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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1068 - Arrogance

Chapter 1068: Arrogance

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Deep in the Himalayas was a huge space carved in the interior of a towering snow-capped mountain. A karst grotto appeared in the underground space after it had undergone a transformation by a secret art. A river of magma flowed through the cave, causing the temperature of this place to be extremely high as though inside a heated furnace.

Hou! Hou!

In the midst of the lava river that radiated the high temperature, a huge demonic beast with a blood-red physique suddenly rose. It looked like a toad, only magnified 100 times. However, it had four tens of meters long tentacles on its gills that constantly beat the surface of the magma river, causing liquid magma to splash.

“Archfiend Rupture!”

Savage killing intent filled the giant demonic beast’s eyes that seemed like a huge grinding disc. Its eyes swept over and, as its voice was heard, the building-sized super demonic beast flickered from the outside and moved lightning fast to the interior. In just the blink of an eye, it was already in front of the toad demonic beast.

“O’ Great Bloodfiend Monarch, you’ve finally woke up from your slumber. As you will it, the elites of our demonic beast army have probed the humans in this world again and again, and they found there are some very powerful humans among them. Regardless, I have the confidence to destroy those humans and occupy this planet for you.”

The toad-shaped Bloodfiend Monarch spouted out some magma before it shook its head and said, “The Heavenly Dao of this world is very powerful. Our strength is suppressed now and we can only use one-thousandth of our power. Hence, we must first investigate and figure out this world, to find out whether there are existences like Immortals, Demon Kings, and other powerhouses. If this world does have such existences, we must immediately leave this place to somewhere else to find another shelter. If not, we’ll begin our slaughter here!”

The super demonic beast called Archfiend Rupture heavily nodded. Almost without hesitation, it let out a roar and left. Within just half a day, nearly 100,000 demonic beasts quickly assembled from the entire interior of the Himalayas, occupying the grounds all over the mountains and plains. Loud and jubilating howls and roars greeted the awakening of their “King”.


Ugley Town.

Sitting cross-legged inside the military tent in cultivation, Tang Xiu suddenly heard the roars and howls of countless demonic beasts. His complexion instantly changed drastically since he could determine that the number of roaring demonic beasts was not as few as 10,000, but definitely more than 50,000.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Shadows and figures moved lightning fast as they quickly appeared at the blockade line. All human cultivators were looking at the depths of the Himalayas in the north. Although they couldn’t see any traces of demonic beasts, they could clearly hear the roars that caused slight tremors to the earth.

“Tang Xiu!”

Duanmu Lin appeared next to Tang Xiu with eyes filled with deep worries and restlessness.

“The old saying is true that we can only be victorious in any battle if we know ourselves and our enemies.” Tang Xiu forced a smile and said, “We’re now unsure about the number of the demonic beasts as well as their overall strength. I’m afraid it would be a tall order to win the next battle. Senior Duanmu, are the rest of the cultivation forces you’ve invited already here?”

“Two cultivation forces haven’t arrived yet.” Duanmu Lin shook his head and said, “But the rest of them are already here. The Special Abilities Bureau’s people have counted the number of cultivators who have arrived here. We have more than 2,000 people now. However, we seem to have a lot of people, but the number of demonic beasts far surpasses ours. The weakest among demonic beasts are comparable to experts at the Foundation Establishment Stage, but less than half of the cultivators here at the same realm.”

Tang Xiu sigh inwardly. Duanmu Lin was simply stating the truth. In this kind of peace and prosperity era, there were only a very few people who walked on the cultivation path, and the number was even fewer for those who made achievements and reached the Foundation Establishment Stage.

“It seems we can only rely on the arrays,” said Tang Xiu helplessly.

“You told me that you still have a trump card, Tang Xiu. What exactly is it?” asked Duanmu Lin. “Please tell me now and let me feel at ease, will you?”

Tang Xiu glanced at the direction of Nine Dragons Island and vaguely said, “It will be coming soon.”

After half an hour when Tang Xiu was still sitting cross-legged in cultivation, four formidable auras were transmitted from the direction of Ugley. In just a few breaths, three men and one woman appeared in the blockade line.

“Interesting. I never thought so many kids would come here.” A young man donning a white robe and looking like a scholar seemed to talk casually, but his voice was clearly transmitted to everyone’s ears.

An old man with a walking stick and with eyes and eyebrows that made him look kind and amiable replied, “These fellow Chinese are not bad. They still step forward to help the country when it encounters a crisis. Anyhow, when was the last time we left our mountain? Was it more than 60 or 70 years ago?”

“It’s about 70 years ago, before the War of Resistance.” The tall and stalwart middle-aged man, whose face was red and dressed in red from head to toe and held the Demon Subduing Stick, replied with a resonant voice. His voice was not particularly vigorous, yet it carried a particular prestige.

The other, a middle-aged Taoist nun in Taoist hairdo and robe smiled and lightly said, “Let’s not talk about the past. This occasion is a chance and opportunity should all the benefactors be very powerful. It’s a pity that Dao Master Poison’s heart harbors evil intention then, so he has never been able to step up—otherwise, we five would’ve been able to get along together.”

Dao Master Poison?

Tang Xiu’s face, who was sitting cross-legged 10 of meters away from the four people, slightly shifted.

Daoist Zixuan floated out of the crowd and quickly appeared in front of the middle-aged Taoist nun. She saluted and respectfully greeted. “Zixuan pays respect. Why did you come out, Ancestress?”

“I just received notice from these three old fogies that there are a lot of demonic beasts in the Himalayas, so I came out to take a look.” The Taoist nun smilingly said, “I’ve never seen the likes of demonic beasts, to be honest. But I read the records about them in the ancient historical record. Little Zixuan, tell me about the situation of these demonic beasts. Are they really powerful?”

“What I know is but a few compared to others pertaining to these demonic beasts, Ancestress,” replied Daoist Zixuan. “How about I call out Daoist Tang? He may be able to answer your questions about them.”

“Call him over then!” The Taoist nun nodded.


Tang Xiu’s figure flickered and appeared in front of the group instantly. He seriously observed the four people, let out a light smile and said, “Tang Xiu greets the four Seniors. I’ve been worrying that there are too many powerful demonic beasts in this mountain range. We can feel at ease now since four Nascent Soul Stage Seniors have arrived here.”

The middle-aged Taoist nun was surprised and asked, “You’re that Tang Xiu?”

“I am,” Tang Xiu replied with a smile.

The Taoist Nun shifted her sight to Daoist Zixuan and inquired. “I heard about your business deal too. How was it, what’re the results?”

“We actually didn’t bring out a lot of cultivation resources, Ancestress. But Daoist Tang still gave us the things as per his commitment,” answered Daoist Zixuan hurriedly.

The Taoist nun’s face slightly shifted. She cast a deep look at Tang Xiu and praised. “You’re truly an admirable junior. Our Whole Unitary Sect will count this as a favor. But please rest assured, I’ll order some people to collect some cultivation resources to be delivered to you later.”

“Well, I’m not one to haggle over things, to begin with. But since Senior wants to give me some cultivation resources, then I’d like to gift the Whole Unitary Sect some presents as well.” Tang Xiu lightly smiled.

The red-faced stalwart middle-aged man couldn’t bear it anymore. He rolled his eyes and grunted. “Spare us from these trivial issues, shall we? Tang… Tang Xiu, right? Just tell us the situation with these demonic beasts. Can they match me, Shatong?”

“Yeah, the interior of the mountain range has at least tens of thousands of demonic beasts, and the weakest has the power at the early-stage of Foundation Establishment.” Tang Xiu nodded and explained, “However, I’m unsure about the strongest one. But after I’ve killed many demonic beasts, they once launched an attack especially to target me, with ten Golden Core Stage flying demonic beasts to cover the attempt of the assassination by another demonic beast equal to a Nascent Soul Stage expert. Fortunately, my reaction was fast enough and I had good luck, so I preserved my life.”

Ten Golden Core Stage demonic beasts and another on par with a Nascent Soul Stage expert?

All of them looked solemn upon hearing this. Although they were experts at the Nascent Soul Stage, they didn’t know what supernatural abilities these demonic beasts possessed. If what Tang Xiu said was true, then they would likely spend quite the energy just to fight them.

“Also, if my guess is correct, there are also some demonic beasts on par with experts at Spirit Formation Stage,” continued Tang Xiu. “However, it hasn’t come out yet, so I can’t judge how powerful they are.”


Tang Xiu’s words shocked the four people.

There are Demonic beasts on par with experts at Spirit Formation Stage? If there’s such a powerful demonic beast, even the four of them joining hands to fight it would only give them a 50% chance of winning, right?

The old man asked with a solemn expression, “Your conjecture is that there are some demonic beasts on par with experts at Spirit Formation Stage? What is your cultivation level now? How can you estimate the strength of powerhouses at the Nascent Soul Stage, more so those at the Spirit Formation Stage?”

“It’s because my current power is not weaker than you all, Seniors,” said Tang Xiu calmly.

“That’s nonsense! What arrogance!” The burly man rolled his eyes and snappily said, “You’re so young. You must be just a little over 20, are you not? And you claim your strength is not weaker than ours? That’s some joke you’re spewing!”

“I’m not sure which part of what I said is a joke, but I’m crystal clear about the strength of the person you previously mentioned,” said Tang Xiu lightly.

The burly man didn’t want to bother with Tang Xiu anymore. But after he heard the last part, he asked without thinking, “The person I mentioned, who is it?”

“Dao Master Poison,” said Tang Xiu lightly.

The burly man’s face instantly turned cold. Killing intent flashed in his eyes as he asked in a deep voice, “Do you know Dao Master Poison?”

“I do.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Not only do I know him, but I also fought with him once.”

“FUCK OFF!” The stalwart man felt that Tang Xiu was getting more and more outrageous and directly waved to drive him away.

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