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Release that Man (Web Novel)




Comedy Fantasy Gender Bender Sci-fi

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The alien DNA is the best thing that has ever happened to Ye Shuang because the genetic optimization it offers has made her more beautiful, more formidable, and more brilliant.

But… why doesn’t this unknown alien species have a fixed s*x before adulthood‽ Alternating between both sexes every few days, why‽ For gender equality‽ Thankfully, she still has a chance to save herself. As long as she can settle down with a partner before full genetic assimilation, she’ll be able to carry on with her life as just one specific sex. For the sake of the perfect female body, all the men out there, beware!

But wait, what are all these women up to? Why are you all looking at me like a piece of meat‽ Halt, stop, don’t come any closer… What the hell‽

351 • 2019-04-04 01:49:05


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 509: Ending2020-02-22
Chapter 508: Fastest Woman Alive2020-02-22
Chapter 507: Basic Math2020-02-17
Chapter 506: Hostage Negotiation2020-02-17
Chapter 505: Dense2020-02-17
Chapter 504: Home for Dinner2020-02-16
Chapter 503: Her Goal2020-02-15
Chapter 502: Priorities2020-02-14
Chapter 501: Efficient2020-02-13
Chapter 500: It’s Just a Game2020-02-12
Chapter 499: Toilet Break2020-02-11
Chapter 498: Sibling Bondage2020-02-10
Chapter 497: Bait2020-02-10
Chapter 496: Discarded2020-02-09
Chapter 495: Let’s Chat2020-02-08
Chapter 494: Sis… ter’s Husband2020-02-07
Chapter 493: Hostage2020-02-06
Chapter 492: Persuasion2020-02-05
Chapter 491: I Can Save You2020-02-05
Chapter 490: I’ll Be Gentle2020-02-04
Chapter 489: For Money?2020-02-04
Chapter 488: 11,000 Heartbeats2020-02-01
Chapter 487: Unreliable Tech2020-01-28
Chapter 486: Not Even a Hug2020-01-27
Chapter 485: Brave Sacrifice2020-01-27
Chapter 484: Missing Ruffian2020-01-25
Chapter 483: Hiding2020-01-24
Chapter 482: Garrison2020-01-21
Chapter 481: Blame Game2020-01-20
Chapter 480: Five-second Shuang2020-01-18
Chapter 479: Going in2020-01-17
Chapter 478: Maxed Charm Stats2020-01-16
Chapter 477: You Don’t Realize How Lucky You Are2020-01-13
Chapter 476: Captors2020-01-11
Chapter 475: Respite2020-01-10
Chapter 474: Just Like in Chinese Movies2020-01-09
Chapter 473: Worth Getting Caught2020-01-08
Chapter 472: A Spring Onion2020-01-07
Chapter 471: Repayment2020-01-07
Chapter 470: Acquiring a Vehicle2020-01-05
Chapter 469: Good Employees2020-01-04
Chapter 468: Red Alert2020-01-03
Chapter 467: The Government’s Elite Morons2020-01-01
Chapter 466: Sudden Obsession2019-12-31
Chapter 465: Father Han Is the Final Boss?2019-12-27
Chapter 464: Spicy2019-12-27
Chapter 463: You Don’t Want to Know2019-12-26
Chapter 462: Big Gun2019-12-25
Chapter 461: Nobody Move2019-12-24
Chapter 460: Hi2019-12-23
Chapter 459: While the Iron’s Hot2019-12-21
Chapter 458: Inviting a Fox into a Henhouse2019-12-20
Chapter 457: Peeping Shuang2019-12-20
Chapter 456: So Many Skills2019-12-18
Chapter 455: Do You Know the Way?2019-12-17
Chapter 454: No Order Without Rules2019-12-16
Chapter 453: Out of Hand2019-12-15
Chapter 452: Déjà Vu2019-12-14
Chapter 451: Where Is the Love?2019-12-14
Chapter 450: Cheating without Dating2019-12-12
Chapter 449: All In2019-12-11
Chapter 448: For Tips2019-12-10
Chapter 447: Underground2019-12-09
Chapter 446: Luo Bei Village2019-12-08
Chapter 445: Ah, Superior Chinese Morals, It’s Been a While2019-12-07
Chapter 444: Life Is a Beautiful Thing2019-12-06
Chapter 443: Serious Discussion2019-12-05
Chapter 442: Time to Make Arrangements2019-12-04
Chapter 441: Examination2019-12-03
Chapter 440: New Plan2019-12-02
Chapter 439: Cramps2019-12-01
Chapter 438: Haywire2019-11-30
Chapter 437: Seeing Black2019-11-29
Chapter 436: Temperamental Son2019-11-29
Chapter 435: Looking Down2019-11-26
Chapter 434: Nothing to Do with You2019-11-25
Chapter 433: Target Practice2019-11-24
Chapter 432: Teach Him a Lesson2019-11-23
Chapter 431: No Time to Explain2019-11-23
Chapter 430: She’ll Never Leave Me2019-11-22
Chapter 429: Fresh Blood2019-11-21
Chapter 428: Proportionality2019-11-20
Chapter 427: A Secret Signal2019-11-20
Chapter 426: Tantrum2019-11-19
Chapter 425: A Dog’s Not Just for Christmas2019-11-16
Chapter 424: No Fool2019-11-15
Chapter 423: Playing Hooky2019-11-14
Chapter 422: Remember Your Punctuation2019-11-13
Chapter 421: Self-destruction2019-11-12
Chapter 420: Show-off2019-11-11
Chapter 419: In a Pickle2019-11-10
Chapter 418: Still a Man2019-11-09
Chapter 417: A Mother’s Concern2019-11-07
Chapter 416: Fried Eggs2019-11-06
Chapter 415: Scared Little Girl2019-11-05
Chapter 414: Midnight Call2019-11-04
Chapter 413: You Disgust Me2019-10-31
Chapter 412: Only One Day? Sure…2019-10-31
Chapter 411: Seen Through2019-10-30
Chapter 410: 34F2019-10-29