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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 1498: Breaking the Formation

Chapter 1498: Breaking the Formation

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Are you blind or just plain stupid? We have Bai Linsu trapped, and you’re still hoping that she could fight us?”

“I think this kid is a retard! He doesn’t know how powerful the Divine Flame Lonewolf Formation is!”

“Ignorant people are the most fearless! Our master will come back soon, and he would kill this idiot one hundred times over!”

All the hundreds of Lu family members began to mock Chen Xiaobei, throwing insinuating glances his way, as if he was a demented retard.

“Mr. Chen, forget about me! This Divine Flame Lonewolf Formation cannot be broken! You better leave before that old fart comes back or it’ll be too late!” Bai Linsu shouted; her voice stricken with fear.

Bai Linsu shared the Yin family’s opinion of the situation.

This was a legendary-level formation. Even Bai Linsu herself was unable to break it, much less Chen Xiaobei.

But the crowd’s mocking was met with a chuckle from Chen Xiaobei. “This formation really, is not too bad. Unfortunately, this is completely useless to me!”

“What?” The hundreds of Yin family members went berserk.

“Motherf*cker! Even at death’s door, you’re still putting on an act! How dare you call our Yin family’s Divine Flame Lonewolf Formation useless! You might just as well have said that you are an all powerful deity!”

“This piece of shit is so full of himself! If it was not for us needing to maintain the formation, I would have killed him with one slap!”

“Hmph! Why would you need a whole palm to kill an insect? One finger would be enough!”

“Everyone, don’t panic! Once the master is back here, this twat will be dead!”

Hearing the Yin Family’s threats, Bai Linsu began to panic. “Mr. Chen! Run! I’m not kidding! If I don’t make it out, please take good care of my Shuang’er…”

“I can’t take care of that girl! So, you’d better take care of her yourself!” Chen Xiaobei said.

“Mr. Chen! How is it that you still don’t understand the situation?! If you don’t leave now, we’ll both die here together! Wh… What is that?!”

Before Bai Linsu could continue, she stopped mid-sentence, stunned.

“I’m not pointing fingers at anyone but any formation used to trap people that is below a demigod level is rubbish to me!” Chen Xiaobei raised the mirror with the carvings of evil spirits above his head and shouted, “Asura unleashed! Heaven be my support! Fire and water will be kept out! Thousand spells are deemed useless!”

That’s right! Chen Xiaobei was holding the special Spiritual Instrument, Asura Divine Mirror that Acheron had given to him!

And what this Spiritual Instrument could do was break all formations that was used to trap people who were below demigod level!

That meant that seals, formations, and traps that had not yet reached demigod level could be broken using the Asura Divine Mirror!

The Lu Family’s Divine Flame Lonewolf Formation might have been strong but it could be destroyed by an Earth God with ease.

This formation was obviously not at the level of a demigod, and did not pose as a problem at all for Chen Xiaobei or the Asura Divine Mirror!


As soon as Chen Xiaobei finished speaking, a bright bloody red ring of light rippled from the mirror like undulating waves, spreading itself around and cloaking Bai Linsu.

Bai Linsu suddenly let out an excited shriek, “My god! The Divine Flame Lonewolf Formation is really broken! That’s amazing! Mr. Chen, you’re really incredible!”

“Senior Bai, didn’t you just say that I didn’t understand the situation?” Chen Xiaobei teased.

“I…” Bai Linsu was red from the neck up. “Sorry, I’ve underestimated you. Your foundation is much thicker and deeper than I expected!”

“Don’t need to praise me, Senior Bai. I just happened to be able to break the Divine Flame Lonewolf Formation. As for these rotten eggs, I’ll still need our Senior Bai to take care of them!”

“Don’t worry! I am very fair! Whatever the Yin Family did to me, I will pay them back a hundred times!” Bai Linsu said, her entire Qi Field suddenly became frigid.

A hundred times more was fair? Chen Xiaobei raised his brow.

He had not expected such a charming beauty of a fox to have such a ferocious side.

Without the master of the house here, the rest of people were going to suffer!

Chen Xiaobei sniggered, grieving silently on their behalf for a mere three seconds.

“H… how could this be? The pride of our family, the Divine Flame Lonewolf Formation has been broken just like that? Could that kid really be a demigod?”

The hundreds of Lu Family members could not believe what they were seeing.

They did not foresee a kid in his twenties being able to break the Divine Flame Lonewolf Formation! And he even did it almost instantaneously!

The Yins began to wonder if this was all just a bad dream!

A few minutes ago, they had been laughing and mocking Chen Xiaobei, calling him names and boasting about how they could kill him with only a finger.

Right now, they were all confused and stumped, as if everything they had known to be true was slapped right out of their heads.

And an even scarier thing was about to befall them.

Unbounded, Bai Linsu was like a liberated tiger. This was the signal of a disaster to these people.

“Thousand frosts! Spiritual Snake’s Hundred Strikes!” Bai Linsu shouted, and a surge of Snow Attribute Ethereal Force was released. Sprinkles of snowflakes in the sky gathered and formed a scarf like a Spiritual Snake.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Exactly 100 pieces of scarfs shot out like snakes coming out of a pit at a blinding speed.

Not only were they fast, but these 100 scarfs were also like snakes with extremely sharp vision, charging towards the 100 people’s Dantian!

The master of the Yin Family wanted to destroy Bai Linsu’s Dantian. So now, Bai Linsu was going destroy the Dantian’s of 100 members of the Yin Family.

This beautiful lady really was not one to be messed with!




Except for the master, no one was Bai Linsu’s equal in the Yin Family. None of them were able to fight back at all.

One hundred Spiritual Snakes speared through 100 people’s Dantian. Each one hit the target in the exact place.

At once, screams of pain filled the place, and the people who were hit fell to the ground, twisting and writhing in pain, with blood pouring from deep within, and they were shaking violently! Those who were not hit ran for their lives!

Among these hundreds of people, the lowest cultivation among them was Celestial Cultivaiton, and many among them were Ethereal Cultivation elites! In the end however, they were utterly and completely defeated by Bai Linsu! One strike per person!

This woman was really powerful!

In reality, if she wanted to, she could have wiped them all out!

But she did not. She did not allow her anger to cross her own moral compass. She would not commit a massacre.

“What happened? What happened here?”

By the time the master of the Yin Family was alerted of the situation here, Bai Linsu had already escaped with Chen Xiaobei, out of the Yin’s house.

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