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Return of the Female Knight (Web Novel) - Chapter 181 - Should Be Mine (2)

Chapter 181 - Should Be Mine (2)

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Ch. 181 Should Be Mine (2)

For Helen, today’s party was nothing less than a battle. She had prepared the aphrodisiac for Carlisle, but even then she had beautified herself as much as possible. After all, she was nominated as the Madonna of the ball, and although she had been overshadowed by Elena, she was proud to be one of the belles who represented the southern region.

Helen attired herself today in the finest dress ever made in the Freegrand Kingdom. In addition, she adorned herself in the most expensive jewelry that she had, and completed her hair and makeup at the most famous beauty salon in the capital. She was confident that she was more exquisite than any woman at the party today.

Presently, Helen was in her carriage, muttering to herself as she kept checking her appearance in the mirror.

“I think it’s better to change the hair decoration to the left.”

Helen had asked the beauty parlor to place it on the right, but now looking at the mirror, she thought it better placed on the left. She was forced to call the maid sitting on the carriage floor.

“Come here and do my hair.”

“M-me, My Lady?”

It was Tilda who accompanied Helen to the party today.

“Who else would it be? Shall I ask the driver to touch my head? Huh?”

“Oh, no, My Lady.”

When the carriage stopped momentarily, Tilda hurriedly moved from the floor to the seat where Helen was sitting.

“How would you like me to do it?”

“Remove the ornament from here and switch it to the left.”


Tilda carefully pulled off the hair ornament when—


Helen gave a short yelp, then slapped Tilda on the cheek.

“Can’t you do it right? Do you know what day it is?”

“I-I’m sorry, My Lady.”

Helen’s sudden assault caused Tilda to fall to one side of the carriage, but the maid quickly pulled herself up. She knew from experience that if she didn’t do it properly, Helen wouldn’t stop there. Tilda’s shoulders were tense as she touched Helen’s hair more carefully.

A few moments later, Tilda successfully changed the position of the hair ornament. Helen studied herself in the mirror, and spoke to Tilda without even looking at her.

“Tsk, if things go wrong today, it will be your fault.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

Tilda had done everything Helen had asked for, but there was no praise for the maid. Tilda tried to return to her original seat in the carriage, when the carriage suddenly slowed as they neared the party. Helen turned to Tilda with a ferocious glint in her eye.

“Sit on the floor and hide. I don’t want other people to see that you’re in the carriage with me.”

“Yes, My Lady.”

Tilda quickly lowered herself and hid from view from the window. Helen glanced at the maid, then looked out towards the nobility standing outside the party hall.

“Where is Sarah at this moment? I would look better if she was in front of me…”

Helen looked down at Tilda again with a frown.

“You, find Sarah and bring her to me.”


“Hmm. You can go find Sarah’s carriage later.”

“Y-yes, I understand.”

“Don’t speak to me twice.”

As Helen’s irritation flared, Tilda quickly shut her mouth. Helen hated exchanging words with lower-class servants for any extended period of time.

Finally, the carriage stopped completely. Helen rearranged the sneer on her face and stepped out of the carriage with a gentle smile. Tilda was accustomed to Helen’s moods, and withdrew in fear as she looked at the lady’s retreated back.

Ttogag ttogageu—

Helen was greeted by nobles from all sides as she entered the party.

“Oh, is that Lady Selby? She looks absolutely stunning.”

“Where did she get that dress? Oh my god, it’s so beautiful.”

No one would dare speak ill of the queen’s lady-in-waiting. Helen wore a proud smile on her face as she walked through the hall.

“It’s no use telling you were I got the dress. It’s so expensive it that not anyone can buy it.”

Some people froze awkwardly at Helen’s words, but soon the nobles smiled like proper society folk. As Helen sensed the eyes of countless aristocratic men on her, her spirits soared.

‘Where is the Crown Prince?’

She wanted to show Carlisle this beautiful image of herself. Helen was talking a solitary stroll through the party when—


The entrance door opened, and a man shouted in a loud voice.

“Their Highnesses the Crown Prince and Crown Princess are here!”

All men and women in the room bowed down to greet Carlisle and Elena as they entered the room. Carlisle was a grand sight, but Elena even more so. Helen clutched at her bosom as she looked at Carlisle’s handsome figure.

‘That position should be mine.’

It should be her next to Carlisle, not Elena. Carlisle and Elena looked beautiful enough to make her jealous, but today Helen felt that she wasn’t far behind. The amount of money she poured into her current dress and jewelry was astronomical.

Helens’s heart pounded in excitement as she touched the bracelet on her wrist, specially designed to pour aphrodisiac when it was turned.

And tonight…

She would make Carlisle her own.

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