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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 1497: Divine Flame Lonewolf Formation

Chapter 1497: Divine Flame Lonewolf Formation

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Somehow, you’ve managed to escape the last time but I’ve predicted that you would come back here! I have someone to keep an eye on the portal 24/7! The moment you stepped into the main city of Reborn Purple Planet, I have started to plot against you!” said the head of Yi Family.

“Did you really think that these people could stop me?!”

“The thing that traps you is called Divine Flame Lonewolf Formation! I have spent a great deal of effort and resources to acquire it hundreds of years ago! No beings that are below the Earth God can escape from this trap!”

“What?! This is the legendary Divine Flame Lonewolf Formation?! During the war between 35 tribes, they were all killing each to get their hands on the blueprints for this formation! How did you acquire it?!”

“Heh! Things are unpredictable! After the war, most of them are dead! I was the last one standing! Give it a try if you don’t believe me! I will let you walk free if you can break this formation! I will not hold you responsible for the things that you stole from me!”


Of course, Bai Linsu wanted to try to break this formation! However, the moment she channeled Ethereal Force to her body, there was an invisible force stopping her from doing so! If she forced herself to do it, the invisible force would go against her Ethereal Force and her Qi Flow would become chaotic! If she still refused to stop channeling Ethereal Force, her body would suffer from an implosion!

“Now, you know how powerful this formation is, right? Not only can this formation be used to trap an elite like you, but it can also be used to do some killing! No matter what, you will not be able to escape from this place anymore! Hahaha…”


Knowing that her attempt was futile, Bai Linsu had lost all hope. Unless, of course, there was an Earth God willing to come to her rescue!


Suddenly, a sword that was formed by Ethereal Force appeared on the family head’s hand. And he strolled towards Bai Linsu slowly.

“You… What are you doing?”

Immediately, Bai Linsu’s face became pale and was filled with despair.

“Don’t worry! I’ll never let a pretty woman like you suffer! I will not kill you! Hehe… But! I will destroy your cultivation and make you my sex slave! Hahaha…”

“You… Kill me! I will not allow you to take advantage of me!”

With her teeth gritted, Bai Linsu would rather die than let the Yi Family take advantage of her.

“Hehe… Do you really think that you still have the right to choose whether to live or die? Letting you die is too easy for you! I want you to live like you are dying! Hahaha…”

While talking, Yi Family aimed his sword at Bai Linsu’s Dantian.

“I’m doomed…”

She knew that once her Dantian was destroyed, those people could do whatever they wanted to her.


Suddenly, the sound of an explosion could be heard from the tower at the forbidden ground of Yi Family. It was as if a missile had just landed on it. They could see the tower crumbling to pieces.

“What is going on?!”

Bewildered, the family head fixed his gaze on the tower. He had stopped his attack on Bai Linsu.

“The tower is destroyed!! What… What the hell is going on? Did Bai Linsu come with someone?!”

“No way! There are so many valuable items in the tower! Did the person take everything with him?!”

“I don’t think so! There are a lot of traps in the tower! I don’t think an ordinary person could disarm all those traps!”

“Are you an idiot? Do you really think that the person that came with Bai Linsu is ordinary?!”

Hundreds of Yi Family members were left in shock and worry.

“Stay here and watch her! I’m going there personally to check it out!” said the family head.

Knowing that Bai Linsu was trapped in his formation, he rushed to the tower without worrying that she might run away.

At the tower.

“Who are you?! Stop moving!”

The family head could see a person running away from the tower at lightning speed. Just like what everyone said just now, the family head was worried that the person might have taken all the valuable items. Without any second thoughts, he went after the person.

“Our family head has just gone after the person personally! I don’t think her accomplice will be able to escape from here!”

“I have heard that Bai Linsu has a disciple with beautiful long legs like her! I wonder if our family head will let us take turns to have fun with her!”

“Hehe! That would be the best! Women with long legs are extremely seductive!”

“It would be heavenly if they wore stockings! Hehehe…”

With a perverted smile on their faces, all of them assumed that the thief would not be able to escape from the pursuit of their family head.

“Could that really be Shuang’er? Please don’t let it be her… She can never outrun him… I pray that it’s not her!”

After hearing the crowd’s discussion, Bai Linsu felt extremely worried.

“Senior Bai, don’t worry! That’s not Shuang’er!”

Suddenly, a calmed voice could be heard from afar.

“Chen… Mr. Chen… Why are you here?!” exclaimed Bai Linsu.

She could see that he was holding his Nightstalker Outfit and mask. Clearly, he had stayed invisible to avoid any detection. In his other hand, he was holding a mirror with an evil spirit’s carving.

“If that’s not Shuang’er, who is the family head chasing then?”

“That old man is chasing a blob of fur!” said Chen Xiaobei while laughing.

Upon hearing that, Bai Linsu thought that Chen Xiaobei was speaking metaphorically. The truth was that the Family Head was actually chasing the Prosperous Monkey Fur! Due to a limitation of time, Chen Xiaobei did not enter the tower. So, he had to bomb the tower from the outside. When he saw the arrival of the family head, he used one of his Prosperous Monkey Fur to transform into a black shadow to draw him far from here.

Things got simpler when the family head was not here.

“Son of a bitch! Who are you?! Why are you talking to Bai Linsu? Do we all look like invisible people to you?!” shouted all the Yi Family members.

“I’m not trying to offend anyone here! But, you guys are just garbage to me!” said Chen Xiaobei while shrugging his shoulder.

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