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Renegade Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1979 - Bloody Battle!

Chapter 1979 - Bloody Battle!

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The Heavenly Bull appeared and knocked away the ice dragon. It also directly smashed into the 12 people closing in on Wang Lin!

From afar, this scene was like a picture. If someone could paint it, it would be passed down for ages!

On the picture stood a giant, golden bull with 12 cultivators around it. The six people on the left and right had their fingers pointed at the Heavenly Bull.

But their bodies trembled and they coughed out blood before being knocked back. Their fingers and arms collapsed into a bloody mess!

The three in front pressed their palms down, but their bodies erupted with blood mist and they rapidly retreated!

As for the three that had stabbed their swords into the Heavenly Bull’s forehead, they began to retreat, but their swords collapsed and they were hit by the Heavenly bull. They coughed out blood and rapidly retreated.

The most miserable ones were the three black shadows. They might have attempted to possess Wang Lin, but at that moment, the Heavenly Bull appeared. The three shadows were swallowed by the Heavenly Bull!

The golden bull roared and Wang Lin’s hands formed a seal before pointing forward. The golden bull charged forward and collided with the ice dragon that had been knocked back. The nine people that formed the ice dragon let out miserable screams. The golden bull didn’t stop here; it rushed to the end of the street before exploding!

The power of the explosion was enough to shake the world and collapse the entire eastern city. However, its collapse only set off the wind and snow - the buildings weren’t shaken at all!

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank and he stepped forward. He appeared before the three people that had escaped the charge of the golden bull. He turned into fog and shrouded them. Endless cries echoed as Wang Lin absorbed their flesh and blood and devoured their origin souls. Then the fog spread out toward the rest.

The six people that had their fingers collapsed quickly retreated. They watched in despair as the fog split in two and devoured the six of them!

At the same time, a Yin Blade appeared inside the fog and chopped at the three retreating figures in the sky. Their bodies trembled and were split in half, then their origin souls were absorbed by the fog below.

The wind and snow howled along with a sobbing sound mixed in. The fog Wang Lin had turned into swept toward the nine people around Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi.

The nine of them had personally witnessed this terrifying scene and gave up surrounding Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi. They retreated like crazy, but their speed was nothing compared to Wang Lin’s fog, so he instantly caught up. The fog spread out and left only nine withered skeletons!

The surroundings were completely silent and covered in skeletons. The fog Wang Lin had turned into reformed next to Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi. His face was pale and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. The blood was a shocking sight on the snow.

“Let’s go!” Wang Lin stepped forward and rushed toward the end of the long street.

Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi bit her lower lip and followed. This battle was something she would find difficulty participating in. More than 30 people had been mobilized for this, and each of them had Empyrean Exalt cultivation!

Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi had many friends and had met most of the Empyrean Exalts. However, she had never seen these 30 people before - they were all strangers!

“They are not Empyrean Exalt cultivators, they had their cultivation levels increased to Empyrean Exalt by force! It won’t last long!” The reason Wang Lin was sure was because he had devoured the origin souls of more than 30 of them. He wanted to use them to form another Spell Vein but found that their origin souls were not pure and would require some time to refine.

However, even after all of them were gathered, it was only enough to form one Spell Vein. And from absorbing their origin souls, Wang Lin was able to determine that they only had one hour to live!

They were paying a great price, their own lives, in exchange for one hour of cultivation boost!

Wang Lin now had five Spell Veins and could create 98 afterimages. If he could add one more, his combat power would increase greatly.

“There is the shadow of the Imperial Teacher in this trap. I still have not resolved the power from the square pattern, I only delayed it slightly. If I can’t resolve this seal, then my combat power will be affected!” Wang Lin rushed forward in the wind and snow and got closer to the end of the street.

He had rapidly searched the memories of the origin souls, but it was a complete blur. Someone had already erased them.

“This place has been sealed. Earlier, I tried to use the power of the Heavenly Bull to break the restriction, but it wasn’t shaken. The person who set this up has already considered possible help from the outside!

“As a result, there is no need to think about Grand Empyrean Jiu Di. If I was setting up this trap, there are two preparations I would make. One is to block all auras from this place, and the other would be to find someone to restrict Grand Empyrean Jiu Di!

“Of course, all of this is on the pretense that it wasn’t Grand Empyrean Jiu Di who set it up, but my intuition tells me it’s not Jiu Di! The person who set this up is perhaps waiting for the final blow to kill me!” Wang Lin mind went through all these thoughts rapidly as he rushed toward the end of the street with Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi.

But just at this moment, three figures appeared in the wind and snow. These three floated in the air and stared at Wang Lin. They turned into three red rays of light and closed in.

The three of them weren’t close yet, but power close to that of an Ascendant Empyrean spread out from their bodies.

Behind the three of them, two more people walked out from the wind and snow. These two people had Ascendant Empyrean cultivation. They watched coldly as they raised their hands and black wind howled, forming two giant black pythons that coiled in the sky.

“Soul armor messenger!!” Wang Lin recognize them at a glance!

“These two are unfamiliar. I have seen the remaining 48 Ascendant Empyreans at the Purple Yang Sect, but I have never seen these two, and none of them have soul armors… They must have had their cultivation levels raised to Ascendant Empyrean through a special method and then given the soul armors!

“In the ancestral city, the only person that can do this is the Celestial Emperor!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He raised his foot and his left hand pushed Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi aside.

“Hai Zi, back off, they won’t hurt you. Don’t participate in this battle!”

“Wang Lin…” Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi looked anxious and wanted to explain, but Wang Lin’s left hand pushed her a few hundred feet away. She watched Wang Lin charge at the five of them like a moth flying into the flame!

These five people, three in white and two in black, turn into five rays of light and rapidly closed in on Wang Lin!

The wind and snow raged in the long street that was covered in corpses. The wind and snow intensified as these six people began the second slaughter of this battle to the death!

“Kill!!” Wang Lin’s eyes were red as he roared. His right hand turned into the Yin Blade as he charged at them.

There was nothing fancy about this battle to the death. The three people in white in front didn’t use many spells, only two. The first was to gather power to turn into wind and snow to sweep toward Wang Lin!

The second was self-destruction!!

Thunderous rumbles shook the world. After Wang Lin cut open the wind and snow, he was faced with the self-destruction of the three people in white. Wang Lin waved his right hand.

99 War Spirit Prints materialized. 92 of them looked real and condensed together to resist the self-destruction of the three cultivators in white.

This huge shock and rumble still couldn’t cause the restriction here to collapse. As Wang Lin charged out, the two people in black surrounded by the two black pythons also rush forward. The three of them collided.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the two in black coughed out blood. One of them directly exploded and a line of blood appeared on the forehead of the other before being cut in half!

Wang Lin charged forward 100 feet and staggered. His Yin Blade stabbed into the ground as he coughed out a mouthful of blood that gave off white gas!

Just as Wang Lin held himself up with the Yin Blade, a hand appeared behind him. This hand silently appeared and directly pointed to the back of Wang Lin’s hand!

This finger contained an unspeakable strangeness, as if it didn’t exist. However, it appeared like how a Grand Empyrean could create something from nothing!

This finger pointed down, and when it was seven inches from Wang Lin, he didn’t turn around. Instead, he charged forward and twisted his body. The Yin Blade that was stabbed into the ground swept back and collided with the finger!

Crackling sounds echoed and a large amount of cracks appeared on Wang Lin’s Yin Blade. The countless fragments of the blade reflected the calmness in Wang Lin’s eyes. It seemed like he wasn’t surprised by the collapse of the Yin Blade, and at this moment, his eyes revealed a dazzling, golden light!

This golden light came from his strongest avatar in the void. He hadn’t used his avatar yet because he had been waiting for this finger to appear!

It was also the owner of this finger that placed the square pattern that lowered Wang Lin’s combat power!

When the golden light appeared, the restriction inside Wang Lin’s body became extremely weak and shattered. All his cultivation recovered and the golden light that reflected off the fragments of the Yin Blade formed a formation!

Wang Lin’s restriction essence was complete, so he could place formations any time he wished!

He used the fragments of the Yin Blade to reflect the light from his eyes to form a small formation. Wang Lin raised his left hand toward the golden light and pointed at the finger pointing at him!

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