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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 149: The Qing Gang’s Support

Chapter 149: The Qing Gang’s Support

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Superficially, those hoodlums from the Flying-eagle Gang had an advantage over Hao Ran and his friends.

“Tell me, who sent you here?” Hao Ran asked angrily.

“What if I don’t?” the leading hoodlum replied.

“If you don’t, then we can only use violence,” Gu Ning said. She knew those hoodlums wouldn’t say anything unless they felt threatened. However, if they beat them down to the ground, they would probably tell them everything.

Gu Ning looked to Chu Xuanfeng saying with great interest, “Brother Chu, why don’t we have the competition here? There are around 20 hoodlums before us. The one who can beat down the most is the winner.”

Chu Xuanfeng’s face remained calm, but he was reluctant to do that. He knew that he would lose even before the competition began. However, it would be more shameful if he gave up right now, so he answered, “Sure.”

“But boss, there are so many of them, and they all have steel sticks in their hands.” Hao Ran tried to stop Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning was better than him and the other boys, the situation was different now. There were too many hoodlums with steel sticks.

“Indeed, boss,” Qin Zixun and the others were also worried.

“It’ll be fine. I think it’s much more exciting to grab the steel sticks from them by hand, isn’t it?” Gu Ning said. She seemed very excited, and not nervous or terrified at all. After that, she warned her friends in an undeniable tone, “You all must stay here. Do not get involved, understand?”

Hao Ran and the others couldn’t change her mind, but said yes. They chose to believe in Gu Ning. Since she said that it would be fine, she was confident that she would win.

“How dare you say that! Let us teach you a lesson! Beat them!” The leading hoodlum was greatly displeased by Gu Ning’s words. He raised his steel stick attacking straight at Gu Ning and Chu Xuanfeng.

Meanwhile, both Gu Ning and Chu Xuanfeng ran ahead. It was a fierce fight.

Although there were many of those hoodlums with steel sticks, they weren’t skilful at fighting. They could easily defeat an ordinary person, but could do nothing before Gu Ning and Chu Xuanfeng.

Gu Ning and Chu Xuanfeng hit them in a quick, heavy, accurate and violent way. Those hoodlums were in great pain after their punches, and soon lost their ability to fight. Some were kicked off, and some got broken bones, but Gu Ning and Chu Xuanfeng stayed safe and sound.

Those hoodlums panicked now. They didn’t expect that the man and the woman in front of them were so powerful.

Hao Ran and the rest were all astonished by the scene. They felt like they were in an action film. No, even an action film couldn’t be this exciting. They were fighting against each other for real, while scenes in the movie weren’t real.

Gu Ning was obviously moving faster than Chu Xuanfeng. After several minutes, the fierce fight ended. Gu Ning had beaten down 11 in all, while Chu Xuanfeng had only beaten down 9. Gu Ning won.

Actually, Gu Ning didn’t want Chu Xuanfeng to be embarrassed, so she hadn’t used her full force. Otherwise, the gap could be bigger.

“I lost,” Chu Xuanfeng admitted it without hesitation.

Chu Xuanfeng of course understood that Gu Ning helped him save face. She had injured several hoodlums, then left them to Chu Xuanfeng on purpose. Chu Xuanfeng now thought more highly of Gu Ning.

“Wow, you two are so amazing!”

“Exactly! It’s so exciting!”

Hao Ran and the rest all shouted in excitement. They admired Gu Ning and Chu Xuanfeng more than ever now and the staff of V5 bar were also looking at them with admiration. Chu Xuanfeng was the God, while Gu Ning was the Goddess in their eyes.

“Alright, let’s get down to the business first,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, everyone then realized that there was still something important to deal with.

Those hoodlums were all moaning in pain on the ground. The staff of V5 bar were eager to kick them a few more times.

“Now, can you tell us who sent you here?” Gu Ning stared at the leading hoodlum.

The man unconsciously huddled in horror, but he didn’t compromise right away. He threatened instead, “We’re from the Flying-eagle Gang. Aren’t you afraid we’ll revenge ourselves on you?”

Hao Ran and several boys hesitated. Although they were from either powerful or rich families, they weren’t willing to have bad blood with the gang. However, Gu Ning, Chu Xuanfeng and Chu Peihan didn’t care about that at all.

“Flying-eagle Gang? Oh, isn’t it just a small gang with only 200 people? This place has the Qing Gang’s support,” Chu Xuanfeng said. Since he said so, he decided to protect this V5 bar. However, those who didn’t know his identity were all astonished. Since when had the Qing Gang supported V5 bar?

They soon realized that Chu Xuanfeng must be threatening those hoodlums with the Qing Gang’s name, but was it appropriate that he used the Qing Gang’s name casually? What if the Qing Gang was irritated?

Some felt worried, but no one said it aloud.

From Gu Ning’s perspective, Chu Xuanfeng wouldn’t use the Qing Gang’s name for no reason. It wouldn’t do any good for V5 bar. Thus she believed that Chu Xuanfeng must know someone in the Qing Gang.

Only Chu Peihan knew the real reason.

“What?” Those hoodlums immediately changed, their faces trembling in shock, but they still doubted it. “Are-are you sure?”

“Do you think anybody can just use the Qing Gang’s name?” Chu Xuanfeng asked coldly.

Right now, those hoodlums from the Flying-eagle Gang believed that it was true. No one dared to use the Qing Gang’s name randomly. If the Qing Gang found out, the person would be unable to bear the consequences of failure.

Accordingly, the leading hoodlum had to compromise. “Fine, I’ll say it. It’s the boss of the nearby Charm Bar who sent us here. Because ever since V5 bar opened, the foot traffic of the Charm Bar has greatly reduced. Only less than half of the previous customers are willing to walk inside the Charm Bar.”

Hearing that, Hao Ran, Qin Zixun, Zhang Tianping and the staff of V5 bar were all mad.

“Hao Ran, what should we do next?” Qin Zixun asked.

“Boss, what do you think?” Hao Ran asked Gu Ning instead.

Gu Ning didn’t answer his question right away. She turned to looking at the leading hoodlum and asked, “Are you sure it’s the boss of the Charm Bar who sent you here? If you’ve lied to me, you’ll pay for it.”

Gu Ning wanted to make sure the leading hoodlum was telling the truth, instead of fooling them.

Although it was highly possible that the Charm Bar did it, there were many other bars around this area. It could be another bar that deliberately used the Charm Bar’s name.

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