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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1334 - Going with the Flow

Chapter 1334: Going with the Flow

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“Setting up traps for your prey means you naturally have an absolute advantage.” Tang Xiu slightly smiled and said, “Hey, what are you waiting for, Zenith Venerable?”

A figure bolted fast from the distance and quickly appeared with his enormous aura. With a smile on his face, Zenith Venerable spoke aloud, “I’ve long known this Green Firmament bastard, Master. But this is my first time seeing him with this kind of big face, to think that he deserves so many people to smack him together.”

“Ah, so you know this Dao Lord Green Firmament?” Tang Xiu smiled.

“Yeah, I not only know him, but I also have a feud with this guy.” Zenith Venerable grinned. “A just and righteous guy on the surface, but an absolute hypocrite on the inside. Thousands of years ago, we were both Golden Immortals. At that time, his Junior Brother found a Floodlight shuttle artifact and was killed by him. But he gave a few million Crystal Essences to help him get rid of him.”

Dao Lord Green Firmament’s expression turned pale with incredulity on his face, shouting fiercely, “Zenith Venerable, you’re a Perfected Golden Immortal, yet you unexpectedly lowered yourself to serve others? You, you… do you not have face anymore?”

“Heh? What face? Is that a very important thing to have?” Zenith Venerable sneered. “What’s more important, preserving your face or your life?”


Dao Lord Green Firmament suddenly couldn’t help but gasp after hearing it. He did hear that Zenith Venerable had his life under the control of some people, so he could only take orders and serve that person as his Master. However, this guy was a Perfected Golden Immortal, so who could make him submit?

Tang Xiu shot a look at Dao Lord Green Firmament and Styx River Venerable and smilingly said, “Well, what do you guys think now? Do you think all of us can slay you?”

Dao Lord Green Firmament scoffed. “Hmph, 3 Perfected Golden Immortals may sound a lot, but you’re dreaming if you want to kill us two Martial Brothers with such a lineup.”

“So you say that we’re not enough, huh? But how about adding more people?” Tang Xiu responded with a smile.

With that said he directly summoned the other 6 Perfected Golden Immortals from the Heavenly Abode artifact and smilingly said, “10 Perfected Golden Immortals ganging up to kill the two of you inside the Nine Chains Curve Array. I think it should be enough now, yes?”

Only now was Dao Lord Green Firmament scared stiff and dumbstruck. His whole being was as though falling into an ice hole, overwhelmed with fear. He wouldn’t be this scared if they were just besieged by 10 Perfected Golden Immortals. But they were now trapped inside the Nine Chains Curve Array. What shocked him the most was that his Messenger Token couldn’t be used and no messages could be transmitted from the inside, neither could he use his life-saving treasure, the Floodlight Shuttle.

Beside him, Styx River Venerable also looked panicked. Especially after he heard Tang Xiu say “10 Perfected Golden Immortals”, he felt a chill down his spine. He could sense the auras the 9 Perfected Golden Immortals exuded. Though his vision lingered on Tang Xiu, it then finally focused on another particular person, Sablefiend Scorpio.

“How about giving that Styx River guy to me, Master?” Sablefiend Scorpio came to Tang Xiu and respectfully asked.

Tang Xiu raised his brows and asked, “Do you think you can kill him quickly with your current strength?”

“Well, I can kill him in half an incense time, Master,” said Sablefiend Scorpio confidently. “Also, this retainer of yours dares not to hide it from you, Lord. Styx River has a deep feud with me. Although I made him pay a terrible price in the past, this hatred has never dissipated. If it wasn’t for his Master, Myriad Thunder Supreme, sheltering him, I’d have already scattered his soul into oblivion never to be reincarnated again.”

“You got a feud with this guy? What happened between you two?” asked Tang Xiu in surprise.

“He killed my four children and massacred my Scorpion Village,” replied Sablefiend Scorpio.

Styx River Venerable’s eyes shrunk after hearing Sablefiend Scorpio’s words. Panic overflowed in his eyes and he roared fiercely, “You’re Sablefiend Scorpion? Damn! Even a poisonous scorpion like you has become this guy’s slave?”

Sablefiend Scorpio revealed her real face and grimly said, “Yell and roar as much as you want, Styx River. I’ll definitely beat you up and make your soul disappear as long as Master orders me.”

Styx River Venerable clenched his fists. Right as he was about to speak, his expression drastically changed all of a sudden because he saw his Junior Brother, Dao Lord Green Firmament, actually kneel in the void.

“Green Firmament! You coward!”

Dao Lord Green Firmament ignored him and fearfully looked at the 10 Perfected Golden Immortals around before his eyes finally landed on Tang Xiu. He then desperately begged for mercy. “This… Lord… I, Dao Lord Green Firmament, was confused and even thought of plotting against your people. Please spare me and I’ll definitely serve you as my Master in the future. As for my Senior Brother… uh, I spoke wrongly. As for Styx River Venerable, this damn asshole has a blood feud with your retainer. I’ll help you kill him if you spare my life.”

“Green Firmament! You shameless bastard!”

Styx River’s eyes turned bloodshot. He was invited by Dao Lord Green Firmament this time. But now that he saw the formidable line up of the enemy, this guy just begged for mercy from the enemy like a dog and even vowed to kill him. This abominable bastard was simply a fiend.

Dao Lord Green Firmament turned to Styx River Venerable and grinned hideously as he sharply said, “I don’t wanna die, Senior Brother Styx River. That’s why you can only die in my stead. Who made you and his retainer to have such a deep blood feud? But rest assured, though. As long as this Lord is willing to spare me, I’ll definitely make your soul disappear.”

Wearing a bizarre expression, Tang Xiu looked at Green Firmament and suddenly recalled Zither Demon Jiuyao.

Trash is trash, nothing good comes out of them!

Tang Xiu grimly sighed inwardly and said, “How wise you are, Dao Lord Green Firmament. One who understands the situation is wise, and to live is indeed much more important than anything else. You chose to submit, so send a wisp of your Immortal Soul into this Soul Plate. I’ll spare your life as long as I can control your life. It’s not easy to get a Perfected Golden Immortal as a subordinate, after all.”

Dao Lord Green Firmament hesitated for a while before finally gritting his teeth and releasing a wisp of his Immortal Soul. After integrating the soul into the Soul Plate, he watched as Tang Xiu received the plate and refined it. He could only feel bitter inwardly as his life was now under the control of others. He would be dead as long as the holder willed it.

However, that predicament was much better compared to getting beaten and have his soul disappear by 10 Perfected Golden Immortals!

“Sablefiend Scorpio, we’re pressed for time and can’t waste much time here, so you strike with the rest to kill him as quickly as possible. However, the rest of you listen to my order! Reserve the final blow to Sablefiend Scorpio and let her scatter that guy’s soul to pay back the karma.”


The 11 Perfected Golden Immortals, including Dao Lord Green Firmament, launched a fierce onslaught on Styx River Venerable at the same. It took only a few breaths for the latter to be gravely injured. Although his whole body was not dismembered, the ghastly shocking wounds he received were very grave.


An immortal sword suddenly slashed down on the head of Styx River Venerable the moment the latter resisted the others’ attack. The slash directly split him in half, and the moment his Immortal Soul rushed out to flee, Sablefiend Scorpio quickly cast a seal and a thunderbolt instantly blitzed down and struck Styx River Venerable’s Immortal Soul.


Sablefiend Scorpio manipulated her immortal sword powerfully. Right as the thunderbolt struck Styx River’s Immortal Soul, her immortal sword slashed the devastated soul and directly wiped it out.

This killing mission had been accomplished so easily—something that Tang Xiu didn’t expect. He then looked at the fearful Dao Lord Green Firmament after receiving the interspatial ring Star Tears threw to him. Without checking the contents inside the ring, he calmly said, “I’m now giving you a chance to live. Immediately send messages to the Perfected Golden Immortals in the Heavenly Mountain region to come here and you’ll be eligible to follow me in the future.”

Dao Lord Green Firmament froze for a moment and then bewilderingly asked, “Who exactly are you, Master? Why…”

Tang Xiu’s complexion turned cold and he replied with a chilling tone, “I won’t hide anything you should naturally know. But you are not to ask anything you shouldn’t know. I can tell you that I’m the Sovereign of the Great Tang Empire, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, the one who you will pledge your allegiance to in the future.”

Dao Lord Green Firmament’s complexion slightly changed before he nodded silently. Then, he said, “But I need to leave the Nine Chains Curve Array before I can send the messages, Master.”

Tang Xiu finally decided to open the Nine Chains Curve Array and said, “You should know what to say and what not to say.”

“This subordinate understands,” said Deep Lord Green Firmament hurriedly.

Quickly after, he sent messages through his Message Token.

Tang Xiu took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Be prepared and wait for the prey to arrive. I hope we can harvest more from this.”

Prey and harvest?

Dao Lord Green Firmament faintly realized that this Master didn’t seem to have any feud or hatred against himself and the rest of his acquaintances but rather to kill and rob them of their possessions. Yet, it couldn’t be denied that the resources and strength poured into this endeavor were really enormous—something that only a handful of people in the Immortal World could pull off!

Time fleeted by and two days passed by in a flash. However, the message sent by Dao Lord Green Firmament was like a rock sinking into the ocean. There was no response from anyone whatsoever.

While sitting cross-legged in the concealment array, Tang Xiu’s eyes gleamed and he occasionally glanced at Dao Lord Green Firmament nearby. He found that the guy was looking uneasy and kept glancing at the direction of Heavenly Mountain.

Suddenly, Tang Xiu’s expression shifted. His expression turned complicated when he saw a beautiful woman in full red battle armor and combat boots, leading four Perfected Golden Immortals to appear in his field of vision.

He had not seen this woman for so many years, yet time didn’t leave any trace on her appearance. Apotheosis Bella Fern Regalia was as beautiful as ever with her stunning grace and gorgeous face and bearings.

He was not a man with a heart of stone, nor was he a man who regarded reputation and fame as important. No matter the situation and place, he could brave himself to show his love, especially towards the women who show their care for him. It was something that his heart couldn’t help but grow some tender feelings towards them.

It was just that tenderness was not exactly the love between men and women.

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