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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1060 - Genuinely Powerful

Chapter 1060: Genuinely Powerful

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Tang Xiu attempted to ingest the special energy gas. To his surprise, that particular gas was very easy to absorb. It was a hundred times easier than absorbing the energy of other dead stars. This special energy gas was like a flood that passed across the universe to quickly pierce the Earth’s atmosphere and finally entered his body.


Tang Xiu’s body trembled. An enormous aura surged and spread in all directions, shocking everyone else in the encampment area. A look of fear was evident on the faces of cultivators and army soldiers as the huge aura suppressed every one of them, causing them to run away.

In just a minute, there was nobody left in a 2km radius. Everyone was 2km away and focused their eyes on Tang Xiu’s direction.

“Who is it?” asked Duanmu Lin aloud with a shocked face.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several figures quickly appeared in front of him. The one in front, Mo Awu, said in a deep voice, “Director Duanmu, we’ve looked into it. Our Sect Master hasn’t come out, so if my guess is correct, this huge aura should be caused by our Sovereign.”

“Tang Xiu?” Duanmu Lin gasped before slowly nodding. “I should’ve known. Only Tang Xiu can cause such a big ruckus. Anyway, what’s he doing? Why did he leak out such an enormous aura?”

“I have no idea, either.” Mo Awu shook his head and said, “But everything the Sovereign does has always been beyond anyone’s imagination. Director Duanmu, given the increasingly stronger aura leaking out from our Sect Master, this means that his condition is excellent. However, you need to rearrange everything here because I don’t know when Sect Master will finish and when this aura will disappear.”

“No worries! I’ll arrange it.” Duanmu Lin heavily nodded and said, “It’s definitely a good thing if Tang Xiu can make a breakthrough.”

Not far away from them, Hun Sen and Jiang Shuisheng both looked shocked as they talked—

“I’ve observed things here. Except for Tang Xiu, nobody else has come out of the camp. It seems that the person who released such a fearsome aura is none but him.”

“I noticed that, too. That Tang Xiu… to what extent does his strength has reached? Although I haven’t met any expert at the Nascent Soul Stage, I think there are no powerhouses at Nascent Soul Stage who can release such a fearsome aura, right?”

“It should be! But the more powerful he is, the less dangerous the crisis we’re about to face. I’m even hoping that he can get stronger soon.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

The two men looked in the direction of the camp. It was a look full of respect. The strong would indeed always be respected regardless of era and environment.

Time fleeted by.

Tang Xiu was unaware of the situation he just created due to him absorbing the energy from a living planet. But due to him constantly absorbing the energy of the stars in the starry sky, a star in the universe formed inside his body gradually became brighter and now looked like living fireflies.

A particularly bigger planet that kept growing was especially expanding at an extremely fast rate after being infused with the astral power. He even noticed its size increase at every minute and second.

Half an hour later.

Deep in the interior of the Himalayas, a demonic beast the size of a two-story building silently appeared near the blockade line. In that instant, the faces of hundreds of cultivators defending there drastically changed. The terrifying demonic beast, however, just stopped there and cast a solemn look toward Ugley Town.

It could also sense a fearsome aura increasing. This particular aura was even much stronger than the aura released by its leader.

‘Doesn’t matter. Nothing can stop the march of the Bloodfiend Monarch. He’ll soon wake up and doom this planet. That damned Skypillar Sacred Demon. If it wasn’t for your relentless pursuit, my King wouldn’t have been that desperate to escape, fall into the space crevice and be exiled to this wretched place.’

‘We’ve long been trapped here. Far too long. This wretched place is even worse than the Immortal World’s environment. For hundreds of thousands of years, this damn World Array is even making our life so hard and even weakening our power to the limit.’

‘We’ll kill and exterminate all walks of life of this place to begin our path of return to reenter the Demon Realm. And you, Skypillar Sacred Demon, you will pay the price for offending my King!’

The terrifying demonic beast looked up to the sky and roared. It then fiercely stomped its feet, sending tremors to the world. All the cultivators at the defensive line, especially the weak ones, were shaken as the roar shook their life force. Blood flowed from their seven orifices as they were nearly killed by the shockwave.

The instant after, the terrifying demonic beast left, flying back to the depths of the Himalayas.

At Ugley Town.

Tang Xiu’s face, who was still in the military tent, suddenly changed slightly. As he opened his eyes, he fully disconnected his power to communicate with the stars in the universe. His figure flickered and disappeared from the tent. His hazy figure that was blurred to the naked eyes then appeared outside the blockade line, garnering the attention of the cultivators’ eyes at the ready.

‘What a fast speed!!!’

The faces of tens of cultivators there greatly changed. They were immediately shocked upon seeing that it was Tang Xiu. Although they had seen him and his men coming out from the interior of the mountain range, however, they didn’t know the great achievements Tang Xiu had performed.

Yet, after they sobered up, they also looked surprised and a bit joyful. That fearsome demonic beast just now brought them a deep threat of death, making them feel like their hearts fell into a glacier. Seeing how powerful Tang Xiu was just like giving them a tranquilizer agent that made them feel relieved.

Tang Xiu’s eyes were so bright and sharp. With hands crossed behind his back, he cast a deep gaze into the mountain range interior. Although he didn’t see that horrifying demonic beast’s form, the savage, violent aura it leaked out give him a shock regardless. He could sense that the strength of this demonic beast was at least at the late-stage of Nascent Soul.

Late-stage of Nascent Soul! Even if his strength had advanced by leaps and bounds after communicating with the heavenly bodies in the universe and absorbing a huge amount of astral power, he could tell that he wasn’t a match for this demonic beast.

‘Unless either Yan’er, Ji Chimei, or Star Devourer Insect to take action, I’m afraid that fearsome demonic beast can only be killed by the joint forces of Xue Yu and I. Xue Yu has obtained an inheritance that propelled her cultivation power to the Spirit Formation Stage, but I don’t know how much power she can unleash after undergoing Yan’er’s training.’

Tang Xiu contemplated in silence for a while. Then, he took out his communicator to dial Xue Yu’s cell number. However, he furrowed his brows since he only received a notification that the number couldn’t be reached temporarily.

Then, Tang Xiu dialed Gu Xiaoxue’s number. After his call was connected, he spoke, “Hello, Xiaoxue?”

“It’s me, Grand Master,” replied Gu Xiaoxue with a respectful voice. “Do you need anything from me?”

“Where’s Xue Yu now?” asked Tang Xiu.

“She has been in closed-door cultivation with Master for a long time and hasn’t come out,” said Gu Xiaoxue. “She should still be in the exquisite pagoda, I think.”

“Go there and ask how it’s going with her seclusion progress.” Tang Xiu ordered. “If it’s okay, tell her to call me back.”


Tang Xiu hung up and put the phone away. He then turned his head to look at the cultivators who rushed over. Finally, his eyes landed on Duanmu Lin.

“Senior Duanmu.” Tang Xiu greeted and nodded with a smile.

Duanmu Lin looked at him like he was looking at a monster. He even circled around Tang Xiu a few times under everyone’s watchful eyes before probing. “Tang Xiu, what exactly is your current cultivation level after the breakthrough? Did you just advance to the Nascent Soul Stage?”

Tang Xiu chuckled and said, “Didn’t I already tell you that I practice a different cultivation art from that of common cultivators? I told you I can’t even form a Nascent Soul and whatnot. But if I have to fight those at Nascent Soul Stage, I’m confident that I won’t be defeated. But what I’m talking about is those at the early-stage of Nascent Soul. I’m still no match to those at the late-stage, though.”

He was covering up the truth! It was something he had decided because he needed all the remains of demonic beasts. Precisely… the Demon Cores in their bodies!

Upon hearing his reply, Duanmu Lin didn’t doubt Tang Xiu’s statement at all. He instead looked pleasantly surprised as he nodded heavily with praise. “I heard your disciples have innate gifts and unusual aptitude for cultivation, Tang Xiu. Now it seems that you have some unusual gifts and talent yourself since you can make such a big breakthrough in just a short time. Well, it’s not like I can take back my words, either. No worries! A promise is a promise. I’ve talked with the other cultivators, so you can have all the remains of demonic beasts. I’ve sent people to send the demonic beasts’ corpses to where your men are stationed.”

Tang Xiu’s face shifted and he curiously asked, “Mind telling me how many of them are there?”

“Well, Aquababe already made the count. The total number is 645,” said Duanmu Lin smilingly. “But that’s outside the number of demonic beasts you and your men killed, of course.”


Tang Xiu became excited inwardly. These demonic beasts were treasures to him. Like, literally. Be it the materials from their bodies or their Demon Cores, they were all greatly beneficial to him.

Duanmu Lin suddenly set his gaze on the mountain range and curiously asked, “All of us just sensed a huge, horrible aura coming from the interior of the mountain range. It was ‘that thing’, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah. It’s the super demonic beast.” Tang Xiu’s expression turned solemn. “It’s very powerful, much stronger than all the demonic beasts we’ve encountered previously.”

After hearing his confirmation, Duanmu Lin’s face turned extremely ugly. Then, he quickly asked, “How powerful is it, exactly? You said you can fight those at the early-stage of Nascent Soul, do you have the confidence to kill it?”

“No. It has power on par with experts at the late-stage of Nascent Soul.” Tang Xiu shook his head and explained, “I think it can also match experts at the early-stage of Spirit Formation as well. I’m not its match with my current power, let alone kill it. But still, I don’t get something here. It has terrifying power, but why hasn’t it led all the demonic beasts to attack us?”

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