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Renegade Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1981 - Black-Haired Wang Lin!

Chapter 1981 - Black-Haired Wang Lin!

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The roar of slaughter and destruction fused together to form the slaughter thunder that would erase all life!

This thunder contained destruction and was the framework of annihilation. Its existence was the source of all darkness in the world, the expression of all death and destruction.

When Wang Lin opened his eyes, they contained no light; they were completely dark. This darkness replaced his pupils, and his hair turned completely black!

Long, black hair and black eyes!

“I wonder if I can even pass the first palace in the Empyrean Trial in my current state…” There was a smile on the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth, but if anyone saw this smile, they would feel a chill.

This was not a smile of joy, but cruelty!

When Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi saw Wang Lin’s smile from a distance, her entire body turned cold. She felt like the Wang Lin she was familiar with had become a complete stranger!

The black-haired Wang Lin made her feel extreme fear, as if he was a natural enemy of hers. Her body trembled and she retreated several steps!

The finger that had appeared in the void slowly withdrew. It was as if the void contained a pair of eyes filled with shock!

“Let the slaughter begin.” Wang Lin jumped into the air and a rumble echoed from his body. Countless bolts of black thunder appeared around Wang Lin. He let out a roar at the sky and they shot toward the hundreds of figures coming toward him.

These hundreds of figures normally wouldn’t feel fear. They were death cultivators, and their goal was to die to complete their task; even their emotions were suppressed and almost erased!

However, at this moment, when they heard the black-haired Wang Lin’s roar, their hearts trembled. However, they no longer had a path of retreat, so they charged at him together.

The black-haired Wang Lin’s smile revealed cruelty and his eyes were filled with madness. As he stepped forward, he closed in on the hundreds of people. He waved his right hand and the black thunder formed a net.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the dozens of people in front all self-destructed when the net closed in. The power of the self-destruction collided with the thunder net.

But the strange part was that although this force could destroy the world, it was very fragile before this net. The thunder net scattered into countless nets and shot forward.

Anyone who was touched by this thunder trembled and their body shattered!

Wang Lin walked like the wind. Facing these hundreds of people, thunder continued to spread out from his body. Anyone who charged at him was destroyed!

He moved very fast and appeared behind a figure in an instant. He raised his right hand and pointed at the figure. Black thunder shot out and the cultivator trembled before exploding.

Wang Lin’s body trembled and he continued to kill. He seemed to no longer feel fatigue or know of injuries. The power of the self-destructions bombarded him, but it was not able to cause him to pause at all.

In a short period of time, more than half of the figures died to Wang Lin’s thunder. The remaining hundred people gathered to form a formation when someone roared, “Bind Formation!” The earth trembled and energy seemed to erupt from below. The hundred people turned into a giant palm. This palm was black and reached directly for Wang Lin!

Wang Lin didn’t pause. He raised his hand and hundreds of black thunderbolts appeared. The destruction and killing intent within them formed black gas that covered Wang Lin. They flew toward the palm like countless meteors.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!!

The palm suddenly collapsed and the hundred people inside all died. When Wang Lin walked out, blood was flowing out of his mouth, but the madness in his eyes had become even more intense. As he stepped forward, ripples echoed in the void before him. The finger that had disappeared suddenly reappeared and pointed to between Wang Lin’s eyebrows!

“Every existence will become null…” When the finger landed, this mysterious voice echoed.

However, under the finger, Wang Lin suddenly looked up. The madness in his eyes became even stronger and showed no signs of dissipating.

“Destroying is to make all existence null. With your mere power, you dare to make me disappear!?” Wang Lin raised his right hand and threw a punch. With his punch, a large amount of ripples appeared in the void and a faint, muffled groan echoed, sounding as if someone was injured. The finger that was pointing at Wang Lin immediately collapsed.

Just as the finger disappeared, thousands of blurry figures appeared on both sides of the street. After they appeared, they all charged at Wang Lin!

The cruelty on his smile was strong and the madness in his eyes was monstrous. He turned and his black hair grew even longer. His hair split into countless strands and spread in all directions before touching the thousands of figures closing in.

Thunderous echoes rumbled. The moment the thousands of figures were touched by the black hair, they decided to self-destruct. This created a vortex of destruction that shrouded Wang Lin.

As the rumbles echoed, Wang Lin coughed out a large amount of blood, but the bombardment was being resisted by the countless slaughter thunderbolts around him.

Thousands of figures appeared on the street again, and another batch of thousands of people appeared behind them. They were intent on making this trap successful!

Wang Lin’s expression was fierce and he let out a roar at the sky. His right hand grabbed something off his chest!

“Heavenly Bull soul armor, get out of here!” With a roar, his right hand pulled off the Heavenly Bull soul armor. He no longer had the Heavenly Bull soul armor on his body.

After the armor was thrown away, the madness in Wang Lin’s eyes disappeared and turned into a dead calmness. However, that cruel smile still remained on his face.

After losing the soul armor, the black-haired Wang Lin’s cultivation level decreased, but his slaughter gas increased several fold. In just a few breaths, the black gas around Wang Lin became even more dense, and he rushed toward the thousands of people!

The slaughter continued as Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi’s heart trembled. Wang Lin was like a demon god. For every person he killed, another strand of slaughter would appear around him.

Every person he killed made Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi feel even more unfamiliar toward Wang Lin!

Amidst this crazed slaughter, thousands of bodies were torn apart after just a moment. Wang Lin’s body was surrounded by endless strands of black gas, and his body could no longer be seen.

Just at this moment, the disappeared finger appeared outside the black gas around Wang Lin and mercilessly pointed toward him. However, before the finger could land, Wang Lin grabbed it and mercilessly pulled it while laughing.

With this, half an arm was pulled out.

“Come out for me!” Wang Lin roared as he pulled the amr out. The world rumbled and the arm collapsed. That muffled groan came from the void again!

“Everyone, enter this place and kill this person!!” A voice filled with killing intent came from the void.

As the voice echoed, figures rapidly appeared from the side of the street. Tens of thousands of figures appeared. They completely ignored Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi and charged at Wang Lin.

The black-haired Wang Lin retreated a few steps, now surrounded by a large amount of black gas. The death in his eyes formed a startling contrast with the cruel smile on his face. He raised his hand and mercilessly hit his forehead!

“Five-element true body, get out of here!!” With this, Wang Lin’s body trembled and an overlapping shape appeared over his body. His five-element true body was knocked out from his body!

The five-element true body was knocked out and its expression was extremely serious. He appeared beside Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi and gazed over.

After losing the five-element true body, Wang Lin’s cultivation level decreased, but the slaughter aura around him became even more pure!

“Restriction essence, get out of here!!

“Absolute beginning essence, get out of here!!

“Thunder essence, also get out of here!!” The black-haired Wang Lin continued to roar until his essences were knocked out of his body!

At this moment, the tens of thousands of figures closed in. Inside the black gas, Wang Lin raised his head. The death in his eyes remained the same, but the cruel smile had dissipated a lot. He charged toward the tens of thousands of people and began a slaughter.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, and a moment later, Wang Lin was knocked back, coughing out blood. He felt like his body was going to break. No matter how strong he was, he could not survive the attacks of tens of thousands of people!

“Life and death, karma, and true and false, get out of here!!” The black-haired Wang Lin let out a roar and his body trembled. His three ethereal essences were forced out of his body as well!!

At this moment, the black-haired Wang Lin only had two essences - slaughter and absolute end! There were also no essence true bodies, only his original body!

The black gas around his body suddenly shrank into a black robe around him. His hair had turned completely black. His eyes were filled with death and there was no longer a smile on his mouth. He looked like the embodiment of death!

He calmly looked at the tens of thousands of people rushing toward him and closed his eyes. When he closed his eyes, the tens of thousands people trembled, and when he reopened his eyes, they all disappeared before him!

What disappeared was also the street and the houses on the side. They became ruins and dust in history. Even the snowflakes turned black as they fell.

“Restrain the heavenly dao. All souls beneath the heavens must suffer divine tribulation. Free thyself from convictions that lead only to destruction and walk the path of the true dao,” Wang Lin muttered as he raised his right hand to grab the finger that had suddenly appeared beside him. Then he lightly squeezed it.

With a crackling sound, the finger was crushed! With one pull, a figure emitting white light was pulled out of the void.

“You’re not the Imperial Teacher.” Wang Lin didn’t look at the figure emitting white light. He loosened his right hand and directly grabbed the figure’s neck before squeezing again.

The figure trembled violently and suddenly collapsed.

“You… You’re not Wang Lin!!! Who are you?!” Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi’s voice was filled with fear as it echoed in this silent night. 

The black-haired Wang Lin turned and coldly looked at Hai Zi as he walked over.

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