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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1333 - Each with a Sinister Plot

Chapter 1333: Each with a Sinister Plot

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

In the Immortal World, the Demon Dragon Grotto was famous as a treasure trove. It was well-known as a place ridden with grave dangers. Yet there were still countless powerhouses who went there and attempted their luck to take risks and braved deaths for treasure hunting. According to statistics, there were a total of 72 Demon Dragon Grottos in the entire Immortal World, and one of them had even rewarded some lucky people with Primordial Chaos treasures that were a level higher than a 9th grade Immortal artifact.

In a flash, all the guests in the entire Golden Scent Tower shot hot-burning stares at Seaway Monarch. Among them were immortal prostitutes whose burning eyes were as though able to melt him.

Dao Lord Green Firmament pushed the prostitute in his embrace away. His eyes gleamed and different thoughts kept churning in his mind. He looked at the back of Seaway Monarch and Sablefiend Scorpio leaving. After taking out 100 Immortal Crystals from his interspatial ring and throwing them to the surroundings like throwing garbage, he ignored the prostitutes around who were fighting to get the Immortal Crystals and flew away.

The moment he appeared out of Golden Scent Tower, he quickly pinched a Message Token.

Thousands of meters away from him, however, Zenith Venerable was leaning on a shop’s wall, watching Seaway Monarch and Sablefiend Scorpio leave. He also saw Dao Lord Green Firmament come out of the interior to trail them and sent a message. A sneer suddenly appeared in the corner of his mouth.

At the Fullmoon Star River, eastern suburbs of Sunset City.

Tang Xiu sat cross-legged on the riverbank and received a message from Zenith Venerable. Then, he sneered. “Hmph, I originally planned to kill this Dao Lord Green Firmament. But I didn’t expect him to summon his companions. I hope he’ll call some more people, else it will take us more effort when we go rescue those guys.”

“Dao Lord Green Firmament is very weak. He’s much weaker than me,” said Star Tears. “Getting rid of him is very easy, and I expect that more enemies appearing will be much better.”

Tang Xiu pointed to the Fullmoon Star River in front and smilingly said, “Well, if the number of Perfected Golden Immortals who come with him is more than 3, then the Nine Chains Curve Array I’ve arranged will only be able to give them some troubles at most but won’t be able to trap them inside. But if their number is only 2 or 3 people, they can only enter and stay there for good.”

“The Nine Chains Curve Array is an offensive array as I reckon,” said Star Tears. “But you sound like you have altered it into some entrapment array, is that true?”

“Well, if anything, all the arrays in the world are subjects for changes. I once heard a line that the best defense in the world is taking the offensive initiative. Although the Nine Chains Curve Array itself was an offensive one, a slight alteration and improvement are enough to make the stacking layers of this array to ultimately form an entrapment feature. When attacking, it will also create that trap effect. Such a feature can give some headaches to Perfected Golden Immortals, am I right?”

Star Tears’ eyes lit up. She didn’t expect that Great Tang Heavenly Emperor’s attainment in arrays was much better than her.

Speaking about it, she felt that the young man in front of her was really too mysterious. Through the few contacts she had with him, she found that the more she knew him, the more she couldn’t see through this person at all. Back in the past, she had also met countless outstanding peerless geniuses, even meeting the best one among them, her own nephew, Star Cultivation Great Emperor. But compared to them all, the young man in front still seemed to be much more outstanding.

Where did this guy come from?

The thought flashed in Star Tears’ mind, though she no longer spoke again.

Time fleeted by, and finally, when the figures of Seaway Monarch and Sablefiend Scorpio appeared in sight, Tang Xiu and Star Tears directly bolted away into a concealment array that had been arranged in advance.

“Lead him into the Fullmoon Star River.” Tang Xiu sent a message to Seaway Monarch.

Seaway Monarch didn’t reply but flew directly to the surface of the 10,000 meters wide Fullmoon Star River with Sablefiend Scorpio in tow. After their feet stepped on the sparkling wave of the river surface, only then did they slowly halt their pace.

“Some brigands and the like are stalking, huh? From which stone did you come under? Only daring to hide your head and tail and stalking us all the ways?” Seaway Monarch intentionally looked angry and glanced around as he shouted aloud.

I was discovered?

Dao Lord Green Firmament was surprised. But after ruminating for a moment, he sent a message again and then waited a few minutes. His figure then appeared in the line of sight of Seaway Monarch and Sablefiend Scorpio. Dao Lord Green Firmament then looked at the vigilant look on their faces and laughed aloud. “Hahaha, I just happened to pass by, but I didn’t expect to run into two Immortal Friends here. It was fate that brought us, predestined friends, to meet here!”

Seaway Monarch frowned and indifferently said, “I don’t think our meeting is coincidental since you’ve been stalking all the way here, yes? I’ve been vaguely sensing that someone was following us since we left Sunset City. That someone must be you. Am I right?”

Dao Lord Green Firmament wanted to stall him and immediately wore a smile and waved. “Well, you misunderstood, Fellow Immortal. I haven’t been to Sunset City before and just passed by here. However, seeing how vigilant you both are as though you’re facing an enemy kind of amazed me! Could it be that you’ve done something wrong and got a lot of enemies pursuing you?”

“Mind your own business. You got nothing to do with whatever we’ve done,” said Seaway Monarch indifferently. “But since you just passed by, then scram fast! Else, don’t blame me for being hostile and killing you here now.”

The smile on Dao Lord Green Firmament gradually disappeared. He shot a deep look at Seaway Monarch and shook his head. “It seems being polite has never been in your dictionary, doesn’t it, Sir? I greeted you with a smiling face, yet you threatened me directly. That makes me unhappy. I demand an apology from you!”

“Heh, I’ve never and will never apologize to anyone.” Seaway Monarch sneered. “Be wise and know your place and get the fuck away. Else, today will be the time of your death!”

Dao Lord Green Firmament took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “I’ve seen countless arrogant people like you, but none is more rampant than you. You refuse to apologize, so don’t blame me for being ruthless. However, you’re a stranger and I’m giving you a chance to introduce yourself. Tell me, where do you come from? You even dare to act so arrogantly in front of Dao Lord Green Firmament?”

With that said, he unleashed an immortal sword stored in his body and was ready to strike at any time.

Seaway Monarch’s expression slightly shifted. He then recalled the message Tang Xiu sent him that told him to delay him, so he said in a deep voice, “Shouldn’t you be the first to introduce yourself before asking others’ details?”

Dao Lord Green Firmament relaxed. He was also afraid that Seaway Monarch would attack him straight away. After all, he could sense that this guy was not weak. It was even likely that he was much more powerful than him. Therefore, he needed to wait for his companions to arrive. After thinking for a while, he said, “I’ve already told you my name previously, yet your shallow knowledge just made you ignorant. But I have no problem telling you again. I’m Dao Lord Green Firmament and my Master is Myriad Thunder Supreme. Don’t tell me you have never heard of the name of my Master!”

Seaway Monarch intentionally looked shocked and quickly cupped his fists. “Well, well, I didn’t expect you to be a disciple of Myriad Thunder Supreme. Who in the Heavenly Mountain Immortal Domain doesn’t know Myriad Thunder Supreme? I admit that I’ve been offensive a bit and for that, I hope you can forgive me. I’m Skyhole Immortal Monarch. I just recently arrived in the Heavenly Mountain Immortal Domain after adventuring the Demon Dragon Grotto.”

Dao Lord Green Firmament loosened up and a smile climbed up his face again. “You’re not to blame since you didn’t know. But daring to venture deep into the Dragon Demon Grotto shows that you’re very capable, Skyhole Immortal Monarch. I presume that you gained quite a lot from there, yes?”

“The gains are just so-so, not worth mentioning,” replied Seaway Monarch with a smile.

Suddenly, Dao Lord Green Firmament flew towards Seaway Monarch and Sablefiend Scorpio. As he descended tens of meters away from them, he smilingly said, “Well, I’m sure Skyhole Immortal Monarch doesn’t know the custom of this place. Those who harvest or gain benefits here mush share it with the others who know.”

“You…” Seaway Monarch’s expression changed and he immediately looked vigilant again.


A hazy figure bolted from the distance and appeared beside Dao Lord Green Firmament in just a few breaths. Wearing greaves and a lance in his hand and donning a scarlet robe, majestic aura exuded from the person.

“Styx River Venerable?” Seaway Monarch’s expression changed and he blurted out in a deep voice.

“Styx River Venerable raised his brows and looked a bit surprised, saying, “I never thought to run into you here, Seaway Monarch. It’s been thousands of years. I didn’t expect to run into you here in the Heavenly Mountain Immortal Domain. This is truly the work of fate!”

Dao Lord Green Firmament stared blankly for a moment and was confused. “Senior Brother Styx River, what did you just call him? Seaway Monarch? He just claimed to be Skyhole Immortal Monarch!”

“Skyhole Immortal Monarch, huh?” Styx River Venerable wore a strange expression and immediately laughed aloud. “Junior Brother Green Firmament, he got you played! The dignified Seaway Monarch is a Perfected Golden Immortal, how could he become that Skyhole Immortal Monarch?”

Seaway Monarch squinted and his eyes lingered on Dao Lord Green Firmament and Styx River Venerable before smilingly said, “Well, well. You followed me to this place after I left the Golden Scent Tower. You also intentionally hit a conversation with me surely because you were waiting for Styx River to arrive here to join forces with you to rob me of my treasures?”

Dao Lord Green Firmament grinned and said, “Knowing it now is still too late for you. Senior Brother Styx River, this guy has some treasures from Demon Dragon Grotto. Since we Martial Brothers ran into him, we mustn’t miss this God-given opportunity!”

“This is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Styx River Venerable nodded with a grin. “The treasures in the Demon Dragon Grotto that can make Seaway Monarch happy must be of great value.”

With an eager attitude and itching to strike, Dao Lord Green Firmament grinned. “Then let’s slay him and rob him.”

“Hahaha…” Seaway Monarch burst into laughter. “Dao Lord Green Firmament, did you forget the name I just told you? I’m Skyhole Immortal Monarch, the hole in the sky that will become a grave for idiots like you.


In the dark, invisible energy surged.

In the next moment, Tang Xiu and Star Tears appeared out of the blue. After coming to the side of Seaway Monarch and Sablefiend Scorpio, Tang Xiu grinned and said, “Well, I’m kinda disappointed here. I thought I could lure a few more Perfected Golden Immortals, but I didn’t expect to only have a stinking Styx River coming here.”

Dao Lord Green Firmament’s expression changed. He never thought that someone else had been hiding in a concealment array. That young man looked like he had a low cultivation level, but the woman beside him exuded a formidable aura and should be at least a Perfected Golden Immortal.

Is this… actually a trap?

Dao Lord Green Firmament and Styx River Venerable exchanged glances and the former immediately said in a deep voice, “Just two Perfected Golden Immortals. Do you think you can trap us with this line-up?”

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