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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 1499: Pursuit from Yi Family

Chapter 1499: Pursuit from Yi Family

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Immediately, the crowd told their family head what had just happened.

“How is that even possible… How did the person destroy my Divine Fire Lonewolf Formation?!”

Feeling frustrated, the family head felt like he’d just ate a pile of poop. This old man had inititally thought that he could kill Bai Linsu this time. To his surprise, Chen Xiaobei came to her rescue while he was not around. Not only had he managed to destroy his formation, he even went as far as to destroy everyone’s cultivation! The most important thing was that the Spatial Spiritual Crystal was gone as well. With that being said, Yi Family had suffered a great deal of loss during this fight.

“I swear that I will capture the bastard that destroyed my formation! I want to know how the hell did he manage to do it! And Bai Linsu… that bitch! I will make her return my Spatial Spiritual Crystal! It’s a must!”

“But… But… They are gone…”

“I’m pretty sure they have unfinished business here! For those who can still fight, follow me! We have to surround the hotel that they are staying as soon as possible!”

With people tailing them the moment they stepped foot on Violet Reborn Planet, the family head knew exactly which hotel they were at right now.


“Shit… This is getting really complicated! Big brother Chen just went to Yi Family on his own… What if he is captured by Yi Family…? He is going to drag Sifu into his problems! I was so stupid just now! I should have stopped him!” said Linghu Shuang.

“Who are you going to stop?”

Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei and Bai Linsu opened the door and walked into the room.

“You! Stop! Where have you gone? Do you know how worried I was?”

Immediately, Linghu Shuang glared at Chen Xiaobei, ran to her Sifu, and held her arm.

“Sifu! You are back here safely! I know that you are the best! The idiots from Yi Family will never be able to capture you!”

“I’m not as powerful as you thought I am, and Yi Family was about to lock me up forever!

“How did that happen?! Did big brother Chen bring you down?”

“Bring me down? No…”

“If it wasn’t for Mr. Chen, I don’t think I would see you guys anymore!”

“What? Big brother Chen rescued you?! Sifu, are you kidding me? Though he is slightly more powerful than me, I don’t think he is powerful enough to provide you with such an incredible aid!”

“I’m kidding here! We have underestimated Mr. Chen! This time, I owe him my life!”

Upon hearing that, Linghu Shaung’s eyes were wide open and her mouth had turned into an ‘O’ shape. One should know that when Bai Linsu mentioned that she owed someone her life, it was a really big deal.

“Big brother Chen!”

Linghu Shuang calmed herself down and ran to Chen Xiaobei with both of her eyes staring at him.

“Can you not stare at me this way? I’m really pressured by it!”

“Thank you!”

Linghu Shuang then bowed to Chen Xiaobei.

“I’m really grateful that you have rescued my Sifu! From today onwards, you are my hero! I will always support you no matter what you say or do! I will never talk bad behind you anymore, and I will never make you mad again as well!” said Linghu Shuang in a grateful manner.

“Alright… That’s enough. I feel like you are going to propose to me!” replied Chen Xiaobei with a smile.

“Psst! No one is going to propose to you! I’m a girl and I still value myself a lot!”

“Crap! People from Yi Family are here! We are surrounded!” said Bai Linsu after she took a look outside the window.

“What should we do now? Once they manage to trap you, big brother Chen and I are not powerful enough to defeat all of them! By that time, we would definitely bring you down with us!” exclaimed Linghu Shuang.

“Run! All we can do right now is to run! I will buy you guys some time! Use this opportunity to run to the portal and leave this place! After that, we will figure a way to meet up again!”

“Senior Bai, don’t make such rash decision!”

Immediately, Chen Xiaobei held on to Bai Linsu’s hand.

“Mr. Chen! Let me go! They will be here soon!”

“Senior Bai! Listen to me! They have figured out our next step! If I’m not mistaken, they have already deployed someone to guard the portal! There’s no way that they are going to let us through!”

“This… What should we do now?”

She knew that Chen Xiaobei was telling the truth.

“We will all be dead if we don’t run now!” said Linghu Shuang.

The moment they had Bai Linsu trapped, the rest of them would work together to attack Chen Xiaobei and Linghu Shuang. In such critical moments, they could even work together with other factions on this planet to defeat them. No matter what, Linghu Shuang felt like this was a fight that they could never win.

“Don’t worry! I can get all of us out from this place unharmed!” said Chen Xiaobei.

“How is that even possible?! They have already surrounded us!”

Bai Linsu and Linghu Shuang found it really hard to believe the things that Chen Xiaobei just said.

“Trust me! I can do it! But… I have a small request… If anyone asks about us, you can only tell them that we are normal friends!”

“Why? We have gone through so many things together!” asked Linghu Shuang.

“It’s hard for me to explain right now! Just remember my words! If not, trouble will coming looking for the two of you!” said Chen Xiaobei in a frustrated manner.


Linghu Shuang wanted to ask more about it.

“Alright! Shuang’er! Let’s just do whatever Mr. Chen asks us to do! The most important thing right now is to escape from this place! Mr. Chen, we will leave our lives to you!” said Bai Linsu.

“Don’t worry! The two of you will be fine!”

With a smile on his face, Chen Xiaobei took out something from this Infinite Space Ring.

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