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Return of the Female Knight (Web Novel) - Chapter 110 - It’s Fine. It Was Only Once (1)

Chapter 110 - It’s Fine. It Was Only Once (1)

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Ch. 110 It’s Fine. It Was Only Once (1)

“Don’t worry. Just do as I tell you.”


“To explain the current situation, my father is somewhat desperate for me to get married. As you know, other noble families are reluctant to enter a marriage because of the prophecy. And of course, the prophecy is not the only reason…”

Carlisle’s blue eyes flashed dangerously at the moment, and Elena immediately understood the implication. The Empress was obstructing his opportunities to get married as well.

“Anyway, I already met with my father and we formalized it. You needn’t worry unnecessarily. I already informed him that I intended to marry you.”


She never imagined that Carlisle would have already told Sullivan, but after a moment, she agreed it was beneficial for the wedding to happen as soon as possible. Yes, this was even better. She hadn’t known where to begin regarding Sullivan and her relationship with his son, but now that Carlisle had already spoken to him, she could say she was looking forward to the marriage.

“To tell you the truth, my father is extremely obsessed with the founding myth of the Ruford Empire.”


Elena recalled the fairy tale which claimed that the emperor inherited the blood of a dragon, and that his bloodline would wield ultimate power.

‘He believes that?’

She thought it outlandish, but then she remembered that she herself had seen the black scales on Carlisle’s arm that resembled a dragon’s.

“Perhaps my father wondered whether I made a wish for you?”


Elena was puzzled by this statement. Carlisle closed his mouth as if to think over his words, then went on to explain.

“He believes the blue bead ring I gave you is the Dragon’s Orb.”

“What…what do you mean? How is that possible?”

“You don’t have to understand. It’s just superstition.”

Elena couldn’t make sense of his words, but she finally nodded. It was crazy to think that the simple ring she had in her previous life was the Dragon’s Orb.

“To keep the marriage going smoothly, all you have to do is say these words to my father.”


Elena stared at him questioningly, and he went on.

“Say that I gave you the blue bead ring as a token of the proposal. Tell him that I said the man who marries you will become the emperor of Ruford Empire and bring about a great revival.”

It wasn’t long, so she could memorize it easily enough, but she couldn’t help but wonder what he was talking about.

“…I’m not sure I understand this. Will those words really help keep our marriage going?”

“Like I said, you don’t have to understand it. All you have to know is that this way, our marriage will happen as soon as possible.”

Carlisle didn’t look like he was going to answer anymore questions, but she knew by intuition that there was more to what he said. She would repeat his words as promised, but she had a hunch that if she met Sullivan, she might discover something she hadn’t known before. To Elena, Sullivan was not a foolish emperor, rather, his political achievements were far greater than the blood-thirsty emperors before him. Sullivan was smart, and he would not be obsessed with the founding myth for no reason at all.

‘Does it have to do with Carlisle’s secret?’

Most of all, Elena wondered about the black scales on Carlisle’s arm, but she knew he had no intention of revealing his secret to her. She was lost in her thoughts about this unsolved mystery when Carlisle spoke again.

“No one else can know that I told you to say this. Just remember that.”

“I will.”

Elena covered up her curiosity and nodded for the time being. If Carlisle did not intend to tell her, Elena would find out for herself. If it was a secret about the emperor, then it might have something to do with Paveluc and some way of stopping him.

“I wonder, why did you come to me? Up until now I thought that you liked to work alone.”

“I believe it’s better if we solve our problems together. By talking, I’m sure we’ll be able to find out more information.”

If she had acted alone after seeing Sullivan’s invitation, she wouldn’t have obtained the extra counsel from Carlisle. Then things could have gone wrong. She hadn’t even known before that Sullivan was already aware that her and Carlisle intended to become married.

“I must compliment your way of thinking. Please share more of your thoughts with me in the future. I wanted to explain my father to you, but somehow it worked out easily.”

“Yes. I’ll come back to see you then.”

However, Carlisle’s tense expression did not loosen despite Elena’s words.

“Is the date on the invitation two days from now?”


“I’ll be waiting for you, so come see me straight away after you talk to my father.”

Elena didn’t know what it was, but something about Carlisle’s tone reminded her of her older brother Derek. Was it because he was trying to hide the fact he was worried? Elena answered with a faint smile.

“Are you worried about me?”

“Of course. I can’t help but be concerned when I’m sending you to my sly old fox of a father.”

Unlike Derek, Carlisle immediately expressed his feelings. Elena’s smile broadened.

“I see. I’ll be here after the meeting. Don’t worry.”

Carlisle looked strangely at Elena’s smiling face, then carried on in a low voice.

“Are you going back to Blaise Mansion now?”

“Yes. Now that we’ve finished our work, I should go back.”

“You’re going home so quick.”

“I won’t be able to see much of my family once we get married.”

Carlisle was struck by the sad tone in her voice. He schooled his features into something more casual and replied.

“I’ll take you to the mansion.”

“Oh, you don’t have to—”

“You want to be with your family, but I want to be with you a little more. Give me this much.”

Elena was speechless. He wanted to be with her a little more… It was like something a real lover would say.


She was about to ask what he meant, when there was the sound of approaching footsteps and someone coughing behind her. She turned her head, and saw Zenard walking towards the entrance to the study. Only then did Elena realize the situation.

‘Ah, he was approaching and acted deliberately.’

Elena looked at Carlisle with an expression of trust. The way things were going, their future marriage seemed to be fine.

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