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Return of the Swallow (Web Novel)


“If it’s a barbarian you want, then it’s a barbarian you’ll get!”

Reclaimed by her noble family after being swapped at birth, Qin Yining is bestowed a hellish family instead. Just as she turns her situation around and gains acceptance, her country is plunged into danger instead.

Shades of gray color the world. No side is completely good, and no side is completely evil. Refusing to be a trophy won by men, Qin Yining carves her own path instead. In this absolutely riveting and spellbinding tale, what does our MC do when an entire dynasty is at stake?

81 • 2019-12-03 00:08:30


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 454.1: Spies2020-03-29
Chapter 453.2: Riots2020-03-27
Chapter 453.1: Riots2020-03-24
Chapter 452: The Issue of Provisions2020-03-23
Chapter 451: Raising Prices2020-03-23
Chapter 450: In the Shadows2020-03-21
Chapter 449: Yang County2020-03-20
Chapter 448: Donation2020-03-19
Chapter 447: Secret Decree2020-03-19
Chapter 446: Drawing Close2020-03-17
Chapter 445: For the People2020-03-17
Chapter 444: Scenes of Devastation and Despair2020-03-17
Chapter 443: Arrival2020-03-14
Chapter 442: Digging One’s Own Grave2020-03-12
Chapter 441: To Detain2020-03-12
Chapter 440: Whisper2020-03-11
Chapter 439.2: Dead Men Tell No Tales2020-03-10
Chapter 439.1: Dead Men Tell No Tales2020-03-08
Chapter 438: Transportation2020-03-07
Chapter 437: A Furious Slap2020-03-06
Chapter 436: Imperial Wishes2020-03-05
Chapter 435: Treasure2020-03-05
Chapter 434: Direction2020-03-05
Chapter 433.2: To Lose2020-03-05
Chapter 433.1: To Lose2020-03-05
Chapter 432.2: Arrangements2020-03-05
Chapter 432.1: Arrangements2020-03-05
Chapter 431.2: Flirtations and Taking Advantage2020-03-05
Chapter 431.1: Flirtations and Taking Advantage2020-03-05
Chapter 430.2: Togetherness2020-03-05
Chapter 430.1: Togetherness2020-02-21
Chapter 429.2: Disaster Relief2020-02-20
Chapter 429.1: Disaster Relief2020-02-18
Chapter 428.2: Father and Son-In-Law2020-02-17
Chapter 428.1: Father and Son-In-Law2020-02-13
Chapter 427.2: Three Days After the Wedding2020-02-10
Chapter 427.1: Three Days After the Wedding2020-02-10
Chapter 426.2: Bias2020-02-07
Chapter 426.1: Bias2020-02-07
Chapter 425.2: Protecting the Wife2020-01-30
Chapter 425: Protecting the Wife2020-01-29
Chapter 424.2: The Earth Dragon Turns Over2020-01-26
Chapter 424.1: The Earth Dragon Turns Over2020-01-24
Chapter 423.2: Cause and Effect2020-01-24
Chapter 423.1: Cause and Effect2020-01-24
Chapter 422.2: Severe Punishment2020-01-17
Chapter 422.1: Severe Punishment2020-01-16
Chapter 421.2: Thanking Imperial Favor2020-01-15
Chapter 421: Thanking Imperial Favor2020-01-12
Chapter 420: Mother and Daughter-in-Law2020-01-06
Chapter 419: Daughter-in-Law Tea Ceremony2020-01-03
Chapter 418: Wedding Night (2)2019-12-30
Chapter 417: Wedding Night (I)2019-12-30
Chapter 416: Ten Miles of Beauty2019-12-25
Chapter 415: Grand Wedding (III)2019-12-23
Chapter 414: Grand Wedding (II)2019-12-20
Chapter 413: Grand Wedding (1)2019-12-18
Chapter 412: Sparkling2019-12-16
Chapter 411: To Resolve2019-12-13
Chapter 410: A Question2019-12-10
Chapter 409: Brother2019-12-10
Chapter 408: Meticulous Preparations2019-12-09
Chapter 407.2: In Full Combat Readiness2019-12-07
Chapter 407: In Full Combat Readiness2019-12-06
Chapter 406.2: Secretariat Lu2019-12-05
Chapter 406: Secretariat Lu2019-12-03
Chapter 405: Thumping One’s Chest and Stamping Feet in Sorrow2019-12-03
Chapter 404: Counterattack (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 403: Counterattack (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 402: Treasure (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 401.2: Treasure (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 401: Treasure (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 400: A Decision2019-12-03
Chapter 399: Coming-of-Age2019-12-03
Chapter 398: Explanation2019-12-03
Chapter 397.2: Preparations2019-12-03
Chapter 397: Preparations2019-12-03
Chapter 396.2: Bestowing Marriage2019-12-03
Chapter 396: Bestowing Marriage2019-12-03
Chapter 395: Talk of Marriage2019-12-03
Chapter 394.2: How Dare You!2019-12-03
Chapter 394: How Dare You!2019-12-03
Chapter 393: Invitation (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 392: Invitation (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 391: Returning Home2019-12-03
Chapter 390: Rescue (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 389: Rescue (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 388.2: Unwilling to Accept2019-12-03
Chapter 388: Unwilling to Accept2019-12-03
Chapter 387.2: Whose Fault Is It2019-12-03
Chapter 387: Whose Fault Is It2019-12-03
Chapter 386.2: A Dogfight2019-12-03
Chapter 386: A Dogfight2019-12-03
Chapter 385: Provocation2019-12-03
Chapter 384: To Be Directed At2019-12-03
Chapter 383: Charging Horses (III)2019-12-03
Chapter 382: Charging Horses (II)2019-12-03
Chapter 381: Charging Horses (I)2019-12-03
Chapter 380: To Make Heavy Use Of2019-12-03
Chapter 379.2: Crossing Swords2019-12-03