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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1066 - Mutually Damaged

Chapter 1066: Mutually Damaged

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

The rich smell of blood filled the gorgeous sky as the fierce battle was getting intense with the glint and flash of cold steel weapons. Seething killing aura was emitting out of Tang Xiu as he felt the surge of his own power. However, even those at the same cultivation level couldn’t help shivering a little due to his physique that contained far greater strength than them.

“What minor abilities, but interesting nonetheless!”

Tang Xiu let out wild laughter. His body was as if turning into a whirlwind that charged toward the Nascent Soul Stage demonic beast. With the forming of the lightning sea, the demonic beast let out anguished screams, while the divine sword sent out a 100 meters long sword light that accurately crushed it down. Blood splattered everywhere as the strikes kept bombarding its figure from hundreds of meters away.



The ten Golden Core demonic beasts went into a frenzy. They only had one mission this time, and that was to kill powerful human beings, which was exactly Tang Xiu who had killed many of their kind. However, even their hiding commander was blown hard, making them extremely furious.

Resorting to their nearly suicidal charge, they instantly appeared near Tang Xiu. Taking advantage of their high-speed impact, they used their sharp claws and fangs to attack Tang Xiu without hesitation.

“You’re courting death!”

Tang Xiu unleashed the Lightning Evoker Art once again. A lightning bolt bombardment came down again, while his divine sword also unleashed sword energy that nearly swept them away.

The strikes swept over to dismember and kill!

With confidence, Tang Xiu kept fighting with the late-stage Nascent Soul demonic beast. He successfully killed the ten Golden Core Stage demonic beasts in just a few breaths and instantly stored their remains inside his interspatial ring. No one saw his action when he took their remains away since his right hand moved lightning fast to pierce their corpses and then grabbed their fist-sized Demon Cores.

The divine sword’s might was very powerful, yet the power it consumed was equally enormous. The battle was still ongoing and waiting for him, so he must restore his consumed power as soon as possible.

Puff, puff, puff…

A bird-species demonic beast that was attacked by Tang Xiu and the Tang Sect disciples went into a frenzy. What made Tang Xiu furious was that two disciples of his sect were hit by several other demonic beasts since they couldn’t escape and then fell to the ground. He saw that those two mid-stage Foundation Establishment disciples had died before their bodies even fell to the ground.

On the ground, Bai Yuheng was also fighting demonic beasts separately. This was his first time facing demonic beasts. Although he was informed in advance that these beasts were very strong, he never dreamed that they would be this powerful. Some of them were even stronger than him, and he would’ve died several times already if it wasn’t for the two experts of the Bai Clan always protecting him.

“From which hell these fucking abominable demons come from?”

Bai Yuheng kept brandishing his long sword and slashed the demonic beast that was slightly weaker than him before retreating. He could clearly see that Tang Xiu had successfully killed 10 demonic beasts in just a few breaths. He also saw him rushing again towards another demonic beast after a brief stop.

‘Dammit! How can that bastard… be so powerful?’

His heart became cold. Envy, jealousy, and hatred filled his whole being. He had always been pampered since his birth, so he didn’t take Tang Xiu seriously before. Not only did he go so far as to provoke him, but he had also made a bet with him.

However, after seeing Tang Xiu’s methods in the battle and witnessing the speed of his men in killing demonic beasts, he just knew that he had completely lost, big time.

‘I can’t just admit it so easily! That fucking bastard will perhaps die in the hands of demonic beasts in the next moment. Xue Yu is mine! It’s impossible that I, Bai Yuheng, will lose to someone in this life!’

Deep unwillingness overflowed in his eyes. But the moment he was in a daze, two demonic beasts roared and dashed to the left behind his back, launching a fierce attack on him—the strikes would kill him instantly if they were to land.


A white-haired old man fell back after arduously forcing back a demonic beast with his slash. His face was full of determination as he dashed behind Bai Yuheng and instantly blocked the attacks, using his left arm and exerting his power to push him out of danger.


The white-haired old man’s back was pierced by a sharp claw—an inborn feature of praying mantis-like demonic beasts. If it wasn’t for this white-haired old man moving fast and pushing Bai Yuheng away, its claw would’ve pierced the old man’s chest and Bai Yuheng’s body.

“Elder Zuo!!!”

His complexion turning ghastly pale, Bai Yuheng’s eyes were filled with disbelief. It never occurred to him that his momentary daze would cause his most respected elder to die for the sake of saving him.

The white-haired old man’s body fell to the ground. Although he could sense that his life force was rapidly leaving his body, he still concentrated all his power on his right arm and swung upwards. Another demonic beast that was diving down at him was pierced by his blade on its abdomen, leaving a 10cm bleeding wound on it.

“Young Master, live… survive…”

His voice faded away and his raised arm also loudly dropped onto the ground as his last breath left his body.

The battle was so fierce that both sides suffered great losses. Even Tang Xiu, whose power was comparable to the late-stage of Nascent Soul, had been injured in the fight. Although it was only a minor injury, his complexion looked extremely ugly.

Just at this instant, the Tang Sect had lost four people, with six others gravely injured and having lost their combat power and none of the rest free from injuries.

As the battle ended, the remaining less than 600 demonic beasts fled back to the wilderness into the depths of the Himalayas. Tang Xiu was standing in front of the blockade line. Then, he turned to Mo Awu, who was rushing towards him fast.

“You’ve broken through?”

Wiping off the bloodstains on his face, Mo Awu nodded. “I just broke through and now am at the early-stage of Golden Core. But I need to stabilize my cultivation, Sect Master.”

Tang Xiu nodded without a word. His eyes landed on the dead bodies of four Tang Sect disciples. Then, he went to them to collect their souls. He didn’t wish to let them enter the reincarnation cycle and reincarnate again later as they died in battle. Every disciple whose life and death went alongside Tang Sect would become a spirit of the Tang Sect even after their death.


A figure moved lightning-fast from the distance and appeared in front of Tang Xiu in the blink of an eye. It was Daoist Zixuan who looked a bit grieving. “Daoist Tang, could you help to collect the souls of the Whole Unitary Sect’s disciples who died in this battle?”

“How many of your sect’s people died in this battle?” asked Tang Xiu.

“Six,” answered Daoist Zixuan with a bitter face.

Tang Xiu sighed inwardly. Then, he nodded and said, “Since you have decided, then I’ll help you. However, you must think clearly. The cost of reviving them in the future would be great. Some of you must break through to become an Immortal and become a powerhouse in the Immortal World later.”

“Do you have any secret art that allows me to communicate with them?” asked Daoist Zixuan.

“I do. But it’s quite expensive.” Tang Xiu nodded.

“I’m willing to pay no matter how big the price is,” Daoist Zixuan replied in a deep voice.

Tang Xiu then taught her the Spirit Communication Art and said, “I give this magical secret art first to your Whole Unitary Sect. You can use cultivation resources to pay for it later!”

“Alright!” Daoist Zixuan repeatedly nodded with a grateful look.

Shortly after, Tang Xiu collected the souls of the Whole Unitary Sect’s disciples and handed them over to Daoist Zixuan. Then, he ordered the Tang Sect disciples to collect the remains of the demonic beasts and returned to the camp. The Tang Sect’s losses in this big battle were not small, so he needed to hurry and help the other disciples to heal.

On the next day, Duanmu Lin visited their campsite. Among those who came with him was Bai Yuheng, who wore an unwilling face. Tens of Bai Clan members suffered heavy injuries in the previous battle, and more than ten died, while the rest of them were also injured.

“It’s your win, Tang Xiu.”

Bai Yuheng braced himself to speak despite wearing an ugly complexion.

Tang Xiu just shot him an apathetic look and lightly said, “You still remember the bet between us?”

A scowl appeared on Bai Yuheng’s face and he said in a heavy voice, “Behave yourself, Tang Xiu. I’ll see you again later. And if you really want to go to extremes, then we can only become enemies in the future.”

Duanmu Lin hesitated a little, yet he still spoke, “Tang Xiu, about this issue, you see…”

Tang Xiu was silent for a few seconds, then apathetically said, “Looking at the account of the heavy losses your Bai Clan suffer after fighting demonic beasts, I won’t bother with you anymore. But keep in mind. Do NOT mess with me nor pester me and Xue Yu ever again in the future. I won’t guarantee I’ll regard your Bai Clan just like these demonic beasts someday!”

Bai Yuheng was shivering inside. He recalled the frenzied slaughter Tang Xiu carried out in all four directions in the battle yesterday. It was a horrifying scene where he turned into a God of War. Despite his reluctance, he nodded with a gloomy face and turned around to leave.

Duanmu Lin watched his back and then shot a grateful look at Tang Xiu. Then, he let out a forced, wry smile and said, “Thanks, Tang Xiu. The Bai Clan has exerted a big effort and strength for the sake of the country, after all.”

“This Bai Yuheng has an appalling character, but his clansmen are still very heroic.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “Rest assured, Senior Duanmu! I won’t bother with him before we’ve completely exterminated the demonic beasts. But that is on the premise he doesn’t provoke me.”

” Haih , the Bai Clan is indeed a prominent big clan, and they are usually secluded from the secular world with their simple and pure folk customs.” Duanmu Lin sighed. “It’s really unfortunate for this clan to have such a Young Master. He’s been pampered since birth, thus developing his arrogance. Yet this time, the Bai Clan’s Patriarch even sent him to lead their team. I just don’t know whether it’ll be a disaster or a blessing!”

“It’s not like I can manage this issue either. But it’s fine as long as he doesn’t provoke me.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “Anyways, what about the materials for laying out the array, Senior Duanmu? Haven’t you sent your men to collect them? How many of the materials have been prepared? If it’s possible, I want to quickly lay out some arrays first.”

Duanmu Lin hesitated for a moment before replying, “We only managed to get a few as of now. The time is too short. Although some of the materials are now being transported, I’m afraid it will take a few days before all of them can be shipped over.”

“Then I’ll use however many you’ve prepared!” said Tang Xiu. “We wouldn’t have lost so many cultivators in yesterday’s battle if we had arranged the array. Furthermore, I got a bad premonition through yesterday’s battle.”

“A bad hunch? What did you find, exactly?” asked Duanmu Lin hurriedly.

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