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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 154: You’re Awesome

Chapter 154: You’re Awesome

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Situ Ye and Chu Xuanfeng stayed in the car, while Chu Peihan, Yu Mixi and An Yi sat on a stone bench talking under the large tree. Hao Ran and the other three boys were lying on a nearby piece of grassland.

Chu Xuanfeng was sitting on the driver seat. The window faced right at the entrance, so he noticed Gu Ning running from afar. He rounded his eyes. “No way! Is she running here?”

Hearing that, everyone watched the entrance. They were all surprised.

Chu Xuanfeng got out of the car at once. When Gu Ning got near, he asked without delay, “Hey, did you run all the way to here from Fenghua Luxury Mansion?”

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

She had run for seven kilometers, and was a little tired. However, she only breathed slightly faster with a slightly red face. It didn’t seem like she had run for a long distance at all.

“Jesus! Seven kilometers! You don’t seem exhausted at all. It’s insane!” Although Chu Xuanfeng was mentally prepared, he was amazed when he got the affirmative answer from Gu Ning. He could handle seven kilometers too, but it would cost him too much energy and strength. He could barely stand or breathe after it.

Situ Ye knew that Gu Ning wasn’t a simple girl, but was also astonished by her incredible stamina. He probably couldn’t do better than her.

Gu Ning smiled but didn’t say a word. She looked to Situ Ye, who had just left the car, and greeted him. Situ Ye nodded.

Then, Gu Ning found out that Hao Ran and the boys were lying on the nearby grassland. “Have you finished?”

“Yes. You-you can check-check the phone your-yourself.” Hao Ran tried to catch his breath.

“No need. I trust you. You can rest till 9 am, then we’ll go and climb the mountain,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning trusted her friends. And it was a difficult task this time. She didn’t want to push them too hard.

Gu Ning looked to Situ Ye once more. “It’s an hour away from 9 am. Do you want to have the competition right now?”

“But you just ran here. Have a rest first,” Situ Ye replied.

Gu Ning had just run seven kilometers. Although she didn’t seem exhausted, she must be out of strength now. It wasn’t fair to have the competition right away.

“Great, then 8:30 am.” Actually, Gu Ning didn’t need the rest, but she also wouldn’t reject Situ Ye’s kindness.

Gu Ning went to buy bottles of water for them. She intentionally put some power into the bottles for the four boys to help them recover.

After drinking the water, Hao Ran and the boys felt a flow of coldness spreading inside their bodies. They were soon full of energy again. Within 10 minutes, they were back to normal and felt much more energetic.

Hao Ran and the boys thought that it was strange that they could recover within such a short time, but they didn’t know why. In addition, it seemed ordinary.

When it was 8:30 am, they went to an empty area. Gu Ning and Situ Ye were ready for the fight.

For those who didn’t know Situ Ye’s background, they were positive about Gu Ning’s ability. Gu Ning had beaten down 11 hoodlums with steel sticks before their eyes yesterday. There was no reason for them not to believe in Gu Ning.

However, Chu Xuanfeng and Chu Peihan held a totally different opinion. Gu Ning was outstanding indeed. She was even better than Chu Xuanfeng, but Situ Ye was far better than Chu Xuanfeng.

They had no clear understanding of Gu Ning’s real ability, and they also knew that appearances lied, but they still believed that Situ Ye was better than Gu Ning. Accordingly, they didn’t think that Gu Ning could win.

Both Gu Ning and Situ Ye had no intention to beat the other down, so the competition was limited to five minutes.

They nodded to one another, then the game began.

In the beginning, neither of them used full force. It wasn’t clear who was better. However, as the time went by, the two gradually increased their strength to attack. Gu Ning felt the strong power from Situ Ye.

Situ Ye had the same feeling.

Gu Ning was only a teenage girl. It was shocking that she was so extraordinary.

After a while, Gu Ning knew clearly that Situ Ye was better than her. She was doomed to lose.

However, Gu Ning didn’t feel controlled by Situ Ye, like she had when Leng Shaoting had done it to her last time. Therefore, although Situ Ye was better than Gu Ning, it was impossible for him to hurt her.

The two were in a fierce fight, which was exciting too. Although yesterday’s fight was violent too, it wasn’t enjoyable because those hoodlums were too weak when compared with Gu Ning.

What Gu Ning and Situ Ye were doing now was the real competition between masters of kung fu.

Gu Ning didn’t want an obvious failure, so she used her power to stay strong. In that case, insiders might know that Situ Ye was better, but outsiders couldn’t figure out who was going to win.

Even so, both Situ Ye and Chu Xuanfeng were greatly amazed by Gu Ning’s extraordinary ability.

Situ Ye was more experienced, but he wasn’t able to beat Gu Ning. It was a failure in fact, since there was a gap in age and experience between him and Gu Ning.

Situ Ye wasn’t willing to admit it, but he had to accept the fact that Gu Ning was indeed outstanding.

Five minutes passed quickly. Although everyone didn’t want them to stop, Chu Xuanfeng reminded them that the time was over.

Situ Ye was his boss after all. He had to follow his boss’s order.

“You’re awesome,” Situ Ye complimented plainly.

“You’re better,” Gu Ning admitted rapidly.

“Please have some water and rest now!” Chu Xuanfeng took two bottles of water handing them to Situ Ye and Gu Ning separately.

They all prepared food and drink before 9 am, and began to climb.

They didn’t need to rush, so they climbed the mountain at a normal speed.

The next day after Master Qin’s birthday party, Li Zhenzhen was about to leave, but Qin Yiqing invited her to stay. It seemed as if Qin Yiqing wanted Li Zhenzhen to keep her company, but actually she wanted Li Zhenzhen to get along with Qin Yifan for a while longer.

Li Zhenzhen was reluctant to stay because she was afraid of Gu Ning, but she was also unwilling to give up this great chance, so she persuaded herself to stay.

Although Qin Yifan said he didn’t like Li Zhenzhen, Qin Yiqing planned to give it a try. They had known each other from a very young age, but didn’t have much time to be together, especially after they had grown up. Qin Yiqing thought it was possible that the two would fall in love as long as they spent more time together.

Qin Yifan of course knew what was on Qin Yiqing’s mind. He had directly stayed out of his home for two whole days, and even refused to answer Qin Yiqing’s calls. Qin Yiqing was annoyed.

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