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Renegade Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1977 - The Killing Intent Hidden in the Wind and Snow

Chapter 1977 - The Killing Intent Hidden in the Wind and Snow

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“Benefactor, it’s really you! I have looked for you for a long time, it’s really you!” The flower shirt young man looked around at the crowd below and then at Wang Lin.

“Where are you? Brother, which one is my benefactor?”

Wang Lin silently looked at the madman before him. He could clearly see that the madman had no memory of him. Wang Lin let out a sigh as he descended from the sky and landed before the madman.

Wang Lin whispered, “Madman…”

The flower shirt young man stared at Wang Lin and roared, “Madman? You’re the madman. You dare to curse this king? Let me tell you, this king is powerful!” 

“Eh… Could it be that you are my benefactor?” The madman rubbed his eyes and circled Wang Lin a few times. The youth in green was no longer hugging his leg and was waiting on the side. 

“OK, let’s just say you are. Now that I greet my benefactor, I ask you, who beat up my Little Flower’s grandpa? Was it him!” The flower shirt young man pointed at the frowning Imperial Teacher.

The Celestial Emperor’s slightly angry voice came from the Celestial Dao Temple. “Dao Fei, if you continue to mess around, I’ll lock you up again! It is the title ceremony and Luo Gong challenged but failed. It has nothing to do with the Imperial Teacher. Back down!” 

“Ah?” The flower shirt young man was startled for a moment. He was confused and couldn’t grasp the situation. He turned and grabbed the green-robed youth behind him.

“Help me organize things a bit, I’m a little confused… If Little Flower’s grandpa was not beaten up by the Imperial Teacher, then who did it? He challenged Benefactor? It’s a bit confusing… Quickly, help me analyze the situation.”

The green youth had a bitter expression as he looked at Wang Lin and then at the flower shirt young man before he spoke.

“King, let us go… Ah, I remember that we still have a furnace of pills that is being refined. If we go back late, the pills will be wasted. It is a furnace of pills you were going to gift Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi.”

“Pills? Yes, I’m still refining pills!” The flower shirt young man seemed to suddenly remember something and turned to leave. However, he suddenly stopped and turned around to roar at the youth in green.

“Something is wrong. Little Flower’s grandpa was beaten, I still remember! You… You… Hmph, Little Red, stop pretending to be dead and find out who beat up Little Flower’s grandpa. This king will reward you!”

The flower shirt young man continued to wave his fan as he roared at Xu Liguo, who was pretending to be dead.

Xu Liguo opened his eyes and jumped into the air. He revealed a flattering smile and quickly ran up. He quickly looked at the old man from the Luo family who had a bitter smile and then looked at Wang Lin.

However, when his gaze met with Wang Lin’s gaze, Xu Liguo’s body trembled. This tremble came from the depths of his soul. He stared at Wang Lin dumbfoundedly. It felt like a dream, as if he had met Wang Lin before. This person was so familiar…

“Fiend… Mas…” Xu Liguo subconsciously muttered as if some memory was about to awaken. However, at this moment, the flower shirt young man grabbed him and shook him.

This shake awakened Xu Liguo from his confusion. His face was pale as he pointed at Wang Lin and quickly retreated.

“It’s him, it’s him. King, it was him who hurt Little Flower’s grandpa!”

“Good, so its you!” The flowered shirt young man let out a roar and stopped waving his fan. He grabbed Wang Lin’s neck with a vicious expression.

“I’m going to strangle you to death, strangle you to death!”

Wang Lin closed his eyes and hid the sadness in them. He knew that the madman didn’t have any memories of the cave world.

“Dao Fei, leave!” An angry voice came from the Celestial Dao Temple and the Celestial Emperor walked out. He waved his hand and the flower shirt young man strangling Wang Lin was blown away like a willow leaf. The green-robed youth and Xu Liguo quickly left; they didn’t dare to stay.

The Celestial Emperor frowned and roared, “Black Armor Guards, send him out of the palace and don’t allow him to enter!”

“Just you wait. You dared to injure Little Flower’s grandpa. This king will remember it…” The voice from the flower shirt young man slowly disappeared. When Wang Lin opened his eyes, the madman was gone - there was only a flash of light from the transfer array.

“Dao Fei has been like this ever since he came back. Sometimes his memory is blurry and sometimes it is clear. Perhaps he will recognize you when his memory is clear.” The Celestial Emperor let out a sigh. At this moment, he was not a Grand Empyrean or the Celestial Emperor, but a big brother.

Wang Lin silently pondered. He had come to the ancestral city to see the madman. Even though the madman had lost his memories, Wang Lin had no regrets. He now wanted to leave.

“There is no need for the challenge to continue. Wang Lin, since you can pass through the 17th palace of the Empyrean Trial, I grant you the title of the 49th Ascendant Empyrean of the celestial clan!

“Since you have white hair and have also obtained the strand of white hair from the Heaven Lion Beast, then I grant you the title of White-Haired Ascendant Empyrean!

“All Ascendant Empyreans of the celestial clan have a chance to enter the Celestial Ancestor’s closed door cultivation location. There, you will receive a great fortune and set a firm foundation for becoming a Grand Empyrean!

“Even your cultivation level will increase greatly there. Someone with the imperial bloodline only has three chances to enter that place in their life. As for those without the imperial bloodline, one will only obtain a chance after reaching the Ascendant Empyrean stage!

“This matter is extremely rare. Wang Lin, there has been some misunderstanding between us, and I hope this matter will be resolved. Cultivate well at the Celestial Ancestor’s closed door cultivation spot so you can strive to become the sixth sun of the celestial clan!

“Become a pillar of the celestial clan and spread the might of the celestial clan!” The Celestial Emperor’s expression was very sincere as he looked at Wang Lin in the distant transfer array.

“I only have this one younger brother.” The Celestial Emperor sighed.

“Go to the Celestial Ancestor’s closed door cultivation spot. I’ll let Dao Fei go there as well; perhaps you can help him recover his memories of the past. When I found him, there was a woman beside him. That woman has also awakened and is at the Celestial Ancestor’s closed door cultivation spot, comprehending.” The Celestial Ancestor looked at Wang Lin gently.

“Many thanks to Celestial Emperor. I only came here for the title ceremony, and now that it's over, I need to leave. If I come to the ancestral city again, I’ll head to the Celestial Ancestor’s closed door cultivation spot.” Wang Lin claspeds his hand and refused the reward of going to the Celestial Ancestor’s closed door cultivation spot.

The Celestial Emperor silently pondered. He nodded and no longer tried to persuade Wang Lin.

The title ceremony ended at noon. As the cultivators left the square, Wang Lin also left. He had declined the Celestial Emperor’s invitation to say in the palace and left the palace through a transfer array.

He also stopped by the Li Mansion and then took the sea dragon and Liu Jinbiao back to the inn in the eastern city.

“I saw him… Even though he lost his memory, he looks very happy right now, and that’s enough…” Wang Lin stood by the window and looked out at the darkening sky. He had stood there for a whole afternoon.

“It’s time to leave… Forget it, I’ll take Xu Liguo and leave the ancestral city… Then to the… Ancient Clan!” Wang Lin let out a sigh. He was very tired. He had experienced a lot in the celestial clan, and now he had his current status and cultivation level. However, it was nothing compared to the lost memories of his friends.

“Perhaps I really misunderstood the Celestial Emperor…” Wang Lin silently recalled the title ceremony. In truth, he had no reason to be so against the emperor, but it was just an intuition.

“But no matter what, I can’t go to the Celestial Ancestor’s closed door cultivation spot. Misunderstanding or not, I can’t lower my caution after hearing a few words.” Wang Lin silently pondered as the snow began to fall outside the window. The snow drifted in the lights and then disappeared into the darkness.


The wind and snow silently arrived. As the wind and snow became intense, a soft knock came from his door.

This person did not speak fast or slow, and her voice was very gentle.

“Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi.” Wang Lin turned around and the door was gently pushed open. Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi was standing there, her long hair scattered behind her. There were some unmelted snowflakes in her hair, giving this already beautiful woman an extra hint of beauty.

“You came to the ancestral city, why didn’t you come to Mount Emperor… Today, Mount Emperor doesn’t have red leaves, but there is snow. Wang Lin, I came on Teacher’s order to invite you to Mount Emperor.”

“Since Grand Empyrean Jiu Di invited me, I’ll naturally go.” Wang Lin faintly smiled.

Through the wind and snow, the moonlight reached down. The snow piled higher and higher as people quickly passed by, but soon there were fewer and fewer people. Wang Lin and Hai Zi faced the snow as they walked down the street. They left behind four long lines of footprints, but they were soon covered by the snow.

“Aside from specific places in the ancestral city, you aren’t allowed to teleport. There is a transfer array not far away, so we will soon reach Mount Emperor.

“From what you said earlier, you intend to leave. When will you leave?” Hai Zi asked softly as she walked beside Wang Lin.

“After Mount Emperor, I’ll leave…” Wang Lin’s steps in the snow created creaking sounds.

The surroundings were completely silent and only the sound of the snow remained. It felt like even the sound of the wind had disappeared. This was a long street and the houses on the sides were completely dark, making this street look shady. There was a hint of killing intent that seemed to be hiding in the snow!

Wang Lin suddenly stopped walking and a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes. He felt a powerful sense of danger. Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi also stopped and suddenly looked around.

“There is a fluctuation of a seal!”

“No one knows that I came looking for you!” Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi quickly explained.

Wang Lin silently pondered, but the coldness in his eyes became even more intense as he looked into the distance.

The wind and snow became even more intense…

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