielding!

That invisible force was 10 times more frightening than that of an Ethereal Force Elite! With a single bout of willpower, he could suppress 10,000 people easily.

“How scary!” Chen Xiaobei who was watching from afar could feel that force as well.

Luckily, he was far enough, or else, he would have been thrown to the ground.

Zing! Zing!

The three-tailed fox did not hesitate even for a moment, reaching out a pair of sharp claws towards Bai Linsu.

It moved so quickly that it formed two bright red lights, striking with a matchless might, as if it was about to tear the heavens and shred the ground!

“Crap!” Bai Linsu shrieked. He opponents came prepared and caught her completely off guard. Even though their cultivation was pretty much the same, she was still at a disadvantage.


In a moment’s panic, Bai Linsu raised her hands, and her pure-white Snow Attribute Ethereal Force formed itself into a large shield before her which took the blow of the meteorite-like pair of claws.

Rumble! Rumble!

The moment the claws hit the shield, an explosion of energy waves thundered, tearing the thick mass of clouds, sending the people on the ground falling back. It also sent the whole place into a violent quake.

“My goodness! That was really scary!” Chen Xiaobei’s heart hammered inside his chest.

This force was so much more powerful than that of the Overgrown Forest Beast Kings.

It reminded Chen Xiaobei of how weak he still was. Even if Little Fox really was in Green Hill Starfield, he may not be able to find her; not with his current strength!

Strength! He had to find a way to raise his strength as quickly as possible! In this world where the strong ruled, it would be extremely difficult to advance without strength!

“Get down!” The master of the Yin Family shouted.

It seemed like something unexpected had just happened.


Apparently, the attack that Bai Linsu had blocked off was just one of the three-tailed fox’s claws.

The second one was following close behind, and struck the crisp white giant shield like a raging comet.

“Arrrrgh!” Bai Linsu had put up the defense in a panic, and was completely unprepared. For her to be able to take the first blow was not easy.

This second attack shattered the giant shield and slammed her to the ground.


Simultaneously, there was a sudden explosion of red light. The few hundred people of the Yin household also came prepared, and were forming a special formation.

These people were all at Celestial Cultivation and above. In fact, there were quite a few Ethereal Cultivation elites among them as well.

Everyone exerted their individual force as one, weaved a large red net through the formation’s Special Ability, and trapped Bai Linsu inside so that she was unable to move.

“Bai Linsu! You didn’t expect this, eh?” The master of the Yin Family descended from the sky, a smirk on his face. “I let you escape the last time because I was not prepared. This time, I’ve set a trap for you! You won’t be able to escape even if you had wings!”

“How did you know that I was going to come today?”

Bai Linsu wanted to know.

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