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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1062 - Making A Clean Sweep

Chapter 1062: Making A Clean Sweep

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Many people around heard the voice of that Tang Sect disciple. Everyone’s eyes immediately lit up and they went straight into their own respective tents and began their best to absorb the world’s spiritual qi. Such a high concentration of world energy was a very good opportunity for them. Although it was the world energy attracted by Tang Xiu, they could also use this opportunity to speed up their cultivation.

As expected, their cultivation speed was faster by several times in the unusually rich spiritual energy environment. Even a particular disciple who was on the verge of breaking through, taking medicinal pills, refining its medicinal force and finally absorbing the world’s spiritual energy, he finally succeeded in breaking through and became a mid-stage Foundation Establishment expert after half a day.

Night came and a cold wind howled from the depths of the Himalayas, blowing the clothes of many cultivators, who held their respective weapons, and relieving some of their tensions.

“Attention to everyone at the Western front! A wave of the demonic beasts is heading to your direction, and they are preparing a sneak attack. The number is not that many, about 100… Damn! Correction! Pay attention to those at the Western front. A horde of demonic beasts is heading to attack your location about 10km away from you. For God’s sake… there are tons of them. At least 1,000!!”

In the military tent assigned for the monitoring station, the member of the Special Abilities Bureau, who previously looked relaxed, abruptly stood straight with an anxious look as he announced.

At this moment, nearly 100 cultivators at the Western front heard the announcement from the surveillance personnel through their walkie-talkies. All of them got up and grabbed their weapons, guarding all the possible dangers brought by the arrival of demonic beasts.

“Tang Xiu, we need your assistance. There are too many demonic beasts, and they are now heading to the Western front.”

Tang Xiu, who was still sitting cross-legged in cultivation, suddenly heard Duanmu Lin’s voice from the communicator. He immediately opened his eyes and his figure floated. After dashing outside, he shouted, “All the disciples of Tang Sect, heed my order! Go to the Western line at once and be prepared to support them!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Figures emerged from each military tent. Each of whom exuded formidable aura and quickly lined up in teams.


Tang Xiu stayed no longer. The distance from the encampment to the Western front was several kilometers, so they had to hurry up and join the fight alongside the defense personnel at the Western line.




When Tang Xiu’s group arrived, Duanmu Lin brought the experts from the Special Abilities Bureau and they joined forces with the cultivators at the Western Front to fight the demonic beasts together. However, the overall strength of experts from the Special Abilities Bureau was weak. Even though their various special abilities were basically endless, they kept being forced back again and again by the demonic beasts.

There were over 1,000 demonic beasts, and more than 30 of them had power at the Golden Core Stage, with hundreds being flying-type. The battle just started in a few minutes, yet the members of the Special Abilities Bureau and cultivators at the Western front had already suffered some losses.

Tang Xiu’s figure shot into mid-air and instantly unleashed his divine sword, brandishing it toward the flapping flying-type demonic beasts in the sky. Overlapping sword lights flashed as meteors. The space barrier was as thought being ripped open instantly, causing a mess in the formation of several hundreds of flying-type demonic beasts.


After the brief strike, Tang Xiu immediately locked six demonic beasts with Golden Core Stage strength. His flicked silver needles to strike their eyes while flashes of lightning blasted out of thin air to smite the bird-species demonic beasts.

Paralyzing effect. It was the best effect brought about by lightning strikes.

The instant those bird-species demonic beasts became momentarily paralyzed, several silver needles pierced the eyes of four bird-species demonic beasts with Golden Core strength. Right as they lost their sight, the divine sword was as though turning into a long rainbow and powerfully crushing down to slay them.

The strike made them collapse and killed them instantly.

Tens of Tang Sect disciples at the Foundation Establishment Stage soared at the same time and charged into the bird-species demonic beasts’ formation with Tang Xiu. Even though they only knew a few magical spells, they could still use some simple ones. With the aid of their respective immortal sword, their blows immediately made the several hundreds of flying demonic beasts into a mess.

On the ground below, over a hundred Tang Sect disciples had formed a sword formation that howled its might to steamroll a group of demonic beasts. Their previous injuries had been healed and, with their improved strength, the might they unleashed brought about a powerful momentum and directly controlled the situation.


Gu Yin brandished the sword in her hand. Her figure constantly flickered around a certain demonic beast, and every strike of her sword left a bleeding wound on its body.

“Bastards from the Immortal World!”

A late-stage Golden Core demonic beast, who also acted as the commander of this horde, looked frightened upon seeing a lot of humans unleashing their respective immortal swords. Back in the past, it was never afraid of any common immortals in the Immortal World. But at present, its strength had been greatly reduced at only a thousandth of its previous power. Just one immortal was already enough to kill all of them now.


The two cultivators who besieged it were directly blown away by it, one of whom had his arm torn apart directly. The fear on its face suddenly subsided. It found that these humans who just unleashed immortal swords turned out to be very weak, even much weaker than itself.

Upon finding this, it was suddenly overjoyed and continued to charge toward the humans!


Gu Yin’s speed was very fast. But that late-stage Golden Core demonic beast had severely injured or killed as many as 10 ability users and cultivators, and now it appeared before Gu Yin. Its sharp claws swept over her shoulder and directly tore off a piece of her flesh, leaving a bleeding wound on her shoulder.


Mo Awu, who had always been around Gu Yin, was furious. He knew Gu Yin’s position in Tang Xiu’s heart and how important Mu Qingping was to Tang Xiu. If Gu Yin were to die in this battle, it would definitely make Tang Xiu and Mu Qingping deeply grieved.

‘That sh*t is too fast!’

A look of madness on his face, Mo Awu was aware that the difference between their strength was like a chasm. He wouldn’t be able to block that late-stage Golden Core demonic beast no matter how he erupted his maximum speed.

“Lightning Pearl Net!”

Gu Yin suppressed the pain on her shoulder, dashed towards Mo Awu and shouted softly. She was no longer a rookie with no combat experience, although she was not much stronger. As a weak lightning net blitzed into a single stretch and fended off that late-stage Golden Core demonic beast, she already dashed to Mo Awu’s side and said aloud, “Uncle Awu, I can’t beat this demonic beast. It’s too powerful!”

“If you can’t beat it, then run,” Mo Awu sharply said. “Hao Lei, Jin Shi, come and join me to deal with it!”



Hao Lei and Jin Shi, who had killed a lot of demonic beasts, bolted toward Mo Awu and Gu Yin instantly. Although Jin Shi and Mo Awu had yet to advance to the Golden Core Stage, they were at the peak-stage of Foundation Establishment. With the four of them joining hands, they were barely able to fight back this demonic beast with late-stage Golden Core strength.

At this moment, tens of cultivators were rushing over from the distance like a whirlwind. The one in front was a Taoist nun with a sword on her back. She rushed to the edge of the battlefield and shouted, “Join the battle and kill these demonic beasts!”

In the air, Tang Xiu, who was in a killing frenzy and slaughtering the flying demonic beasts, was also observing the battles. He heaved a sigh of relief when he spotted Daoist Zixuan lead the people from the Whole Unitary Sect into the battlefield. Daoist Zixuan was a Golden Core Stage expert, and there were ten people in her group whose auras were also at the Golden Core Stage, whereas the rest had the strength at the Foundation Establishment Stage.

“Die, evil beasts!”

The first target of Daoist Zixuan’s violent strike was the late-stage Golden Core demonic beast that was fighting Mo Awu, Gu Yin, Jin Shi, and Hao Lei. Lightning bolts struck down from the sky and directly forced the demonic beast to change its offensive stance to a defensive one.

The sword lights then bloomed like flowers.

Blossoming sword images instantly wrapped the demonic beast. Right at this moment, Hao Lei shouted loudly as she fiercely slashed her immortal sword at the demonic beast.


The late-stage Golden Core demonic beast howled as a bloody wound was inflicted on its body. The injury was not serious, yet it realized that the newly-arrived human woman also had a fearsome power. Therefore, it didn’t want to be engaged in a fight any longer. Observing as its surrounding companions were killed one after another, it suddenly roared again and turned around to flee to the depths of the mountain range.

Back to the air, Tang Xiu had hunted and killed tens of flying demonic beasts, while the rest who joined him also had killed dozens of them. The moment that late-stage Golden Core demonic beast roared, the remaining flying demonic beasts also suddenly fled to the depths of the mountain range.

“Chase them!”

The pursuit only lasted for about 10km, but the 10km path left behind the remains of tens of demonic beasts. After this battle, less than 400 demonic beasts were killed from the 1,000. However, more than 10 ability users from the Special Abilities Bureau had been killed, along with more than ten cultivators, while nearly everyone else had suffered injuries.

“Daoist Tang.”

There was a vague, hidden smile as Daoist Zixuan came to Tang Xiu and saluted with cupped fists.

After returning the courtesy, Tang Xiu smilingly said, “We wouldn’t have been able to repel those demonic beasts this easily and have such a good record like this, if it wasn’t for you leading a large team to aid us, Daoist Zixuan.”

“This is what we should do, Daoist Tang,” replied Daoist Zixuan with a smile. “But still, I never thought there wer so many demonic beasts in the Himalayas. Daoist Tang, can you tell me if these demonic beasts come from another world?”

“My guess is they should come from the Demon Realm, though I have no idea how.” Tang Xiu nodded.

The smile on Daoist Zixuan’s face receded and she spoke again, “The ancient records in my sect mention that too, but I never thought that the demonic beasts’ existence was really true. Daoist T

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