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Return of the Former Hero (Web Novel)


Once upon a time, a hero had been summoned to a different world in order to defeat the demon king. After the war stretching 3 years ended the commendable hero slew the demon king. And he was forcibly deported back to earth after being dismissed.

Such bullshit!

Elves in addition to beast race, dwarfs and demon race. Even though I wanted to make a harem in the different world I saved! My dream will not come true on earth, where there is no magic at all. Thus, the hero returns on his own. Without the blunder of being extradited to earth this time, he will build a harem of his own in a different world.

350 • 2020-08-03 22:30:17


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 158. Former Hero – First Encounter2020-08-03
Chapter 157. Former Hero – shows his seriousness2020-08-03
Chapter 156. Former Hero – Forges a Contract with a Demon2020-08-03
Chapter 155. Former Hero – Leaves the Labyrinth2020-08-03
Chapter 154. Former Hero – Looking Cool2020-08-03
Chapter 153. Former Hero – Gets Wet2020-08-03
Chapter 152 – Former Hero – Finds the Enemy2020-08-03
Chapter 151 – Former Hero is impatient2020-08-03
Chapter 150. Former Hero – Accepts Gratitude2020-08-03
Chapter 149. Former Hero – Attends Meetings2020-08-03
Chapter 148. Former Hero Goes to Explore the Labyrinth2020-08-03
Chapter 147. Former Hero – Goes to Work2020-08-03
Chapter 146. Former Hero – Spends Time (Part 3)2020-08-03
Chapter 145. Former Hero – Spends Time (Part 2)2020-08-03
Chapter 144. Former Hero – Spends Time (Part 1)2020-08-03
Chapter 143. Former Hero’s Hands are Tied2020-08-03
Chapter 142 – Former Hero’s Strokes of Pleasure2020-08-03
Chapter 141. Former Hero – Regains Confidence2020-08-03
Chapter 140. Former Hero – Making A Suggestion2020-08-03
Chapter 139. Former Hero – Standing in the Corridor2020-08-03
Chapter 138. Former Hero – Staying up All Night2020-08-03
Chapter 137 – Former Hero – Talks to the Four Heavenly Kings2020-08-03
Chapter 136. Former Hero – Taking Control of the 3rd Floor2020-08-03
Chapter 135. Former Hero・Enters the Territory2020-08-03
Chapter 134. Former Hero・Hides in the Forest2020-08-03
Chapter 133. Former Hero – As Usual2020-08-03
Chapter 132. Former Hero – Discovers2020-08-03
Chapter 131. Former Hero・Renews His Determination2020-08-03
Chapter 130 – Former Hero・Won’t Stop2020-08-03
Chapter 129.5 – Former Hero・Learns2020-08-03
Chapter 129. Former Hero – in a Massage Session2020-08-03
Chapter 128. Former Hero – Knocks down his bride2020-08-03
Chapter 127. Former Hero – Oversleeps2020-08-03
Chapter 126. Former Hero – Consults about future plans2020-08-03
Chapter 125. Former Hero – Is Surprised2020-08-03
Chapter 124. Former Hero. Reconfirms2020-08-03
Chapter 123. Former Hero – Talks2020-08-03
Chapter 122. Former Hero – Climbing2020-08-03
Chapter 121. Former Hero – Marries2020-08-03
Chapter 120. Former Hero – Prepare himself2020-08-03
Chapter 119. Former Hero – Talks about the Essence of Recovery Magic.2020-08-03
Chapter 118 – Former Hero hides from the group2020-08-03
Chapter 117. Former Hero – Meet with a Goddess2020-08-03
Chapter 116. Former Hero – Caught In.2020-08-03
Chapter 115 – Former Hero. Exchanges Promises.2020-08-03
Chapter 114 . Spends a warm night2020-08-03
Chapter 113. Former Hero – Restores the Spirit2020-08-03
Chapter 112. Former Hero – Saying something refreshing2020-08-03
Chapter 111 Former Hero. Battles in a preliminary match2020-08-03
Chapter 110. Former Hero. Facing the day of the Tournament2020-08-03
Chapter 109. Former Hero. Goes Practice.2020-08-03
Chapter 108. Former Hero. Witnesses Romcom.2020-08-03
Chapter 107. Former Hero. Promises to meet with the Hero.2020-08-03
Chapter 106. Former Hero. Reunites.2020-08-03
Chapter 105 Former Hero. Tickled on his inside.2020-08-03
Chapter 104. Former Hero. Looks back on his journey.2020-08-03
Chapter 103. Former Hero. Stops being worried.2020-08-03
Chapter 102. Former Hero・ Growing-up.2020-08-03
Chapter 101. Former Hero・Being trained.2020-08-03
Chapter 101. Former Hero・Being trained.2020-08-03
Chapter 100. The Former Hero. Read the letter2020-08-03
Chapter 99. Former Hero・Thinking about the future.2020-08-03
Chapter 98. Former Hero・Know the value of consolation prize.2020-08-03
Chapter 97. Former Hero • Becomes tired2020-08-03
Chapter 96. Former Hero・Using the 2nd trump card.2020-08-03
Chapter 95. Former Hero・being made fun2020-08-03
Chapter 94. Former Hero: Gropping the insides of the swimwear.2020-08-03
Chapter 93. Former Hero. Suffer being defeated.2020-08-03
Chapter 92. Former Hero. Lost on the puzzle ahead. 2020-08-03
Chapter 91 – Former Hero: Fully Enjoys It.2020-08-03
Chapter 90: Former Hero – Swimming At Full Power2020-08-03
Chapter 89: Former Hero – Welcomes the Day of the Race2020-08-03
Chapter 88: Former Hero – Working Hard Labor2020-08-03
Chapter 87: Former Hero – Goes Around to Blacksmith Shops2020-08-03
Chapter 86: Former Hero – Is Left Out2020-08-03
Chapter 85. Former Hero・Stand in Aquapolis2020-08-03
Chapter 84: Former Hero – Disciplines the Child2020-08-03
Chapter 83: Former Hero – Punishment2020-08-03
Chapter 82: Former Hero – Goes all in2020-08-03
Chapter 81: Former Hero – Loves2020-08-03
Chapter 80: Former Hero – Caught in a Wicked Delusion2020-08-03
Chapter 79: Former Hero – Promptly Giv. . . Gets a Reward2020-08-03
Chapter 78: Former Hero – Gets Help2020-08-03
Chapter 77: Former Hero – Is in a Pinch!2020-08-03
Chapter 76 – Former Hero – Fights Seriously2020-08-03
Chapter 75: Former Hero – Go With the Flow2020-08-03
Chapter 74: Former Hero – A New Problem Arises2020-08-03
Chapter 73. Former hero – Disassembly2020-08-03
Chapter 72: Former Hero – Entrusting Sacred Treasures to the Royal Family2020-08-03
Chapter 71: Former hero* Judging the thugs2020-08-03
Chapter 70: Former Hero ・gotten involved2020-08-03
Chapter 69. Former Hero・ Opening magic classroom in the open blue sky.2020-08-03
Chapter 68. Former Hero・forced to choose.2020-08-03
Chapter 67. Former Hero・desperate2020-08-03
Chapter 65. Former Hero・shed tears.2020-08-03
Chapter 65. Former hero: enjoying a day before journey.2020-08-03
Chapter 64. Former Hero・ defeated by a little girl.2020-08-03
Chapter 63. Former Hero・silent toward the guild.2020-08-03
Chapter 62. Former hero・ bewilderment.2020-08-03
Chapter 61. Former Hero・ Half-success Restraining2020-08-03
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