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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1067 - The Approaching Crisis

Chapter 1067: The Approaching Crisis

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Tang Xiu frowned and explained, “I got a hunch from yesterday’s battle that these demonic beasts had some other goal for attacking the blockade line. And their purpose was to kill me.”

At his explanation, Duanmu Lin stared dully and said in disbelief, “You said they want to kill you, so they launched yesterday’s attack?”

“Yeah, it’s a possibility I can’t brush off.” Tang Xiu nodded. “I observed the ground battle very clearly. The strongest among those demonic beasts were at the Golden Core Stage, but the number of flying demonic beasts was only 400, with ten of them at the Golden Core Stage. However, when I fought the ten of them, there was a particular flying demonic beast in hiding that suddenly attacked me, and its strength was on par with cultivators at the Nascent Soul Stage.”

“What?!!” Duanmu Lin exclaimed in alarm. “A demonic beast comparable to a Nascent Soul Stage expert appeared? Was it… because of that super demonic beast whose strength is more formidable than a Nascent Soul Stage expert?”

“That’s right.” Tang Xiu nodded. “When my cultivation broke through, that particular super demonic beast appeared in the blockade line. I could sense from its aura that it was not a demonic beast with the power at the Nascent Soul Stage. If my guess is correct, its strength may have reached the Spirit Formation Stage.”

“Spirit… Spirit Formation Stage?”

Disbelief fully covered Duanmu Lin’s face. His heart fell to the bottom the longer Tang Xiu expressed his speculation. It must be noted that the most powerful cultivator in this place was Tang Xiu. Yet his strength was only comparable to the early-stage of Nascent Soul.

‘In case… that particular super demonic beast at the Spirit Formation Stage attack us, how can we fight back? Coupled with thousands of other demonic beasts, let alone the current defensive line, the horde of demonic beasts will easily breach it, and their onslaught will definitely slaughter all the cultivators here.’

Once it happened, it would be the end of mankind. Duanmu Lin and a large number of experts from the Special Abilities Bureau, as well as other experts from China, had speculated that even if the strongest demonic beast was at the Nascent Soul Stage, even modern weapons would find it difficult to kill them. Not even the missiles would be enough.

Yet, there was still… one at the Spirit Formation Stage…

All these speculations made Duanmu Lin’s heart liked dead ashes. He was crystal clear that it would be impossible to kill a demonic beast at Spirit Formation Stage unless they used a nuke. Even if they did resort to a nuclear bomb, the odds of killing it wouldn’t be over 80%. In other words, there was still a 20% probability that it would fail.

“Does Heaven want us to perish?”

Duanmu Lin’s lips squirmed. He looked tens of years older.

After noticing the changes in Duanmu Lin’s aura, Tang Xiu immediately said, “Senior Duanmu, I may have speculated that there should be some super demonic beasts comparable to Spirit Formation Stage experts. But it’s not like we don’t have any hope left. I still have some cards that can ensure the safety of mankind. But I’ll definitely be impacted after using it.”

Duanmu Lin’s face drastically changed. He couldn’t care less about Tang Xiu’s losses, so he hurriedly asked, “What card? Tell me, Tang Xiu. What kind of cards do you have?”

“It’s the last resort. I won’t use them unless the situation spells otherwise.” Tang Xiu forced a wry smile and said, “Besides, it’s not like I have no other means to exterminate that Spirit Formation Stage demonic beast.”

“There’s still a hope to kill that super demonic beast without even using your trump card?” asked Duanmu Lin hastily. “Tang Xiu, quickly tell me, what is this method?”

“I’m waiting for someone. If she can arrive on time, maybe I won’t need to use my trump card.” Tang Xiu lightly smiled and said, “Senior Duanmu, please don’t ask anymore. What you must do is deploy manpower and figure out when those demonic beasts will launch another attack.”

“This… alright!”

Duanmu Lin suppressed his confusion and left. Regardless of everything, it could be said Tang Xiu had given him a reassuring countermeasure. He didn’t worry about the result as he believed that Tang Xiu wouldn’t make fun of his own life.

One week passed by and there was no movement of demonic beasts whatsoever. It was like they turned quiet and none appeared in the blockade line. Even the surveillance devices placed in the depths of the Himalayas could only occasionally spot several demonic beasts before they quickly disappeared.

However, such a situation made everyone realize that this must be the calmness before the storm. The next onslaught of those demonic beasts would very likely be overwhelming.

Tang Xiu himself didn’t stay idle this week. He spent his time cultivating to improve his own strength as well as teaching some secret arts to some disciples of the Tang Sect, so they could master them quickly. At the same time, he also spent two days to arrange a large geomancy array that stretched out for 6-plus kilometers along the blockade line. The array would trap any demonic beasts, whether they attacked from the Eastern, Western, or even the Mid Front.

Behind the mid-front of the blockade line.

Tang Xiu wore a serious face as he spoke, “You must remember that you’re responsible to preside over the array. Meaning you will be stimulating the entire power this geomancy array can unleash. Unless we’re in a very dire situation that forces us to activate this last resort, you’re not to leave the eye of this array.

“If you want to survive and live longer, then use this geomancy array to kill those demonic beasts. The more demonic beasts you kill using this array, the higher the chance for you to survive. I will also control a much bigger and powerful array. But once the array under your control is compromised, I’ll take it over from you immediately. I hope that you all won’t let me down, so don’t disappoint all the cultivator allies on the blockade line!”

Having said that, Tang Xiu finally stopped his speech.

Eight cultivators at Golden Core Stage aided by six more at the late-stage of Foundation Establishment. These 14 people were crossing their hands behind their backs, standing firmly with a resolute and determined look, replying aloud, “We’ll never disappoint Sect Master Tang and everyone else!”

Tang Xiu slowly nodded and said with satisfaction, “Your names may be recorded in the annals of history later and perhaps will be remembered in the future. You also may only be remembered by those in the cultivation world and nobody else will know who we are after we leave. However, you will be heroes. This is a fact that no one can change. I, Tang Xiu, am looking forward to fighting alongside you all!”

“Let’s fight side by side!” shouted the 14 people loudly.

These cultivators hailed from some Taoist and Buddhist schools and some were martial artists who had entered the cultivation path. What they had in common was that they had been deeply influenced by Tang Xiu. They not only had deep admiration towards him but also developed similar warrior-like bearing and attitude like Tang Xiu.

Time fleeted by and another two days passed in the blink of an eye.

Inside the military tent, Tang Xiu was sitting cross-legged while silently communicating with the stars in the universe. He constantly absorbed the astral power from the universe that transformed it into his own strength to use. At the same time, he also spent 108 Demon Cores to arrange the Spiritual Energy Gathering Array. After devouring all the demonic force contained within the Demon Cores, the array itself automatically dispersed.

‘The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis really deserves to be called the best cultivation art ever created by the Demons and Gods with its incredibly fast cultivation speed. It didn’t take long cultivating here, did it? Yet my power has rapidly increased, at least twice stronger. I think I can also kill experts at the late-stage of Nascent Soul now. If… I was to encounter powerful enemies at the Spirit Formation Stage, I might even able to fight them, albeit barely. But still, it’s difficult to say whether I’ll be defeated or not.’

Tang Xiu floated up and set out. Just as he left the tent, he saw Xue Sha and Hei Xiong, who were standing straight and waiting for him outside. There were also a lot of Tang Sect disciples in the surrounding with envious look cast on their faces.

“You guys…”

Just as Tang Xiu spoke, he immediately sensed the aura released by the two men. A satisfied smile suddenly appeared on his handsome face as he nodded and smilingly said, “Very good! You both are great! I didn’t expect you to be the second and third disciples who advanced to the Golden Core Stage. I now announce that you are promoted to Guardian Elders of the Tang Sect. You can go to Mo Awu later to claim your rewards. He will hand them over to you.”

Xue Sha and Hei Xiong exchanged glances. Although they already knew that they would become Tang Sect’s Guardian Elders and also obtain handsome rewards, hearing the direct confirmation from Sect Master Tang Xiu himself made them really excited.

“Sect Master.” Mo Awu floated from afar and respectfully greeted as he came to Tang Xiu’s front.

“Give them their rewards and celebrate their advancement into the Golden Core Stage. Furthermore, they will be the elders of Tang Sect later. Four of you are the first to break through, so you all are now the Elders and will need to discuss more issues in the future.”


Mo Awu smiled and nodded to Xue Sha and Hei Xiong. Then, his eyes went back to Tang Xiu again, saying, “Sovereign, I just received news that Chi Nan and Kuwako Yamamoto have also broken through to the Golden Core Stage.”

Tang Xiu stared dully. He wasn’t surprised by the news that Chi Nan had broken through to the Golden Core Stage, but how come Kuwako’s cultivation speed was so fast?

Originally, he accepted her as his subordinate in order to carry out his plan in Japan, which was to take some forces there under his control in the future. It was all to plunder some resources he needed from Japan, but now it seemed that he must no longer treat her as an outsider. With such a cultivation speed, as long as she worked harder later, she could also become his right arm.

“Awu, contact Chi Nan, Kuwako, Guang, and An. Tell them to head over here at once. It’s very likely the following days will become our final showdown here. Our odds of survival will increase if all of them come, and we can also reduce the casualties of our other disciples.”

“What about Jin Shi? Would you like him to come back too?” asked Mo Awu hurriedly.

“Has Jin Shi advanced to the Golden Core Stage yet?” asked Tang Xiu.

“I haven’t heard any news about that yet.” Mo Awu shook his head.

Tang Xiu sighed inwardly. He recalled that Jin Shi had long been following him. He also occasionally gave him private tutoring and even rewarded him with many cultivation resources. Jin Shi should’ve been listed as the first six who broke through to the Golden Core Stage. It was rather unexpected that he eventually let him down.

“Don’t inform him first. He’s carrying out a mission now.”

Mo Awu nodded wordlessly. Then, he said, “Then, I’ll convey your message to the rest immediately.”

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