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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1063 - Transaction

Chapter 1063: Transaction

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Tang Xiu contemplated about the issue Daoist Zixuan just asked. But he thought that there should no spatial rift between Earth and the Demon Realm, given the stability of the space on Earth. Otherwise, there would have been countless demonic beasts rushing out of the Himalayas and the Earth would’ve been overrun and occupied by them already.

But then again, there was that Diabolos Praecantator Clan!

This race was very formidable, yet tens of millions Diabolos Praecantator experts had been imprisoned on Earth and couldn’t leave prior to this. No matter how powerful these demonic beasts were, it was just impossible to even mention that they were stronger than the Diabolos Praecantator race. Furthermore, what appeared in the Himalayas were only demonic beasts. There were not any kinds of demon races.

He surmised it was very likely that these demonic beasts were also imprisoned on Earth and the likelihood that it was very difficult for them to leave the Himalayas was high. So to say, there should be a problem with the array that sealed them in the Himalayas, which led them to appear outside the Himalayas, causing the deaths of many people.

“It’s unlikely we’ll have the chance to investigate the specific reason. The depths of the Himalayas are like a restricted forbidden area to humans. I myself have no means to traverse deep into these demonic beasts’ nest, so I can’t figure out what is stored therein,” said Tang Xiu with a helpless face.

Daoist Zixuan nodded wordlessly. She then turned around to look at the messy scene. Then she spoke, “Can we still count your word about our previous business deal? If so, shall we have a private chat?”

“Of course, the deal is still on.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “The disciples of Whole Unitary Sect walk on the right path of the world, so it’s just natural that our deal is still effective. Besides, both of our sides strive for common goals, so we need each other to become more powerful.”

A smile appeared on Daoist Zixuan’s face. Tang Xiu’s attitude was much to her satisfaction. More so that she also heard him say “the right path of the world”. If Tang Xiu himself had no righteous heart, even if she could get a lot of things that were beneficial for them, she wouldn’t trade with him since she didn’t want the Whole Unitary Sect to fall in grace and help a tyrant do evil deeds.


Tang Xiu raised his hand to interrupt her and glanced at the two people behind her. Then, he whispered, “Let’s not mention our transaction for the time being. The person in charge of the national security guarding this place is coming. I’ll introduce you to him first.”

Upon hearing his words, Daoist Zixuan turned around. After she saw Duanmu Lin with a few experts from the Special Abilities Bureau coming over, she immediately nodded without anyone noticing. She didn’t want the business deal between the Whole Unitary Sect and Tang Xiu to be known by outsiders, even if Duanmu Lin was an official of China.

Duanmu Lin came toward Tang Xiu and Daoist Zixuan. After observing the latter for some time, he said with a respectful face, “Thank you for your assistance. Our losses would’ve been bigger if it wasn’t for your timely help. I’m Duanmu Lin, the Director of China’s Special Abilities Bureau.

“I’m from the Whole Unitary Sect, Daoist Zixuan.” Daoist Zixuan slightly nodded and replied curtly.

Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Senior Duanmu, this is Daoist Zixuan from the Taoist monastic sect overseas whom I mentioned to you before. Your statement just now is correct. The price we paid would’ve been bigger even if it wasn’t for their timely assistance.”

“The Whole Unitary Sect does deserve to be called a righteous sect,” exclaimed Duanmu Lin in a sigh. “You are residing overseas, yet you still care about our country. I’ve just seen your strength. You’re all very powerful. Even that terrible demonic beast was struck so hard by Daoist Zixuan. That was amazing. Alright, I’ll send people to arrange the campsite and the necessities you need.”

“That’s so polite of you, Director Duanmu. However, we’ll stay in Tang Xiu’s campsite for the time being!” said Daoist Zixuan. “We are people of the cultivation path. I have many things about cultivation that I need to ask him about.”

Duanmu Lin’s face shifted. He then nodded and said, “No problem. I’ll immediately send people to place your camp near Tang Xiu’s people, so you can talk about cultivation. Tang Xiu, you can assign your men to gather up the remains of demonic beasts. I told you that I’ll definitely keep my promise to give you all the demonic beasts’ corpses.”

“Many thanks, Senior Duanmu.” Tang Xiu smiled.

Duanmu Lin let out a faint smile as well. Even though more than 20 people died from the battle they had just gone through, the result was much to his satisfaction. They were not just able to fend off such a large-scale attack, but also successfully killed hundreds of them—a result beyond his expectation.

Shortly after, Duanmu Lin left and Daoist Zixuan looked at Tang Xiu, asking, “Duanmu Lin just said that he’s giving you all the remains of demonic beasts, right? What are you going to do with them?”

“Some materials on demonic beasts are beneficial for my cultivation, so I’m now collecting them.” Tang Xiu smilingly said, “Well, some can be used as ingredients for medicinal pills, some can be used by artificers to refine better divine armaments.”

Daoist Zixuan shot him a look of admiration. She knew Tang Xiu understood alchemy as well as being an artificer himself. But she didn’t expect that Tang Xiu could also make use of demonic beasts’ remains.

“Then, let’s spare our time for our transaction, Daoist Tang. We brought a lot of resources with us this time, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with them.” Daoist Zixuan looked a bit impatient because she wanted to get the things in Tang Xiu’s hand earlier.

Tang Xiu slightly nodded. He glanced at the disciples of the Tang Sect who were collecting the remains of demonic beasts and immediately waved to Hao Lei, who was not far away. After she came over, he said, “Lead everyone back to the camp after you’re done collecting the demonic beasts’ remains. I’ve only fulfilled one of my promises before.”

Hao Lei’s expression slightly shifted, expectation coming into her eyes. Tang Xiu’s previous commitment had been fulfilled, such as giving her a lot of cultivation resources. There was only one left, and that was becoming a commander of the sect.


Hao Lei replied curtly and subconsciously glanced at Mo Awu and Jin Shi. She knew that they were like Tang Xiu’s confidants. They had been following Tang Xiu for a long time, whereas her contact with Tang Xiu was even shorter than Chi Nan’s.

However, as long as she became the future commander of any of the sect’s army corps, her identity would be completely different and her status would be above Mo Awu and Jin Shi.

Quickly after, Tang Xiu and Daoist Zixuan saw the campsite occupied by Tang Sect disciples. After entering the tent, Tang Xiu directly handed over the cultivation manual up to the Great Ascension Stage to Daoist Zixuan and lightly said, “You can read the content of this cultivation art at ease. I also have some immortal swords in my interspatial ring. It’s just that I need to appraise the number of resources you brought first. If they are enough, I can definitely give you a fair exchange.”

The excitement was evident in Daoist Zixuan’s eyes. Her hands were even slightly trembling. After receiving the cultivation manual, she looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Are you not afraid that I’ll just leave without giving you the cultivation resources after reading this cultivation art?”

“Well, I trust you. More so that I believe that no one in this world dares to play me. Besides, you must have more cards in hand if you want to be stronger, no?” Tang Xiu shook his head and smilingly said.

‘Cards in hand? As in, he has still more cards in hand?’

Daoist Zixuan shot a deep look at Tang Xiu. She opened the classics and read it quietly. After reading for 10 minutes, excitement fully painted her face. She repeatedly nodded and said, “It’s all true. One definitely can cultivate up to the Great Ascension Stage by following this cultivation art manual. Daoist Tang, your words bring honesty, and it’s really enjoyable to trade with you. This bracelet is an object left behind by the ancestors of the Whole Unitary Sect. All the cultivation resources we brought are stored inside it.”

Tang Xiu nodded. After Hao Lei, Mo Awu, and Jin Shi came inside, they then saw Daoist Zixuan take out a massive number of cultivation resources from the interspatial jade bracelet.

The appraising and counting process took nearly an hour before all the cultivation resources brought by Daoist Zixuan had finally been verified. Tang Xiu was very excited even though he didn’t show it. The Whole Unitary Sect’s people had brought many cultivation resources, more than he had previously imagined. Many of which were precious ores he never thought he could get from them before.

“Alright, it’s a deal then.”

Tang Xiu took out an immortal sword and directly handed it over to Daoist Zixuan, saying, “Although the resources brought by your Whole Unitary Sect are not that many, you’re willing to stay to help the country to exterminate demonic beasts. I count that as a favor, so I’m willing to trade this with you.”

As a matter a fact, had it been in the Immortal World, the number of resources brought by Daoist Zixuan was absolutely not enough to exchange for any immortal swords. But this place was Earth. What Tang Xiu needed the most at present was not immortal swords, but cultivation resources. All the cultivators he had been training also needed these resources. All things considered, the trade might look like a loss, but Tang Xiu himself was very satisfied with it.

Daoist Zixuan took over the immortal sword and the excitement on her face turned more intense. She and the elders from the Whole Unitary Sect didn’t expect that Tang Xiu would really trade them an immortal sword because they all knew the value of this sword.

“Thanks a lot, Daoist Tang.” With a grateful yet solemn face, Daoist Zixuan expressed her thanks.

“Please don’t mind it. For the time to come, we’re comrades who fight side by side, to begin with.” Tang Xiu shook his head and smilingly said, “I’m giving you this immortal sword so you can also increase your combat power. Also, I have no more immortal swords and cultivation manuals to trade, but I still have a few other good things. I believe that your Whole Unitary Sect will also be interested in them.”

“For example?” asked Daoist Zixuan hurriedly with a moved expression.

“Such as combat techniques, martial arts, or secret arts,” said Tang Xiu smilingly. “Do you want to get my Lightning Evoker Art? I also have many magic spells and divine arts, interspatial rings, and some other things that are useful to cultivators. Don’t tell me you don’t need them?”

Daoist Zixuan’s expression turned vacant as she stared blankly at Tang Xiu. Suddenly, she had a feeling that the person standing in front of her was not a human being, but a treasure vault.

‘He… what kind of vestige or ruin did he find, exactly? What kind of inheritance did he obtain? How come he has so many things, more than everything the Whole Unitary Sect accumulated for so many years? And yet, it sounds like his treasures are simply astronomical in number!’

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