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Return of the Swallow (Web Novel)


“If it’s a barbarian you want, then it’s a barbarian you’ll get!”

Reclaimed by her noble family after being swapped at birth, Qin Yining is bestowed a hellish family instead. Just as she turns her situation around and gains acceptance, her country is plunged into danger instead.

Shades of gray color the world. No side is completely good, and no side is completely evil. Refusing to be a trophy won by men, Qin Yining carves her own path instead. In this absolutely riveting and spellbinding tale, what does our MC do when an entire dynasty is at stake?

6 • 2019-12-03 00:08:30


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 407: In Full Combat Readiness2019-12-06
Chapter 406.2: Secretariat Lu2019-12-05
Chapter 406: Secretariat Lu2019-12-03
Chapter 405: Thumping One’s Chest and Stamping Feet in Sorrow2019-12-03
Chapter 404: Counterattack (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 403: Counterattack (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 402: Treasure (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 401.2: Treasure (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 401: Treasure (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 400: A Decision2019-12-03
Chapter 399: Coming-of-Age2019-12-03
Chapter 398: Explanation2019-12-03
Chapter 397.2: Preparations2019-12-03
Chapter 397: Preparations2019-12-03
Chapter 396.2: Bestowing Marriage2019-12-03
Chapter 396: Bestowing Marriage2019-12-03
Chapter 395: Talk of Marriage2019-12-03
Chapter 394.2: How Dare You!2019-12-03
Chapter 394: How Dare You!2019-12-03
Chapter 393: Invitation (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 392: Invitation (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 391: Returning Home2019-12-03
Chapter 390: Rescue (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 389: Rescue (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 388.2: Unwilling to Accept2019-12-03
Chapter 388: Unwilling to Accept2019-12-03
Chapter 387.2: Whose Fault Is It2019-12-03
Chapter 387: Whose Fault Is It2019-12-03
Chapter 386.2: A Dogfight2019-12-03
Chapter 386: A Dogfight2019-12-03
Chapter 385: Provocation2019-12-03
Chapter 384: To Be Directed At2019-12-03
Chapter 383: Charging Horses (III)2019-12-03
Chapter 382: Charging Horses (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 381: Charging Horses (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 380: To Make Heavy Use Of2019-12-03
Chapter 379.2: Crossing Swords2019-12-03
Chapter 379: Crossing Swords2019-12-03
Chapter 378: To Pull Up By the Roots (III)2019-12-03
Chapter 377: To Pull Up By the Roots (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 376: To Pull Up By the Roots (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 375: An Unspoken Accord2019-12-03
Chapter 374: Packing Up and Cleaning House2019-12-03
Chapter 373: The Explosion After the Quiet2019-12-03
Chapter 372.2: Madame Pang (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 372: Madame Pang (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 371: Madame Pang (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 370: Widespread Tittle-Tattle (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 369: Widespread Tittle-Tattle (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 368: Plotting for a Meeting (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 367: Plotting for a Meeting (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 366.2: A Request2019-12-03
Chapter 366: A Request2019-12-03
Chapter 365.2: Lu Heng2019-12-03
Chapter 365: Lu Heng2019-12-03
Chapter 364.2: To Take Down A Peg2019-12-03
Chapter 364: To Take Down A Peg2019-12-03
Chapter 363.2: Missus Liao2019-12-03
Chapter 363: Missus Liao2019-12-03
Chapter 362: Receiving the Silver Masks2019-12-03
Chapter 361: Refraining from Exposing2019-12-03
Chapter 360: Counterplot (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 359: Counterplot (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 358.2: Lovey Dovey2019-12-03
Chapter 358: Lovey Dovey2019-12-03
Chapter 357: Brother Beauty2019-12-03
Chapter 356: A Person of Ice2019-12-03
Chapter 355.2: Communication Gap Between Generations2019-12-03
Chapter 355: Communication Gap Between Generations2019-12-03
Chapter 354.2: To Threaten2019-12-03
Chapter 354: To Threaten2019-12-03
Chapter 353.2: With Swords Unsheathed and Bows Drawn2019-12-03
Chapter 353: With Swords Unsheathed and Bows Drawn2019-12-03
Chapter 352.2: A Banquet With Escorts (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 352: A Banquet With Escorts2019-12-03
Chapter 351: The Lus, An Old and Well-Known Family2019-12-03
Chapter 350: Attending A Banquet2019-12-03
Chapter 349: A Liberal Father2019-12-03
Chapter 348: Reunion (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 347: Reunion (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 346: Return2019-12-03
Chapter 345: New Year’s Eve2019-12-03
Chapter 344: Official Mother2019-12-03
Chapter 343: On Purpose2019-12-03
Chapter 342: A Great Landowner2019-12-03
Chapter 341: Successfully Joining Forces2019-12-03
Chapter 340: Successful Subjugation2019-12-03
Chapter 339: The Unrestrained Madame Lu2019-12-03
Chapter 338: Confrontation In Person (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 337: Confrontation In Person (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 336: An Imperial Lawsuit2019-12-03
Chapter 335: The Prince Suffering A Beating2019-12-03
Chapter 334: Driven Out2019-12-03
Chapter 333: Counter-Attack2019-12-03
Chapter 332: Origin (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 331: Origin (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 330: Female Zhuge Liang (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 329: Female Zhuge Liang (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 328: Joining the Grand Secretariat2019-12-03
Chapter 327: Can Only Be Mine2019-12-03