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Renegade Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1978 - Long Street!

Chapter 1978 - Long Street!

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The wind and snow sobbed like a woman’s cry. The moon was covered by the wind and the stars by the snow. This long, ancient street was dark and there was shocking killing intent hidden here.

The moment Wang Lin and Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi stopped, the snow before him fell even faster. 9,999 snow flakes seemed to gather before Wang Lin due to some force and formed a square pattern!

The moment the square appeared, it flew toward Wang Lin and Hai Zi. Even more snow gathered and its size expanded to thousands of feel in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, a triangle pattern was formed behind Wang Lin and Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi. It was filled with killing intent and charged forward after absorbing a large amount of snowflakes.

Everything happened in a flash!

“You cover the back, I’ll cover the front!” Wang Lin felt danger in his heart. He didn’t doubt Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi. Even though it looked like this was related to Hai Zi, Wang Lin trusted his intuition more!

After Wang Lin spoke, he charged forward toward the square pattern ahead.

Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi’s expression was extremely gloomy and her beautiful face was filled with anger. She was angry that someone had borrowed her inviting Wang Lin to Mount Emperor to kill him!

Once the other party was successful, this matter would shake the entire celestial clan and her teacher would be implicated!

She knew it was not the time to explain, and all words were pointless in the face of action. When she heard Wang Lin’s trusting words, she felt warmth in her heart, but on her face, killing intent appeared. It was directed toward the person who had set this trap!

Without hesitation, Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi turned around, leaving her back to Wang Lin. She charged toward the three-sided deformed pattern!

Wang Lin took three steps toward the square pattern before him. At this moment, the Heavenly Bull tattoo appeared around him. Facing this situation, Wang Lin used his full power without hesitation!

With one punch, 98 afterimages appeared. It was a shocking sight on this long street. The 98 afterimages all threw punches! After fusing with Wang Lin’s body, it was the same as 99 spells fused together!

This punch contained 23 spells! With 23 spells, a total of 99 times the power could not be used in full, so some power would be lost.

But Wang Lin’s punch paused three times! After the first pause, his five-element true body overlapped with his body and the number of spells in his punch increased from 23 to 46!

There was a second pause and then the number of spells inside his punch increased to 69!

The moment he collided with the square pattern, Wang Lin’s punch paused once more and the number of spells inside increased a third time to the 92 limit before he used his avatar in the void!

With the soul armor, the 92 spells in each punch with 99 punches fused into one before colliding with the square pattern!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the world changed colors. All the snow within 1,000 feet of Wang Lin shattered, making it seem as if this area had become a black hole!

The square pattern trembled and suddenly exploded. It was destroyed by Wang Lin’s punch!

Although it had collapsed, there was a strange force inside. This force entered Wang Lin’s body  when his fist touched the square pattern, causing him to suddenly stop!

This force entered Wang Lin’s body and formed a fine net. This net seemed to be inside Wang Lin’s meridians and blood, forming a seal inside his body!

Wang Lin couldn’t figure out the mysterious power, but he had a vague feeling that this power was the power of null.  Because there is existence, it will become null once it is lost.

This power of null was something Wang Lin had only seen from the Imperial Teacher Shang Xuandao!

The moment the seal appeared inside Wang Lin and he stopped, three figures appeared in the snow before him. The three of them were covered by the wind and snow. Their appearance couldn’t be seen, as if they were an illusion. The three of them all formed seals and condensed the wind and snow into their right palms, then they rushed toward Wang Lin.

At the same time, three people appeared on Wang Lin’s left and three more on his right. They were also covered by the wind and snow. The three on the left had their right thumbs out and the three on the left had their left pinky fingers out as they pointed at Wang Lin!

Three shadows also appeared behind Wang Lin. Their actions were the opposite of the three in front - their lands hands formed palms and they struck toward Wang Lin.

Above Wang Lin, three more people appeared. The three of them didn’t form palms or point, but stabbed at Wang Lin with three silver swords!

Front, back, left, right, and up! A total of 15 people had appeared at the same time to kill Wang Lin!

All 15 people had Empyrean Exalt cultivation, and the moment of their attack was when Wang Lin’s cultivation was sealed!

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he let out a roar at this moment of crisis. He didn’t hesitate to use the full power of the soul armor, and the Ancient Dao power filled his body, making his body extremely powerful. His right foot mercilessly stomped the ground.

A thunderous bang rang out, sounding like a mountain was collapsing. Wang Lin moved at an indescribable speed from the borrowed force. He didn’t charge forward but retreated instead. His back smashed into the hands raised by the three people.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!!

The three shadows behind Wang Lin coughed out blood. They suffered backlash from Wang Lin’s powerful body. The veil covering their faces were blown away, revealing their identities.

They were three old men. Wang Lin had never seen them before.

The three retreated in horror. As they retreated, Wang Lin also retreated past the three of them. His hand reached out and mercilessly grabbed the heads of two of the old men. There was monstrous killing intent in his eyes as he squeezed.

In an instant, blood and flesh splattered and these two people were directly killed by Wang Lin. He inhaled their origin souls into his body. As for the last person, Wang Lin’s body smash into him once more and his body shattered.

Out of the 15 people, three of them had instantly died, but the remaining 12 people didn’t stop. They charged at Wang Lin at a very fast speed and arrived near him in a flash. The three in front coughed out blood in exchange for a surge in speed. In an instant, they were less than 5 feet away!

Wang Lin raised his left hand and waved. He used one arm to block their three palms!

The three of them all trembled and the wind revealed their faces. The six people on Wang Lin’s left and right all pointed to the sides of Wang Lin’s body!

Six fingers landed on Wang Lin and his face immediately turned pale. The restriction power in his body increased greatly and his cultivation weakened greatly. At the same time, in the sky, three swords shot toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin let out a roar and raised his left hand to punch the three of them. Two swords collapsed and the owners’ bodies shattered. However, one person still closed in and stabbed the sword three inches into Wang Lin’s forehead!

Intense pain filled Wang Lin’s body and blood flowed down into his eyes. This caused the world before him to turn blood-colored.

The calmness in his eyes was blocked by the blood, so outsiders couldn’t see his calmness! Without hesitation, Wang Lin let out a roar and dragged these 12 people toward the end of the street!

The wind and snow became even more intense.

Just at this moment, a thunderous rumble came from the earth below Wang Lin as three shadow rushed out from the ground. The three figures were completely black and seemed to be out of place in the snow. The three of them formed seals and pointed at their bodies. Popping sounds echoed and the three of them became like origin souls as they rushed at Wang Lin.

Nine more shadows appeared down the street. They charged toward Wang Lin without hesitation. Their hands formed seals and they used a special spell to fuse together into an ice dragon in the sky. The dragon let out a roar and rushed toward Wang Lin!

“Wang Lin!!” Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi’s miserable voice came from behind. With her strength, she couldn’t last long, but the nine of them didn’t want to kill her - they just wanted to keep her trapped.

“Is this it?” Wang Lin’s eyes hidden by the blood were still calm. There was a flash of killing intent and he suddenly stopped as the ice dragon closed in.

This pause caused a giant Heavenly Bull to appear around Wang Lin. This Heavenly Bull appeared so suddenly, it was startling. It was almost solid, as if the real Heavenly Bull had resurrected!

“All of you, die!” Wang Lin raised his head and the Heavenly Bull’s head rose up and collided with the ice dragon. The ice dragon let out a miserable howl and cracks rapidly spread across it before it shattered!!

The nine figures appeared when the ice dragon shattered. Their faces were filled with fear as they coughed out blood and were knocked back with pale faces!

But the slaughter was not over!

And the wind and snow became even more intense!

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