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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 1500: Where Did This Lady Come From?

Chapter 1500: Where Did This Lady Come From?

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What is that? A bracelet? This thing can save us? No way.” Bai Linsu and Linghu Shuang stared at the thing in Chen Xiaobei’s hand, a thing which looked like a metal bracelet.

“Don’t worry! If I say it can, then it can!” Chen Xiaobei gathered his thoughts, and the silver bracelet’s Special Ability was activated.

A grey projection appeared before them. It looked like a blank canvas; there was nothing special about it.

“Mr. Chen, what in the world is this thing?” Bai Linsu was very curious.

“This is a small Spatial Spiritual Instrument. Once we step through this screen, we’ll arrive at a very safe place!” Chen Xiaobei explained.

The thing that Chen Xiaobei had taken out was obviously, a Returning Bracelet.

He had a total of two bracelets. One was with Jing Fei, connecting Earth and the secret space for shipping commodities. The other was with Chen Xiaobei, and was marked in the secret space.

That meant that Chen Xiaobei could return to the marked point from anywhere. Using it to escape capture by the Yin Family was the best option.

However, one of the features of the Returning Bracelet was that once a person got to the marked location from another location, said person can return to that similar location the next time it was used.

The Returning Bracelet in Chen Xiaobei’s hand originally linked earth to the secret space, but after using it this time, it would then connect Violet Reborn Planet to the secret space.

If Chen Xiaobei wished to visit Violet Reborn Planet again the next time, he did not have to use the portal anymore. He could just use the Returning Bracelet to come back to this very room.

Of course, the prerequisite was that Chen Xiaobei did not change the location that was linked to the secret space in the first place!

“We cannot delay anymore! Come with me now!” Chen Xiaobei called out to them before he first stepped into the grey screen.

Bai Linsu and Linghu Shuang had no choice but to trust Chen Xiaobei and follow him into the projection.

With a powerful surge of energy, all three of them walked out of the other side of the projection.

All at once, the scenery before them changed from a normal hotel room to a vast open landscape with a gorgeous view.

Soft grass lay beneath their feet, and tall, sturdy trees stood all around them. On one side of the forest stood an ancient Traditional Chinese-styled building.

“My god! We really escaped! Big Bro Chen’s bracelet is awesome! It’s like a mini portal!”

Their narrow escape had Linghu Shuang bouncing on the balls of her feet and praising Chen Xiaobei.

“That’s unbelievable!” Bai Linsu exclaimed. “Hidden inside that silver bracelet is a cryptic Spatial Formation! Based on my research on Spatial Formations, I can safely say that that was not a Spiritual Instrument! That’s a Divine Instrument for sure!”

“Divine Instrument?! My god! Big Bro Chen actually owns a Divine Instrument?! That’s just incredible!”

Linghu Shuang’s lips, once again, formed a little ‘O’, and her eyes twinkled with adoration.

“If you insist that it’s a Divine Instrument, you’re not wrong.”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged.

Xiao Tianquan’s little brother brought the Returning Bracelet from the Heavenly Realm, so in one way or another, it could be considered a Divine Instrument.

“Big Bro Chen, what is this place?” Linghu Shuang’s beautiful dark eyes explored the place.

Bai Linsu observed her surroundings for a moment and then said, “If I’m not mistaken, this is an independent space but by the looks of those houses, it appears that they are occupied. Is this an owned space?”

“Correct! This place is an independent space separate from the outside world, and I am the master of this place!” Chen Xiaobei said. “That place in front of you is the faction that I’ve built with my own two hands, Bei Xuan Faction!”

Both Bai Linsu and Linghu Shuang gasped in surprise.

They would never have thought that an ordinary young man like Chen Xiaobei would have such sturdy foundations!

Divine Instrument! Independent space! A self-built faction!

Bai Linsu and Linghu Shuang felt as if they were in another dimension!

“Let’s go! I’ll show you in!” Chen Xiaobei smiled as he led the two beautiful women into Bei Xuan Faction.

“Xiaobei! You’re here!” A cheerful voice called out from afar. It was Xiangyu, marching forward to greet Chen Xiaobei.


[Cultivation: Early Phase of Celestial Cultivation; Lifespan: 203 years; Health: 70,000; Combat power: 70,000]

One look with his Netherspirit Battlescouter and Chen Xiaobei confirmed that Xiangyu had successfully achieved a cultivation breakthrough after taking the Skybreaking Cultivation Pill.

Xiangyu’s talents, paired with the Primordial Jade Divine Skill, would see his cultivation continue to soar at a rapid pace.

Not long from now, Xiangyu would become a most essential powerful ally to Chen Xiaobei.

“Huh?” When Xiangyu came close, he immediately shot Chen Xiaobei a cheeky smile. “Say, my brother! Your romantic luck has blown out of proportion! It hasn’t even been long since you left, and you’re bringing me two more beautiful ladies already? Are you planning to start a harem or what?”

“Bro Yu, please don’t misunderstand, they are just my friends. r, I had to bring them here only because we had to escape from danger!” It would seem that Chen Xiaobei had already prepared a speech.

“Hehe! You don’t have to explain to me!” Xiangyu teased. “My other ladies will grill you themselves! Of course, there’s also auntie Zhang!”

“Xiaobei! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming back?” Zhang Chui’er came running towards them. “Where did you kidnap these two ladies from?”

Chen Xiaobei could feel himself starting to sweat. “Mom! How can you say these things to me! What kidnap? They are just my friends!”

“You don’t have to explain. Is this your mother’s first day knowing you?” Zhang Chui’er smiled. “Oh, this little girl is so pretty, and she’s so tall too! Two more years and she’ll become a gorgeous flower!”

“Thank you for the compliment, auntie!” Linghu Shuang smiled sweetly. “But my Sifu and I are really just friends of Big Bro Chen!”

“Oh, stop explaining! The girls that my Xiaobei brings home always say that they are just friends at first. I’m already used to it!” Zhang Cui’er turned to look at Bai Linsu and praised, “This young lady here has the body and the looks. Most importantly, she has a big bum! That will be great for giving birth! Huh? Fox tails?”

Zhang Chui’er suddenly turned as white as a ghost when she spotted three fluffy tails sticking out of Bai Linsu’s back.

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