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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel)


She was originally a puppet of her family. Pursued by the police for being a business spy and hitman, she was betrayed and fell into the sea.

When she opened her eyes again, she had turned into an ordinary high school student. Because of a disgraceful birth, she had been crowded out by her relatives. Because of inferiority complex and antisocial behavior, she was bullied by her classmates.

But now she is no longer someone who acts timid. Cheat her, and she will break your bones.

She possesses formidable Jade pupils capable of seeing through walls. Other people have difficulty breaking through jade, their sight for antiques is based on gambles, but she only needs a look.

An undertaking begins as she creates legends in the world of business.

Once upon a time, they laughed at her poor and destitute state. Now looking at her net worth of 10 billion, it can’t be explained.

To the relatives that come to hug her thighs, she must apologize: “We broke off relations long ago, so get lost!”

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 724 Stupid Lu Qiuting2020-07-03
Chapter 723 Not a Fair Deal2020-07-03
Chapter 722 Disfigure Feng Xueqin’s Face2020-07-02
Chapter 721 Gu Ning Takes Revenge2020-07-02
Chapter 720 Pay Feng Xueqin Back2020-06-30
Chapter 719 A Dirty Trick2020-06-30
Chapter 718 Blackmail or Trap2020-06-29
Chapter 717 Gu Ning’s Arrangement2020-06-29
Chapter 716 Is the Video the Evidence?2020-06-29
Chapter 715 Don’t Forget Your Manners2020-06-29
Chapter 714 Lin Lijuan Has a Mental Problem2020-06-27
Chapter 713 Make the Next Step According to the New Situation2020-06-27
Chapter 712 Who Can Take the Position?2020-06-26
Chapter 711 Your Answer Is More Important2020-06-26
Chapter 710 I Don’t Care Who You Are2020-06-25
Chapter 709 I Can’t Wait Till Tomorrow2020-06-25
Chapter 708 Gu Ning, the Perfect Wing Woman2020-06-25
Chapter 707 Establish a Killer Organization2020-06-25
Chapter 706 Cooperate to Gain What We Need2020-06-23
Chapter 705 Black Cat2020-06-23
Chapter 704 Good for You!2020-06-22
Chapter 703 The Story Behind K2020-06-22
Chapter 702 The Tang Family’s Enemies Take Action Again2020-06-22
Chapter 701 Pan Zirui and His Father2020-06-22
Chapter 700 A Big Discount2020-06-20
Chapter 699 No Intention of Alliance2020-06-20
Chapter 698 Mrs. Yang Supports Yu Zi2020-06-20
Chapter 697 Shameless Mrs. Lin2020-06-20
Chapter 696 Zhao Xiaoxuan Moves On2020-06-19
Chapter 695 Math Competition2020-06-19
Chapter 694 Don’t You Feel Bored2020-06-17
Chapter 693 Lin Tianyou Tries to Get Yu Zi Back2020-06-17
Chapter 692 Cao Wenxin Helps Yu Zi2020-06-16
Chapter 691 Yu Zi’s Fault?2020-06-16
Chapter 690 Why Don’t We Do It in the Car?2020-06-15
Chapter 689 You Can Have a Day Off2020-06-15
Chapter 688 Let’s Gamble Again2020-06-14
Chapter 687 Lin Lijuan Goes Crazy2020-06-14
Chapter 686 She Is My Grand Daughter-in-law2020-06-13
Chapter 685 Zhao Xiaoxuan’s Mother2020-06-13
Chapter 684 Lin Tianyou’s Mother2020-06-12
Chapter 683 Swear an Oath2020-06-12
Chapter 682 Supporters VS. Haters2020-06-11
Chapter 681 A Murder, Not an Accident2020-06-11
Chapter 680 Tang Haifeng Pretends to Be Unconscious2020-06-11
Chapter 679 Knock the Car2020-06-11
Chapter 678 Tang Haifeng Is in Great Danger2020-06-09
Chapter 677 Powerful Support?2020-06-09
Chapter 676 The Interview at the Release Conference2020-06-09
Chapter 675 The Release Conference2020-06-09
Chapter 674 My Unique Skill2020-06-07
Chapter 673 Gu Ning Wins2020-06-07
Chapter 672 Ningning Is Going to Win2020-06-07
Chapter 671 A Competition of Stone Gambling2020-06-07
Chapter 670 Wu Yuanping2020-06-06
Chapter 669 Danger Stays with Power and Wealth2020-06-06
Chapter 668 Lucky Draw2020-06-04
Chapter 667 Feng Xueqin Is Jealous of Gu Man2020-06-04
Chapter 666 Tang Xinrui Showed up2020-06-03
Chapter 665 Four Dominant Business Groups2020-06-03
Chapter 664 Opening Ceremony in City B2020-06-03
Chapter 663 Basically Hopeless2020-06-03
Chapter 662 Scheme Against Her Biological Older Brother2020-06-02
Chapter 661 Ten Years Aren’t Long2020-06-02
Chapter 660 Future Father-in-law2020-06-02
Chapter 659 They Work for You?2020-06-02
Chapter 658 Biological Cousins2020-06-02
Chapter 657 Who Are They?2020-06-02
Chapter 656 Sexual Orientation2020-05-29
Chapter 655 Grandpa Sounds Different Today2020-05-29
Chapter 654 Master Leng Finds Out More About Gu Ning2020-05-29
Chapter 653 Steal Shaoting’s Girlfriend2020-05-29
Chapter 652 Jiang Zhongyu Faints2020-05-28
Chapter 651 Two Stunning Men2020-05-28
Chapter 650 Pay For What You Have Done2020-05-27
Chapter 649 No Right to Sentence2020-05-27
Chapter 648 Open Wider2020-05-26
Chapter 647 Mind Your Reputation2020-05-26
Chapter 646 Anything Else?2020-05-24
Chapter 645 There Is No Sign of Anything Happening Yet.2020-05-24
Chapter 644 Are You Free Tonight?2020-05-24
Chapter 643 Play the Blame Game2020-05-24
Chapter 642 Meet Leng Shaojia2020-05-23
Chapter 641 Grandpa VS. Girlfriend2020-05-23
Chapter 640 Search Your Body2020-05-23
Chapter 639 Cut a Finger2020-05-23
Chapter 638 Hit with an Ashtray2020-05-20
Chapter 637 I Feel Disgusted Seeing You2020-05-20
Chapter 636 Punch Her If You’re Angry2020-05-20
Chapter 635 Cao Wenxin and Xin Bei2020-05-20
Chapter 634 Cao Wenxin Comes2020-05-20
Chapter 633 The Woman Who Tries to Grab Leng Shaoting Away2020-05-20
Chapter 632 Fall in Love at First Glance2020-05-20
Chapter 631 My Girlfriend, Gu Ning2020-05-20
Chapter 630 Morning Exercise2020-05-18
Chapter 629 Public Display of Affection2020-05-18
Chapter 628 Who Chased the Other First?2020-05-16
Chapter 627 The Public Jade Bid2020-05-16
Chapter 626 Colaine Is Open2020-05-16
Chapter 625 Goddess Su2020-05-16