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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1336 - Playing People Is Fun

Chapter 1336 - Playing People Is Fun

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Myriad Thunder Supreme didn’t notice that Dao Lord Green Firmament had already stood in mid-air above the Fullmoon Star River after flying back from a distance. He paced a step forward and directly appeared in front of Green Firmament. He grabbed his shoulder and was about to ask Sablefiend Scorpio’s escaping direction.

At this moment, however, there was a sudden change in the atmosphere in the dark surroundings, along with the emergence of some figures. The moment Myriad Thunder Supreme shifted his focus to these figures, a cold light flashed in the eyes of Dao Lord Green Firmament as he unleashed the 8th grade Floodlight Shuttle artifact to impale his body.

An enormous and destructive Immortal Force was poured into Myriad Thunder Supreme’s body like a tide, causing him to scream in the next moment and fly towards the distance.

Immediately after, a rainbow-like sword beam flashed and seemingly tore the space as it slashed fiercely toward Myriad Thunder Supreme’s immortal body. The strike didn’t give Myriad Thunder Supreme the time to avoid it. The sword beam slashed his body and what followed was the strikes from other immortal artifacts. Even though Myriad Thunder Supreme instantly mended and combined the two halves of his immortal body instantly, the tens of immortal artifacts still inflicted wounds on his whole body, causing the flowing blood to wet his tattered clothes red.


A resentful and hating expression painted Myriad Thunder Supreme’s face after he was badly wounded. He unleashed 13 black flags and quickly arranged overlapping layers of defensive shields around him as he glared at Dao Lord Green Firmament.

Wearing a guilty expression, Dao Lord Green Firmament didn’t dare to look back at Myriad Thunder Supreme’s eyes. With a helpless face, he said bitterly, “Please forgive your disciple, Master. I was forced. My life is in the hands of the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor and I would’ve been the one who died the next moment if I didn’t attack you. You’ve been working hard to groom and cultivate your disciples, wasn’t that because you wanted us to be formidable and live well? The current you are now near to the limit, so you might as well give hope of surviving to your disciple.”

Dao Lord Green Firmament’s words made Myriad Thunder Supreme furious. It was like the line that said that a new Buddha may be born after two former Buddhas ascended to Heaven. Deep regret turned into an ocean of bitterness as he wished to smash Dao Lord Green Firmament’s body into pieces.

“Deceiving your Master and destroying your own ancestry. You truly are an evil disciple!”

After taking a healing elixir from his interspatial ring, Myriad Thunder Supreme swallowed it and looked around with boiling killing aura. Afterward, a mirthless smile was cast on his face as he said aloud, “A Supreme and 14 Perfected Golden Immortals. What great line-up and formation just to kill me. Truly unexpected! Truly awesome. Well done!”

Standing in mid-air tens of thousands of meters away and being protected by Star Tears and Sablefiend Scorpio, Tang Xiu sneered. “You’re Myriad Thunder Supreme, yes? You know, we have no interest in you, only in your wealth. Take out your interspatial ring, all your treasures, and hand them over to me! Maybe we can spare your life, else today will be the anniversary of your death next year.”

The demand made Myriad Thunder Supreme seem to hear the most unbelievable thing in the world. While quickly healing himself, he asked with an incredulous face, “You mean… you set a trap here just to capture and rob me of my wealth?”

Tang Xiu rolled his eyes at his words and hummed. “Hmph, if we didn’t rob you of your wealth, do you think we just need to stay still and not find you as our prey even if we had no enough things to eat? Do you think you’re so heavenly handsome that we fell for you or something?”

Myriad Thunder Supreme trembled while a bizarre emotion surged inside him.

This was all for my wealth? Seriously?

Just for his wealth, these damned bastards even went so far as to harm him? If he wasn’t strong enough, they might have just wiped him out. Despite this, he had been very severely injured and he must find a safe place to heal himself before the injuries became more and more serious.

“You guys have set up an array here in advance, haven’t you?” Myriad Thunder Supreme looked around and asked coldly.

Tang Xiu gave him a thumbs up in response and exclaimed in praise, “Wow, you’re worthy of being a Supreme, aren’t you? You’re even able to see the array laid out by us here. You’re on the mark. These 18 consecutive arrays are just some small arrays that won’t pose any threat to a Supremacy Stage powerhouse, hehehe…”

Seeing that Tang Xiu harbored bad intentions, Myriad Thunder Supreme nearly went mad and almost crushed his own teeth and quickly took a deep breath. He knew that he might not be able to defeat these people even though he didn’t get hit so badly. But now, he had been gravely injured. He would be the first to die if he were to confront toughness with toughness.

Therefore, he shot a cold stare at Tang Xiu and asked, “Are you… the one giving orders here?”

“That’s right.” Tang Xiu nodded and smilingly said, “I decide the course here.”

Myriad Thunder Supreme took another deep breath, took off his interspatial ring, threw it toward Tang Xiu, and spoke indifferently, “That’s my interspatial ring with all my wealth in it. Can you let me go now?”

Tang Xiu took the interspatial ring and noticed the mark left by Myriad Thunder Supreme had been erased. He immediately sent his spiritual sense to check the contents inside it, and his eyes immediately shone afterward. The wealth in this ring was much more than all the wealth he had obtained before.

Shortly after, Tang Xiu put it into his own interspatial ring and grinned. “Well, I just told you to hand over all your wealth, didn’t I? Else, I’ll completely have you annihilated.”

“All my wealth is inside that ring!” Myriad Thunder Supreme roared furiously.

“Are you so fucking stupid?” Tang Xiu sneered. “Do you think it’s funny to get your eyes open yet speaking rubbish like you did? I’m sure that the set of flags around you must be a superb-grade immortal artifact, am I right? That’s a 9th grade defensive artifact with a quite sky-high value. Take off that Innate Natal Artifact and hand the rest to me!”


Myriad Thunder Supreme was furious. He would have already moved to slap this bastard to death if he wasn’t being stared at by a Supreme and more than a dozen Perfected Golden Immortals.

“Heh, although the wealth in your ring is quite a lot, we deliberately plotted to rob a Supreme here, so we got Three All Policies here. You wanna know what Three All Policies are, huh? They are the kill all, burn all, and loot all. So get your ass up faster and hand over that set of flags as well as your Innate Natal Artifact. Else, you can expect me to issue an order to kill you!”

Myriad Thunder Supreme was so furious by Tang Xiu’s demand that he coughed up a mouthful of blood and roared angrily. “DO YOU THINK I’M A FOOL?! Once I hand over the flags and my Innate Natal Artifact, I’m sure you’ll strike me in the next moment!”

Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “You know, we may have to pay quite a terrible price if we want to kill a Supreme. I’m not that stupid to lose my people for wealth, mind you. Hence, I can assure you that I’ll spare your life as long as you give me that set of flags and your Innate Natal artifact to me. In any case, you cannot recognize us.”

Only now did Myriad Thunder Supreme realize that these people had changed their appearances. They even went so far to change the aura of their Qi.

“Who exactly are you, people?” asked Myriad Thunder in a deep voice.

Tang Xiu rolled his eyes in response and snappishly said, “It’s said that the older someone is, the more mature they are. Yet, how do I feel that the longer you live, the more muddled you become? Has it ever crossed your mind that we have to kill you if we tell you our real identities?”

Myriad Thunder Supreme was stunned and he cursed himself for being stupid. Then, he indifferently said, “I can give you this set of flags, but it’s absolutely impossible for me to give you my Innate Natal artifact! I’ll give you the flags now if you want. Otherwise, I’ll make sure to drag some of you to hell with me even if I must die today!”

“Deal!” Tang Xiu happily nodded and slightly smiled.

Myriad Thunder Supreme took back the set of flags and threw it to Tang Xiu. Then, he said in a heavy voice, “Now remove the array and let me go!”

Tang Xiu took the flags and, after playing with it for a long while, he laughed. “Hehe… what are you guys staring at me for? Didn’t you all hear what I just said? Quickly open the array and let him go!”

Myriad Thunder Supreme was suddenly relieved after hearing it. As long as he was still alive, there would be a chance for him to get revenge. No matter who these people were, they were bound to leave some clues in this Immortal Region. He would make them pay him back thousands of times when he found them later.

However, after waiting for a few minutes, he was shocked and fearful to find that the Supremacy Stage powerhouse and the dozen Perfected Golden Immortals didn’t move at all. Even the killing aura they exuded was a bit more intense than before.

“What’s going on here? I’ve already given you what you wanted! Why haven’t you removed the array and let me go?” Myriad Thunder Supreme angrily shouted in exasperation.

Apotheosis Bella, who had changed her appearance, looked at him as though looking at an idiot. She shook her head and sighed. “I originally thought that Myriad Thunder Supreme was a wise powerhouse, but to think that you’re this stupid is truly unexpected. This Lady is a Supreme, so why should I listen to a weak man who has yet to reach the Golden Immortal Stage? He gave you his promise and that was his business. He doesn’t want to hit you since he’s weak. But do you think so many of us here can still let you off? We’ll only do that if you also hand over your Innate Natal artifact!”


A sweet yet sour taste penetrated Myriad Thunder Supreme’s throat as he crazily spurted out a mouthful of blood. At this moment, how could he not understand that the other party was just playing him?

Why would they only snatch his wealth but avoid killing him? That was total bullsh*t!

Boiling killing aura burst out of Myriad Thunder Supreme’s whole body. He unleashed his Innate Natal immortal sword to hover around him as he shouted loudly, “What shameless people! For good or bad you all can be considered as powerhouses in the Immortal World, yet you go back and forth even though you want to kill me. If so, then let me drag you all to the grave with me! BRING IT ON!”


Tang Xiu uproariously laughed and said, “Damn, this is really thrilling and pleasing, isn’t it? A dignified Supreme has unexpectedly become a muddle-headed idiot and got played by an insignificant nobody. This is really great and interesting, don’t you think? Anyway, I seemed to have recorded all the scenes here with a Nanolight Immortal Mirror Recorder. If I were to make 10 million copies of it and sell them, I’m sure I can sell them for quite a sky-high price, no?”

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