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Return of the Female Knight (Web Novel) - Chapter 180 - Should Be Mine (1)

Chapter 180 - Should Be Mine (1)

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Ch. 180 Should Be Mine (1)

Sarah was on her way back from her usual visit to Helen’s mansion, but today, however, there were many beggars on the street crowding around the carriage.

“Please help.”

“I haven’t eaten for two days.”

Sarah delicately pinched her nose with one hand, then leaned over to speak to the carriage driver.

“Can’t you go a little faster? “

“I’m sorry, My Lady. The beggars are blocking the road.”


She scowled, when suddenly—


The carriage window opened and a hand burst in. Sarah was too frightened to scream, and she froze as the hand dropped a letter into the carriage, then quickly disappeared.


Sarah finally let out a scream, but by then everything had already passed. The driver looked back in alarm.

“What’s going on, My Lady?”


Sarah pointed a trembling finger at the letter, but as her reason gradually began to return to her, she realized that something was strange. She had visited Helen’s residence countless times, and never before were there so many beggars in this alley. Why did they surround her today? More importantly, the sudden intruder did not hurt Sarah. The beggars likely weren’t beggars at all, and she had been approached for some purpose.


She quickly came to herself, then looked outside the carriage window. The beggars that surrounded them had scattered, as if their task was complete. Doubt turned into conviction. This was all a ruse to deliver a letter to her.

‘Who sent the letter?’

Sarah’s confusion turned to scrutiny. The driver, unaware of what was going on, spoke with a worried voice.

“My Lady, are you alright?”

“Ah, yes. It’s nothing.”

Sarah picked up the letter from the floor and opened it. She first began reading the letter with skepticism, but her expression gradually darkened. When Sarah finally arrived home…

“My Lady!”

The servant was startled when he opened the door to the carriage. Sarah was sitting inside, looking pale and completely exhausted. Servants of the Jenner family hurried to help her, but she bit her trembling lips and tucked the letter away.

What was inside…

No one should know.




The day of the party was fast approaching. As promised, Isaac delivered the results of his work to the Elena after three days. Everything was going as planned, and all that was left was to draw Helen into their snare.

Seueug, seueug.

There was the smooth sound of silk as Elena tied the cravat on Carlisle’s neck. It was part of her daily routine now, and she was far more skilled at it now than her first awkward attempt. She firmly kept her gaze away from Carlisle’s piercing eyes as she worked, but he spoke up in a low voice.

“Has there been a change in heart?”

Her cheeks suddenly turned pink in guilt. She spoke carefully, worried that her feelings about him were written all over her face.

“Why are you suddenly asking me?”

Carlisle glanced at Elena’s dress and jewelry, which were far more ornate than usual.

“You’re dressing up more beautifully than you usually do, but I don’t think it’s for my eyes.”


She realized what he was talking about. Carlisle’s observation wasn’t wrong: today, Elena put in tremendous effort to make herself look as beautiful as possible. She wore rare and distinctive emerald jewels that she had received from Carlisle, and chose the most striking dress that Mirabelle had ever created. If Carlisle showed up at the party now when there was talk of him taking a second wife, it was obvious that everyone would look at Elena. She didn’t intend to be discouraged in front of the other nobles.

“I…I’m not sure, Caril. But for women, a beautiful dress is like a weapon in society.”

Carlisle gave a soft chuckle.

“Everyone should be nervous to see you fully armed.”

Carlisle didn’t know that it was he who made her nervous. Dressed in a handsome black swallowtail coat, he was guaranteed to catch the attention of all the women at the party. Elena wanted to stand in the place where everyone else coveted—next to Carlisle. His right-hand position was entirely her own.

“I’m finished.”

She smoothed over the cravat with one hand, and before she could stop herself, she looked up in Carlisle’s eyes. She saw him looking at her, a soft smile in his gaze.

Dugeun, dugeun.

Her heart pounded loudly in her chest, but she managed to give a calm smile in return. Every moment with Carlisle was like a gift. As she cautiously admitted her feelings, she was fully able to experience the thrill.

“Why don’t we get some air after the party?”


She looked at him curiously, and he replied in a gentle voice.

“You’ve never gone outside the Imperial Palace since we married. You must be frustrated not having the chance to go out.”

“I don’t know…palace life is busier than I expected.”

But somehow, Carlisle managed to sneak his way into Elena’s heart.

“Think about it.”

Carlisle extended his hand to Elena, his face as handsome as ever. Now that they were fully prepared, it was time to go to the party venue. Elena gave a small nod and took his hand without a word. As their pair exited the palace, Zenard, who was waiting at the entrance, heralded their appearance.

“Hail to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, and Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess!”

The people outside the palace gave way to them. Everyone bowed and chorused loudly,

“Hail to the Crown Prince and Crown Princess! Eternal Glory to the Ruford Empire!”

The voices swelled together as if it were a single loud shout, and Elena and Carlisle slowly boarded the golden carriage. The journey seemed quite noisy at first, but she gradually became accustomed to it.

Elena stared at Carlisle’s profile. When she first met him, she proposed to him to fulfill her own purposes…but now she hoped she could be with him for a long time.

As if he felt her gaze, Carlisle turned his head from the window to look into her eyes. He looked like an image from a dream, leaning on his elbow as the warm afternoon sun washed over him. His sapphire blue eyes burned with a mysterious heat as he fixed his gaze on her.

“Don’t be too beautiful, my wife. If you keep staring at me like that, I’ll want to take you away somewhere else.”

Elena couldn’t help but give a small laugh. He was looking at her so sweetly it tickled her heart.

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