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Renegade Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1983 - There are Tigers in the Mountain!

Chapter 1983 - There are Tigers in the Mountain!

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Xu Liguo’s body trembled as he stared dumbfoundedly at Wang Lin. Everything that appeared in his mind made tears flow from his eyes.

He remembered Wang Lin and how he was refined into a devil by Wang Lin.

He remembered following Wang Lin for thousands of years, he remembered his everything and the words from his fiend of a master.

He remembered that he had fully awakened after leaving the cave world.

“Ma… Master!!” Xu Liguo’s body trembled and his eyes widened. He quickly took a few steps and walked over from the madman to Wang Lin’s side. He also pushed aside Liu Jinbiao, who was about to greet him.

After pushing aside the startled Liu Jinbiao, Xu Liguo stood where Liu Jinbiao stood, and the shock on his face turned into into the flattery face he was used to displaying.

“Master, Little Xu has finally met you again. Over the years, Little Xu has dreamed of meeting Master every night. I couldn’t wait to reunite with Master again.

“Master, Little Xu’s loyalty to you will not change because of the change of time. It will not change due to being a different life. You’re my master this life, and the next life, and the next next life, and the next next next life!

“Master, you can’t abandon me - let me follow you. Even if I have to ascend a mountain of blades or go down into a sea of fire, I, Xu Liguo, won’t even frown!

“Master, although I met you late, I followed you the longest. Some might have been lucky to have been found by Master early, but how can my loyalty be compared? Master, I finally found you!!” As Xu Liguo spoke, he even squeezed out a few tears of excitement while Liu Jinbiao stared dumbfoundedly from the side.

While shouting excitedly about his joy, Xu Liguo didn’t forget to viciously stare at Liu Jinbiao as if he was telling Liu Jinbiao he was the real number one servant to their master!

“Hmph, hmph. No one knews this fiend better than I do. When your Grandpa Xu was following this fiend, little Jinbiao, you  were still off somewhere cheating people. You dare to steal Master’s favor from me? Damn, this Liu Jinbiao must have thought he could surpass me!

“Hmph, I need to educate him that his Grandpa Xu is not to be trifled with!”

Being stared by Xu Liguo, Liu Jinbiao immediately felt his heart tremble. Xu Liguo had left a great shadow on him. He hesitated and was about to speak when a roar came from beside him!

The sea dragon that had shrunken into the side of a finger and was lazily laying on Liu Jinbiao’s shoulder suddenly looked up when it heard the name “Xu Liguo.” It stared viciously at Xu Liguo and let out a roar.

Its roar startled Xu Liguo.

Liu Jinbiao revealed a proud expression. If not for Wang Lin being here, he would have started laughing.

“Haha, fortunately, I prepared ahead of time and have this sea dragon. I want to see how Xu Liguo be arrogant now!” Liu Jinbiao revealed a proud expression and his right hand patted the sea dragon’s back. He looked at Xu Liugo tauntingly.

Wang Lin ignored the sparks between their gazes and looked toward the madman, who was startled by Xu Liguo’s words.

At this moment, the madman had already forgotten about looking for trouble with Wang Lin. Instead, he looked at Xu Liguo as if he was going to cry.

“Little Red… Little Red, you… What are you saying, ah? Am I not your master? How come he is your master? Am I your master or is he your master? Who is your master…” The madman became very anxious and grabbed Xu Liguo.

Xu Liguo just remember that such a person was with him and looked back at the madman. After his memories recovered, his gaze toward the madman was different from before. It was now similar to when he joined forces with Liu Jinbiao to steal the madman’s blood.

“Let go of your hand, your grandpa’s holy master is this fi… This fine master who is wise and gives off a powerful killing intent!!” At this point, he quickly looked at Wang Lin, and his heart skipped a beat. He had been away from this fiend for too long and almost said something he wasn’t supposed to.

“Go away for me! Don’t pester your Grandpa Xu!” Xu Liguo quickly broke free and retreated a few steps. He raised his chest as a sign of loyalty.

Madman’s face was filled with sadness and his eyes immediately turned red. He began to roar at Wang Lin.

“It’s you, you injured Little Flower’s grandpa and now you stole Little Red. Little Red, ah, Little Red, ah, Little Red, ah…” The madman rushed out to strangle Wang Lin’s neck.

Wang Lin looked at the noisy madman before him with a complicated expression and let out a sigh.

“Madman… I came to the ancestral city to see you… Since you can’t remember me, then you can consider the matter at the cave world a dream. Madman… I’m leaving.” Wang Lin closed his eyes and allowed the madman to strangle him. A moment later, a soft force pushed the madman several dozen feet away.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and turned to walk toward the plain outside the city.

Xu Liguo and Liu Jinbiao quickly followed and completely ignored the the madman while staring at each other. However, compared to Liu Jinbiao’s pride, Xu Liguo was quite angry because the sea dragon on Liu Jinbiao’s shoulder was also staring at him viciously.

“Damn it, this is not suitable. Your grandpa only has one pair of eyes, but that damn Liu Jinbiao and the ugly snake have two pairs… I must think of a way… Otherwise, I can’t maintain my status,” Xu Liguo muttered in his heart.

As the three walked away, the madman stood at the gate, looking at the distant figures and continuing to mutter.

“Little Red… Little Red… Why are you leaving like this… Damn it, how dare you steal this king’s Little Red. I’m going to tell my big brother, no, I’m going to tell my teacher!

“Hmph, hmph, my teacher is very powerful. He… He…” The madman was startled as he looked at the figure in white walking away.

“Wang Lin… Wang Lin…” Madman’s body trembled as if some seal on his memory had loosened. He seemed like he was going to remember something.

“Cave world, Wang Lin… Void… Awakening…” The madman trembled more and more as images erupted into his mind.

In the image, he had saved the person before him and then they were immersed in a dream. In the dream, he kept looking for traces of the mark on his arm.

He subconsciously raised his arm and looked down. He saw a palm print mark slowly appearing on his arm where there was nothing before.

This palm print seemed to appear because someone had held his arm for a long time without letting go.

Tears flowed down from his eyes without him knowing. The tears flowed down his cheeks and dripped into the ground. He vaguely remembered!

He remembered, in the cave world, he had encountered a corpse in the cave world. He had used his own blood to revive that corpse…

He remembered that the corpse was named Wang Lin. After being revived, this Wang Lin was very good to him…

He remembered everything that had happened in the dream dao…

He also remembered that when he awakened once more, he saw his big brother. After that, everything was a blur, as if his memories were sealed. His big brother seemed to have cast some kind of spell on him!

He could only vaguely remember that there was a ruthless gaze from his big brother’s eyes. That gaze made him feel fear, and he wanted to seek Wang Lin’s help.

He remembered!!

The madman trembled and shouted, “Wang Lin… Wang Lin… Wang Lin!!!! Teacher!!!” 

When his voice echoed in the world, it caused Wang Lin’s body to tremble. The meaning of those words caused Wang Lin’s heart to tremble, and he suddenly turned around.

When he turned around, his pupils suddenly shrank. He saw a golden vortex suddenly appear behind the madman, and a person walked out!

This person was wearing a royal robe and a crown. I t was the Celestial Emperor. He had a gentle gaze when he appeared, and his right hand landed on the madman’s shoulder.

The madman’s eyes became confused once more when this hand landed, and the palmprint on his arm disappeared without a trace.

“Wang Lin, since you intend to leave, I won’t send you off. Dao Fei’s memory seems to be recovering, so I’m going to take him to the Celestial Ancestor’s closed door cultivation spot under the palace. Perhaps there he can fully recover.” The Celestial Emperor smiled at Wang Lin and then stepped back into the vortex with the madman. They both disappeared.

The wind and snow continued. Everything was like an illusion, as if nothing had happened. Wang Lin stood there after witnessing everything. After pondering for a moment, his eyes revealed a monstrous golden light!

“The Celestial Ancestor’s closed door cultivation spot again!! His words even reveal that it is under the palace! He did it to make me go!” Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he stared at the ancestral city.

“The madman’s call earlier was clearly his memory awakening… Perhaps all of this was the Celestial Ancestor’s plan. He used the madman as a lure to force me not to leave, force me to go to the palace…

“First, I didn’t go to the palace during the title ceremony. Then it was the trap at the street - the Celestial Emperor must have been involved in that. He wanted to capture me to take me to the palace but failed, resulting in my battle against Jiu Di…

“He was unwilling to act personally, so he used the madman to lure me to the place!

“The Celestial Ancestor’s closed door cultivation spot, palace… What secret exists there that the Celestial Emperor keeps trying to get me to go? Should I go or not?” Wang Lin slently pondered before he suddenly raised his head. His eyes were filled with decisiveness!

Sometimes, even if one knows there will be danger, they will still continue down that path!

Wang Lin took a deep breath and waved his right hand to put Xu Liguo, Liu Jinbiao, and the sea dragon back into his storage space. The morning snow was falling, and this time, his target was the palace!!

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