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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 152: Meet Situ Ye

Chapter 152: Meet Situ Ye

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Unexpectedly, Situ Ye had just arrived at the City F. He would be at the restaurant in 20 minutes, which shocked Chu Xuanfeng. However, before Chu Xuanfeng could say another word, Situ Ye hung up. Chu Xuanfeng was struck dumb for a long while.

The others around the table noticed Chu Xuanfeng’s astonished face. They all turned to him with a puzzled look on their faces.

“What happened?” Chu Peihan asked her older brother with care. Her older brother usually kept calm. Even if something bad happened, he could remain calm.

Hearing Chu Peihan’s voice, Chu Xuanfeng finally got his mind back. He realized he lost his manners just then, so he wore an embarrassed smile explaining, “Um, I have a friend who will be here soon. Would you mind?”

Although Chu Xuanfeng wasn’t sure that Situ Ye would come to this private room, he felt that it was better to tell them.

“Of course not,” the others said.

“Peihan, come here. I have something to tell you.” Chu Xuanfeng pulled Chu Peihan aside.

The rest were curious, but they didn’t ask.

“What is it?” Chu Peihan was confused.

Chu Xuanfeng said by Chu Peihan’s ear, “Um, our boss Situ will be here soon. I don’t know whether he’ll come to this private room or not, but I think you should know. If he comes, behave normally!”

“What? Boss Situ is coming?” Chu Peihan was greatly scared, like the ghost was coming. In fact, no one in this world scared Chu Peihan more than Situ Ye.

Situ Ye treated her quiet well. He cared about her life, and sent her a birthday gift on her birthday as well as a red envelope at the New Year, but she couldn’t stand his powerful air!

“Why-why does he want to come here? Why doesn’t he let you go to him?” Chu Peihan didn’t understand why Situ Ye, the boss of the Qing Gang, had to come find Chu Xuanfeng in person. It wasn’t his usual style at all!

Chu Peihan didn’t know why Situ Ye was coming here. Why didn’t he let Chu Xuanfeng go to him?

Chu Xuanfeng also had no idea that Situ Ye was interested in Gu Ning. Gu Ning was his aim actually. Yes, Situ Ye came here for Gu Ning.

In fact, he had planned to meet Gu Ning in City G. He had even checked the flights from City F to City G today to see whether Gu Ning was going to City G. She wasn’t. Therefore, Situ Ye could only fly to City F himself.

He wasn’t sure that Gu Ning was among Chu Peihan’s friends, but he wanted to find out for himself.

It was the first time Situ Ye had been so interested in a woman. Well, Gu Ning wasn’t a woman yet. She was only a teenage girl.

Situ Ye always followed his heart when acting. Since he now had an interest in Gu Ning, he decided to get to know her thoroughly. Although he was the boss of the Qing Gang, he could still live an ordinary life. Accordingly, it was obvious that he went to see Gu Ning in person.

Twenty minutes later, Situ Ye arrived. He called Chu Xuanfeng to welcome him at the roadside.

Chu Xuanfeng immediately ran outside. The minute he got outside, he saw Situ Ye standing by the road, followed by two important figures in the Qing Gang.

“Boss, do you have something urgent to deal with?” Chu Xuanfeng asked.

“Nothing. I’m just hungry.” Situ Ye ordered, “You two wait in the car. Xuanfeng, lead the way.”

The two important figures of the Qing Gang stayed in the car.

“Um, boss, are we going to where Peihan is?” Chu Xuanfeng asked with uncertainty. He didn’t believe Situ Ye as the boss of the Qing Gang would dine with a bunch of high school students. It wasn’t his style at all.

“Anything wrong with that?” Situ Ye asked coldly, like he was threatening him. Chu Xuanfeng denied without hesitation, “Of course not. Please, this way.”

Chu Xuanfeng didn’t dare to say it even if he thought that it was inappropriate.

“But boss, they don’t know I’m part of the Qing Gang, so…” Chu Xuanfeng said. However, before he could finish, Situ Ye interrupted, “I understand.”

The door wasn’t close. Chu Xuanfeng guided Situ Ye, walking straight in.

Situ Ye was dressed entirely in black. He had beautiful features with distinct lines of his face. He came in with an air of the king. Everyone was amazed when he appeared. Especially those boys, they all thought the man was handsome and cool.

However, Gu Ning could sense that the man wasn’t simple, he had an air of a killer. He must be a man of power.

If Gu Ning guessed correctly, the man ought to have a close relationship with the Qing Gang and was in a high position. He was probably the boss of the Qing Gang that Chu Xuanfeng had mentioned.

However, Gu Ning was only guessing. She wasn’t confident that she was right.

At the same time, Situ Ye’s sight fell on Gu Ning the minute he walked in, but he stayed expressionless, so Gu Ning didn’t feel anything different.

“This is my friend. His family name is Situ. You can call him brother Situ,” Chu Xuanfeng introduced him to them.

Hearing that, everyone call him brother Situ.

Chu Xuanfeng had already prepared a chair for Situ Ye between him and Chu Peihan. Chu Xuanfeng invited Situ Ye to be seated before introducing the teenagers around the table to him.

Although there was no need for Situ Ye, the boss of the Qing Gang, to know them, it was socially polite to do the introduction since for now Situ Ye was only Chu Xuanfeng’s friend.

First of all, Chu Xuanfeng introduced from his left side.

Hao Ran, Qin Zixun, Zhang Tianping, An Yi, Mu Ke, Yu Mixi and Gu Ning.

However, when he introduced Gu Ning, Situ Ye opened his mouth, “I’ve saw you once outside of the Huangdeng Hotel in City G.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning was surprised, but she soon realized what was going on. He must have been with Chu Xuanfeng.

“Well, we were together at that time,” Chu Xuanfeng explained.

Gu Ning nodded without saying anything.

The rest all knew that Gu Ning had been to City G, so they didn’t think there was anything wrong with Situ Ye’s words.

“I think you’re quiet good. Are you interested to have a try with me?” Situ Ye asked.

“Sure!” Gu Ning answered with alacrity.

Gu Ning knew that this man was much better than Chu Xuanfeng. And she enjoyed competing with the strong ones. Only challenges kept her progressing.

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