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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1064 - Love Rival

Chapter 1064: Love Rival

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

After completing the transaction, Tang Xiu sent Daoist Zixuan off. He immediately looked at Jin Shi and said in a deep voice, “Return to Nine Dragons Island with these cultivation resources immediately. After handing them over to Ji Chimei, tell her to fully invest her time in concocting medicinal pills. If she has no time to concoct them, then wait for me to solve the problem here. I’ll refine them myself later.”

“I’ll leave immediately.” Jin Shi nodded.

“Be careful on the road,” said Tang Xiu. “Try not to be discovered by any cultivator. I have another task for you to carry out after you’re done delivering these medicinal herbs to Nine Dragons Island, though.”

“And the mission is?” asked Jin Shi.

“We’ll need a lot of ordinary minerals if we are going to manufacture tools and weapons, such as steel, iron, gold, silver, etc. You’re responsible for purchasing these materials,” ordered Tang Xiu. “Contact Xiaoxue and tell her that I have some problem with funds in the short term. Ask her how much money she has. Tell her to give all the funds available to buy the materials needed for refinement.”

“I’ll convey your message to her,” replied Jin Shi solemnly.

After sending Jin Shi off, Tang Xiu immediately shifted his focus to Hao Lei and said in a deep voice, “You’re a Guardian Elder of the Tang Sect from henceforth. You’ll get double the annual resource allocation. You’re also qualified to be involved in any important issues pertaining to the sect’s affairs in the future.”

A happy and surprised look filled Hao Lei’s eyes. Although she was prepared to get a promotion, she never thought that she would be directly promoted to Elder of the Tang Sect. This status alone was a level higher than Mo Awu’s and Jin Shi’s.

At the side, Mo Awu looked envious. He also wanted to be the Tang Sect’s Guardian Elder, but he had yet to advance to the Golden Core Stage—a fact that made him extremely distressed.

Tang Xiu shifted his eyes to him and calmly said, “I’ve already prepared six quotas for Elder seats. But you’ll need to rely on yourself to become the first to advance to the Golden Core Stage among the rest of the sect’s disciples. Go now and notify everyone else that Hao Lei has become a Guardian Elder of our Tang Sect.”

“Understood!” Mo Awu respectfully nodded and quickly withdrew from the tent.

As his eyes landed on Hao Lei again, Tang Xiu spoke with a contented face, “I have my own list of people who I thought would be the first ones to break through to the Golden Core Stage. But I never thought it would be you. Hao Lei, the path of cultivation does stress the importance of talent, resources, and also opportunities. I don’t care about any fortuitous encounter you may have encountered, but I want you to remember one thing. You were born in Tang Sect and you’ll also die in Tang Sect. Those who will regard you as our own will be I and the people from the Tang Sect.”

“This Hao Lei will etch your admonishment in her heart, Sect Master,” said Hao Lei respectfully.

Tang Xiu nodded at her response and smilingly said, “Go then! Advancing to the Golden Core Stage is merely the start on the cultivation path. I hope you will also become the first who advances to the Nascent Soul Stage.”

‘Nascent Soul Stage?’

A resolute look filled Hao Lei’s eyes as she replied in a deep voice, “I’ll definitely redouble my efforts, Sect Master.”

Quickly after, the matter that Hao Lei had become a Guardian Elder of the Tang Sect was known to all disciples of the Tang Sect. Apart from strong envy from the rest, they also held a bit of respect for her. They were crystal clear how Tang Xiu treated those under him. He would prioritize the strong ones. No matter the status and resource rewards, what they would obtain were not comparable to others.

At this moment, breaking through to the Golden Core Stage was the dream of the other Tang Sect disciples. Yet, the first one to achieve it was Hao Lei. Furthermore, Tang Xiu himself promised that the first six among the Tang Sect disciples who reached this stage would become the Guardian Elders of the sect—this reward ignited everyone’s fighting spirit.

Two days later, Tang Xiu, who was quietly cultivating in the military tent, was suddenly interrupted by the ringing sound of his communicator. After he grabbed it, he saw the number displayed on the screen. A vague killing intent covered his face as he asked after putting it through, “Is there any other large-scale demonic beast attack on the blockade line, Senior Duanmu?”

“We got no signs of demonic attack as of now, Tang Xiu. But I’ve invited a lot of cultivators and many of them are powerful people. I’m calling you over since I want you to get to know them.” Duanmu Lin’s voice and laughter came from the communicator. He was obviously in a great mood at the moment.

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment and then said, “I’m now at the critical moment of my cultivation, so I have no time to waste, Senior Duanmu. We can delay the introduction for those who can fight the demonic beasts later, but I can’t attend it now.”

Duanmu Lin hesitated for a moment before forcing a smile and replied, “Alright, then! Since you don’t want to be disturbed, then let’s drop it off. It’s just that I was boasting about you before everyone else. It would be quite regretful for everyone if you don’t come.”

“Hehehe.” Tang Xiu lightly chuckled and hung up.

After half an hour, a chilling wind blew and there was a commotion outside the military tent, directly disturbing Tang Xiu’s cultivation. He floated up and appeared outside the tent as he saw more than ten strangers standing outside the campsite. However, several disciples of Tang Sect seemed to be fully on guard, confronting them like enemies.

“What happened?”

After striding over, Tang Xiu carefully observed those several people in front and turned his head to ask.

“They said they want to see you, but their attitude is really appalling. Especially that kid in front. He’s very arrogant, hurling insults at us,” replied Mo Awu in a deep voice.

Tang Xiu’s eyes landed on the young man who led the group. He furrowed his brows and said, “This place is the campsite of my Tang Sect. Don’t disturb us if you don’t have anything important to say. Also… we don’t know each other and I don’t think I’ve offended you either, what are the rudeness and insults for?”

The young man donned in white had an elegant bearing and handsome face, yet his haughtiness was more evident. His eyes were slightly raised when he saw Tang Xiu.

“Are you Tang Xiu?”

“I am,” replied Tang Xiu indifferently. “And your distinguished self is?”

“I’m Bai Yuheng, the Young Master of the Bai Clan from the Miao Region.” The young man sneered. “Blind Ancestress is truly getting old, isn’t she? To think that she can no longer think straight and became confused, even entrusting Xue Yu to you? I’ve sent people to investigate you. You’re the owner of Magnificent Tang Corporation, the scion of the Tang Family from Beijing, and also a renowned young Divine Doctor. But let me tell you, your identities are worthless in my eyes!”

“You called Old Blind your Ancestress, yet you don’t know how rude and bad it is insulting your own ancestor?” said Tang Xiu with a deep voice and cold face. “I don’t give a damn who I am myself. What I can see is that you seem to have come here only for provocation.”

“Heh, you’re right.” Bai Yuheng sneered. “This Young Master did come here to provoke you. Today, Duanmu Lin called you for the introduction, but you refused to attend and said you’re in cultivation and whatnot. Hmph . Don’t think I didn’t investigate that you’re also a cultivator and an expert yourself. But in my eyes, you’re nothing but a fart compared to me. If you know what’s good for you, leave Xue Yu! She’s not someone you can get.”

“So, you’re provoking me because of Xue Yu?” asked Tang Xiu in a deep voice.

Bai Yuheng flopped the fan in his hand and shot a “you turn out to be not that stupid” look at Tang Xiu. “You guessed it. It’s because of Xue Yu. Rumor has it she’s the most beautiful woman in our Miao Region. It’s just natural that she can only be my woman. But you… you’re not worthy of her.”

“Heh, whether I’m worthy of her or not is not your damn business, to begin with.” Tang Xiu sneered back and said, “Let me tell you, Xue Yu is already my woman, and she will still be my woman later. If you dare to harbor any thoughts and try anything untoward to her, then don’t blame for cleaning you up later.”

Bai Yuheng looked around and immediately burst into laughter. “Hahaha, you’re fucking gonna clean me up? That’s the sh*ttiest joke I’ve ever heard in my life. Just relying on you alone, Tang Xiu? What the fuck are you gonna do, huh? Order these trash with street Kungfu to pack me up? My Bai Clan can overwhelm you with numbers and power as we have tons of powerful people. We used to stay low-key and forbearing since we didn’t want to be noticed by others. But now, we all left the Miao Region to this place only to help defend against demonic beasts. We no longer have to remain low-key anymore, so let me see your skills and what you can do.”

“Young Lord!”

A stalwart man paced two steps forward and whispered, “Young Lord, Patriarch has decreed that you are not to make trouble here. If you want to deal with some people, there’s no need to touch him directly. Just let him know when we’re killing the demonic beasts. If he knows the big disparity between you and him, he’ll give up the Jade Beauty without a fuss.”

Bai Yuheng gave a thought to his suggestion and felt that it was sound. He suddenly shot a provocative look at Tang Xiu and said aloud, “Hey Tang Boy, do you dare to bet with me?”

“What do you wanna bet?” Tang Xiu replied with a sneer.

“Let’s compete in how many demonic beasts we can kill later.” Bai Yuheng grinningly said, “If the number of demonic beasts I and my people kill is more than yours, then you’ll give up on Xue Yu and get far away from her.”

“Then, what if I win?” asked Tang Xiu.

“What if you win? Heh, you can never win!” replied Bai Yuheng with contempt.

“A gamble must have something to bet with to be fair,” said Tang Xiu indifferently. “So mine is that you’ll never see Xue Yu again for the rest of your life if I win. You’re also to immediately run and hide from me if you see me later. How about it?”

A scowl appeared on Bai Yuheng’s face and he loudly replied, “Deal! But I have additional conditions. If I win, then you must not only stay away from Xue Yu but also kneel and kowtow to me thrice to admit that you’re much worse than me.”

Tang Xiu squinted his eyes and coldly snorted. “Hmph, you added mores condition, so I’ll also add mine. If I win, all the remains of demonic beasts you’ve hunted will be mine. But you and I will enter the depths of the Himalayas to kill ten demonic beasts alone.”

At Tang Xiu’s response, Bai Yuheng rolled his eyes and said aloud, “I give you my word, so the gamble is now fixed.”

“Then get the fuck out of here since you’ve complied,” said Tang Xiu apathetically. “Let’s meet at the blockade line tomorrow morning.”

Bai Yuheng tightly clenched his fists and glared at Tang Xiu. “No one has ever dared to talk to me in this tone all my life. No one! You’re the first to say that, and you will also be the last! Tang punk, I’ll make you regret talking to me with that fucking attitude. You’ll regret offending me!”

“You know, a man doesn’t need to run his mouth fast, but he only needs to speak with his actions.” Tang Xiu sneered. “Let’s see who’ll have the last laugh. Bai Clan, huh… hmph , I really hope that you won’t make a fool out of your family, let alone bring a calamity upon them.”

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