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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1226 - Natural Battlefield

Chapter 1226: Natural Battlefield

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Tang Xiu immediately recalled how powerful the Heavenly Dao laws on Earth were after hearing Gu Yan’er’s words, so he immediately said, “If so, no need to rush, then. You keep staying here to cultivate until your power restores to the Celestial Immortal Stage since it may take a few decades before we leave Earth. By the way, I can’t help but feel like this pocket world was prepared for us. Having this world in possession makes me believe that our Tang Sect will be 100 times stronger in the next few years.”

Gu Yan’er glanced around and nodded in approval. Then, she said, “You’re right, Master. This place is just slightly worse than the Immortal World. The strength of all Tang Sect disciples will soar by leaps and bounds if they train here. There’s also something else that I found interesting here.”

“What is it?” asked Tang Xiu.

“The blood of the fierce beasts living here is comparable to that of Immortal Ambrosia. It’s like a miraculous elixir.” Gu Yan’er said, “The energy contained in their blood is really beyond imagination.”

Tang Xiu nodded with approval and said, “I’ve noticed it as well.”

Gu Yan’er then pointed to some spots and said, “Also, if the disciples of Tang Sect practice here, they can also use this place as a natural battlefield to hone their combat prowess. On the other hand, they can also improve their strength by leaps and bounds, which is killing two birds with one stone.”

“Yeah. After this, I’m going to assign a batch of people to be stationed on Nine Dragons Island since that place is still our stronghold. But I’ll bring everyone else to cultivate here,” Tang Xiu replied. “We’ll have them take shifts to cultivate here and there later.”

“This pocket world is very large and should be at least two times bigger than the territory of China.” Gu Yan’er said, “Although there’s no fierce beast that has strength on par with that black dragon, there are some comparable to the Body Integration Stage and tens of others which are at least at the Spirit Formation Stage. By the way, should I get rid of these fierce beasts in advance given the weak strength of the Tang Sect disciples now?”

Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “No. There’s no need. Most of Tang Sect disciples may be very weak now, but they’ll soon grow. Just keep these fierce beasts alive and we’ll feed them to the sect’s disciples in the future.”

“Alright, then.” Gu Yan’er nodded and said, “I’m going to stay here, anyway. Those beasts won’t be able to wreak havoc as long as I’m here.”

Tang An then interjected and asked, “Grand Master, Master, may I stay here to cultivate?”

“You can only stay here to cultivate for 6 months at most,” Tang Xiu answered. “You must go out after half a year. Besides, you still need to form a squad of assassins for your Assassination Hall. Do you want to see your hall as the weakest among all the halls in Tang Sect?”

Tang An nodded and replied, “You just mentioned that training will improve our strength by leaps and bounds, Grand Master. So, I’m going to cultivate here for six months and then set up the Assassination Hall when I leave. I can then bring my trained members to cultivate here to pick up their cultivation speed.”

“No problem, then.” Tang Xiu nodded.

Suddenly, he recalled something else and hurriedly shifted to Gu Yan’er, saying, “Yan’er, many fierce beasts have escaped to the outside, at least a thousand of them. Although Chen Shaohua’s team have moved to hunt them down, expecting them to kill all those beasts is unrealistic, so I and Tang An will go out to deal with them, while you stay here to gather cultivation resources.”

“Alright!” Gu Yan’er herself didn’t want to take action that forced her to go outside, so she nodded.

Tang Xiu then turned around. Just as he was about to leave, he recalled another issue and said, “Yan’er, this place must have the Multicolored Luan Phoenix Stone. Carefully seek for it since it will be of great use in the future.”

“I also have found a deposit of Multicolored Luan Phoenix Stone in a small mountain here, Master. I guarantee you that all of these stones will be completely mined before you return,” Gu Yan’er replied confidently.

As a matter of fact, she had the ability to collect everything in this pocket world in a flash. But since this place would become a trial place for the Tang Sect disciples in the future, she could only give up this idea and just harvest these cultivation resources slowly.

Quickly after, Tang Xiu and Tang An left the pocket world. When they appeared outside, the four Tang Sect disciples standing guard outside directly appeared and saluted respectfully.

“What about the escaping fierce beasts and the situation outside?” asked Tang Xiu.

One of the disciples answered, “Jin Shi has come here in person, Sect Master. He and Chen Shaohua are leading a team of our sect’s disciples and doing their best to hunt down these fierce beasts. But these fierce beasts often retreat when they enter the vicinity of Longquan Mountain. We have no idea about the cause, but it’s as if they are afraid of the outside world. Furthermore, there are also a lot of ability users from China’s Special Abilities Bureau here, and for the last 10 days, both parties have killed about 400-plus fierce beasts, whereas some others are still hiding.”

Tang Xiu was quite surprised for he didn’t expect that these fierce beasts unexpectedly didn’t rush out of the mountain range, nor did they wreak havoc to the average people outside.

Nonetheless, that was still good news.

“You all keep guarding this place. Tang An, let’s move and hunt these fierce beasts, shall we? We’ll gather here again after two days to see who killed more,” Tang Xiu happily smiled and said.

A hint of competitive fighting spirit flashed in Tang An’s eyes and she replied with a smile, “I’ll definitely win the game, Sect Master.”

Tang Xiu just chuckled in response. Suddenly, his figure flickered and bolted to the distance. Along the way, he unleashed his spiritual sense to the fullest and covered a kilometer radius with his perception. It took only a flash for him to detect four nearly identical fierce beasts in his perception range.


Tang Xiu threw his divine sword. The unleashed sword instantly flew and split the bushes tens of meters away. A sword beam moved lightning-fast and swept over in a flash and the four fierce beasts at Qi Refining Stage were struck and killed in one blow.

Half a day passed. Tang Xiu encountered several groups of ability users, including a group consisting of six people who were being besieged by tens of fierce beasts. The moment he appeared, he directly took action and rescued them.

A day later, Tang Xiu had killed more than 270 fierce beasts alone and found Jin Shi, who was drenched with blood at a mountain creek. Jin Shi was seriously injured at the moment, but his injuries weren’t fatal. When Tang Xiu arrived, he and the four other disciples of Tang Sect he led had killed two fierce beasts at the Golden Core Stage.

“Take the fierce beast’s blood in these jade bottles.”

Tang Xiu threw five jade bottles to these five men and flashed to the distance. There was another fierce beast 800-plus meters away in his perception range. The beast was hiding in a burrow by the creek and Tang Xiu would have failed to detect it if it wasn’t for his spiritual sense that covered all directions.

Jin Shi, on the other hand, was fiddling with the jade bottle. After unplugging the cork, he slightly frowned when he smelled the thick blood smell. But when he saw that the other four directly poured it into their mouths without a shred of hesitation, he no longer hesitated and downed it as well. The moment after, his eyes went saucer with disbelief.

“Get into cultivation state, quickly!”

He quickly issued an order loudly and immediately sat cross-legged, crazily circulating his energy according to his cultivation technique.

Tang Xiu spent only half an hour to kill all the fierce beasts within a range of tens of kilometers. After he returned to the spot where Jin Shi and the others were, he could sense that their auras had changed.

Early-stage of the Nascent Soul?

Tang Xiu sensed Jin Shi’s present cultivation level from the aura he exuded. A smile then crept up his face when he sensed that the other four had also broken through to the late-stage of Golden Core.

“Sect Master.”

Jin Shi then woke up from his cultivation. He quickly bounced up and saluted respectfully the moment he saw Tang Xiu sitting cross-legged in front of him.

“Quite a remarkable progress.” Tang Xiu chuckled. “Anyway, I’ll take you to the pocket world when we’re done hunting down all the fierce beasts in this mountain range. You will definitely get twice the result with half the effort with your cultivation if you practice there. Maybe you’ll be able to reach the Spirit Formation Stage in several or 10 years later.”

A pocket world? One that’s like a blessed land?

The five men exchanged glances in excitement.

Tang Xiu then waved his hand and went on, “Well, keep hunting and killing these fierce beasts! The faster you get rid of these beasts, the earlier you’ll enter this pocket world to cultivate. That’s right, I’ve been roaming around for a few days here and bumped into some groups of ability users, but I haven’t seen Duanmu Lin yet. Do you know anything about it?”

“Duanmu Lin got injured and retreated to recuperate,” Jin Shi answered. “He’s now in Xuyang Town near Longquan Mountain if you’d like to see him, Sect Master.”

Tang Xiu nodded in response. However, instead of rushing to find Duanmu Lin, he went elsewhere to find, hunt, and kill fierce beasts. He made a bet with Tang An before, so he didn’t want to waste time anymore.

The next day in the evening.

When Tang Xiu returned to the entrance to the pocket world, he saw that Tang An was grinning happily while sitting cross-legged on a large bluestone and looking at his direction.

“How many did you get?” Tang Xiu came to her and smilingly asked.

“Not many, just 188 fierce beasts,” Tang An answered.

Tang Xiu gave her a thumbs up and praised. “Finding so many of them in just 2 days is an amazing feat!”

Tang An chuckled and replied, “But I’m sure the number of fierce beasts you killed must be more than me, Grand Master. I think it’s fair if I say that I win this game if the number of fierce beasts you killed is less than 200.”

“Ahaha.” Tang Xiu laughed and said, “I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. I got a total of 406 of them, with four at the Golden Core Stage.”

The smile on Tang An’s face froze and she incredulously asked, “You killed all of them by yourself? How is that possible?”

“Nothing is impossible, you know.” Tang Xiu chuckled and explained, “The range of area that can be covered by my spiritual sense is over a kilometer, and no fierce beasts can hide within the radius of my perception range wherever I go. Besides, these fierce beasts are very weak, to begin with. There was no need to waste more time, so I killed them quickly.”

“That’s cheating, Grand Master!” Tang An forced a wry smile.

“Hahaha.” Tang Xiu burst out laughing and said, “You know, the spiritual sense is another form of strength as well. If you can reach the level of strength I currently possess, your spiritual sense and perception will be similarly not bad. Keep cultivating diligently in this aspect and you’ll see the benefits of having formidable spiritual sense in the future.”

“I understand, Grand Master,” Tang An replied with all seriousness. “Possessing a powerful spiritual sense is a must if one wants to be a powerful expert. As a matter of fact, I think my spiritual sense is considerably remarkable since I specially selected a manual that records a technique to cultivate spiritual sense in the Classics Library Pavilion. I picked that one in order to study arrays previously and now have achieved some progress on it.”

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