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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1337 - Killing and Extinguishing a Supreme

Chapter 1337: Killing and Extinguishing a Supreme

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Myriad Thunder Supreme was as though getting struck by a lightning bolt that made him stupefied. Never in his wildest dream had he ever dreamed that the scene had just been fooled was actually recorded by this damned bastard with a Nanolight Immortal Mirror Recorder. He didn’t expect that this bastard was unexpectedly so vicious that he would make 10 million copies of the recorded scene and sell it at a sky-high price.

This was… simply taking advantage of his dumped reputation and making profits out of it!

Apotheosis Bella’s expression shifted. She could sense that Myriad Thunder Supreme’s mental state turned into a mess and immediately launched a powerful strike. She instantly unleashed her 9th grade immortal sword and the seemingly chaotic sword moves yet full of charm cut off one arm of Myriad Thunder Supreme in nearly a flash.

“Death Strangle!”


“Deicide Curse…”


More than a dozen Perfected Golden Immortals swiftly launched powerful strikes, especially after Tang Xiu’s orders. Sablefiend Scorpio even shapeshifted and left flashing afterimages as her sharp hooked tail stinger impaled Myriad Thunder Supreme’s buttock and tore a piece of his flesh and left a shocking bleeding wound.

“What a good chance!”

Tang Xiu, who stood tens of thousands of meters away, silently crushed a poison pill and wrapped it with his Primal Chaos energy and sent it away. The colorless and odorless poison gas quickly covered the area around Myriad Thunder Supreme.


Myriad Thunder Supreme flew fast and clashed with Seaway Monarch and Zenith Venerable, his Innate Natal immortal sword instantly piercing Celestial Litho Monstrum’s abdomen. As Celestial Litho Monstrum screamed, his punch hit the chest of Flaming Demon Feline. Everything happened in nearly a flash, but four Perfected Golden Immortals were severely injured by Myriad Thunder Supreme.

Still, his injury was much more serious because he couldn’t fully avoid the strikes from the rest. He could only rely on his formidable physique to avoid getting hit on his vital parts as he was sent flying and spurted out some mouthfuls of blood.


As he was sent flying backward, Myriad Thunder Supreme shouted and a shuttle-shaped immortal artifact came out from his mouth and bombarded the Nine Chains Curve Array. Raging energy burst out as the consecutive layers of Nine Chains Curve Array barely withstood Myriad Thunder Supreme’s frantic blows.

“Myriad Filament Coils—Ignite!”

A transparent coiling silk thread that was invisible to the naked eye instantly wrapped around Myriad Thunder Supreme’s bare feet. After shouting those words, Apotheosis Bella instantly made the transparent silk threat burst into flames. It was the Evil Karmic True Flame, a fearsome Immortal Relic Apotheosis Bella had succeeded in refining after absorbing the Heart Fire from thousands of enemies she once killed.


Myriad Thunder Supreme roared furiously. He wanted to control and manipulate his Innate Natal immortal sword to cut off the line of fire, but the rest of his attackers were crazily launching their strikes at him, leaving him no chance to retract his Innate Natal sword. Just as he roared, however, he suddenly felt as though he was falling into a glacier cave and his instinct told him of the impending grave crisis.

“Impeccable Kill…”

Lupus Chimaera Monstrum suddenly appeared in front of Myriad Thunder Supreme. The two sabers in his hands were as though turning into a scissor that powerfully cut the neck of Myriad Thunder Supreme.

So easy?!

Lupus Chimaera Monstrum was stunned, watching in disbelief as Myriad Thunder Supreme’s head flew out and then exploded after getting hit by Apotheosis Bella’s immortal sword.


Lupus Chimaera Monstrum suddenly shivered and his figure suddenly retreated ten thousand meters before he turned around and stared at Tang Xiu with fear.

He sensed a very potent poisonous qi back there.

He realized something that just made him puzzled. The reason Myriad Thunder Supreme was easily beheaded was very likely because he had unknowingly been poisoned previously.

Blast, slash, puff…

A series of immortal weapons’ bombardment then hit Myriad Thunder Supreme’s mangled body. After his Immortal Soul flew away from his broken body, a lightning bolt suddenly struck the Nine Chains Curve Array and a breaking mirror-like sound was heard. The Nine Chains Curve Array then shattered, but the Immortal Soul of Myriad Thunder Supreme also suffered heavy wounds. As a screaming voice was heard, it fled away towards the distance. However, he was hit by an arrow of light and eventually exploded and turned into a chaotic energy flux.

Tang Xiu’s figure instantly came floating and appeared next to the mangled remains of Myriad Thunder Supreme. He grabbed the Innate Natal artifact of Myriad Thunder Supreme with a smile and loudly said, “Who said nobody can kill a Supreme? Myriad Thunder Supreme is Great Emperor Danqing’s Martial Uncle, yet didn’t he finally die in our hands? However, this matter must be concealed and no one is allowed to utter anything on what happened today!”

“By your words!” Everyone around answered.

Tang Xiu shifted to the sad-looking Dao Lord Green Firmament and lightly said, “Do you feel sad? After all, Myriad Thunder Supreme was your Master.”

Dao Lord Green Firmament’s complexion changed and he hurriedly shook his head. “No, Myriad Thunder Supreme deserved this death!”

Tang Xiu intentionally looked satisfied at his response and nodded. “Well, being wise and understanding the situation means that you’re quite good. Especially when it comes to someone excellent like you. Anyway, do you know any other powerful Immortals nearby? If there are, let’s continue hitting the rest and grab some more wealth.”

Dao Lord Green Firmament hesitated for a moment. But he eventually gritted his teeth and replied, “There are some. Four Senior Brothers of mine are in the direction of Heavenly Mountain, and all of them are Perfected Golden Immortals, along with tens of Golden Immortals. Their total wealth is likely not much less than my Master’s… umm, Myriad Thunder Supreme.”

Tang Xiu’s eyes lit up and he grinned. “Well, that’s great then! Let’s go straight to Heavenly Mountain now. We must butcher those guys and snatch all their wealth. Dao Lord Green Firmament, as long as our operation runs smoothly, I’ll reward you with a tenth of the wealth we obtain. I can even give you a secret and divine art—some fearsome divine arts only Supremacy Stage powerhouses can create.”

Dao Lord Green Firmament’s eyes lit and he immediately replied with a grateful face, “Thank you, Master. Green Firmament will definitely do his best to serve you!”

Tang Xiu happily nodded. He then came to him and patted his shoulder, smilingly saying, “Lead the way, then! Let’s finish our work early, so we can go back earlier.”



At Heavenly Mountain.

The four people, Apotheon Myriad Notes, Soaring Plumb, Nine Immortal Fingers, and Enchantress Yu, who were chained to the cliff of the mountain, had been immersing themselves in recuperation. Although they didn’t have any healing elixir, they were still able to heal their injuries in at least half a day with their strength.

They kept insisting and persevering, unwilling to give up even though the chance of them getting rescued was slim. Hatred became their support, hoping that one day, they would be able to get away and escape and kill all their enemies.

“Senior Brother Myriad Notes.”

Apotheon Soaring Plumb’s eyes that were closed while recuperating suddenly opened and gleamed as he called out.

Apotheon Myriad Notes, Nine Immortal Fingers, and Enchantress Yu opened their eyes at the same time and looked towards Apotheon Soaring Plumb.

“What is it, Junior Brother Soaring Plumb?” asked Apotheon Myriad Notes.

Soaring Plumb looked around and said, “Have you noticed the number of people guarding us recently? The number seems to be much fewer than before.”

Apotheon Myriad Notes slightly lifted his brows and slowly nodded. “Since Green Firmament left, Styx River who has been guarding us also quietly left. Just recently, I also lost track of Myriad Thunder Supreme who usually stays at the summit.”

Apotheon Soaring Plumb nodded and said, “You’re right, Senior Brother. I can sense there are only 4 Perfected Golden Immortals in Heavenly Mountain now, along with some tens of Golden Immortals. If we can break free from this chain and sacrifice, say, 2 or 3 of us, perhaps some of us can escape.”

“No.” Apotheon Myriad Notes shook his head and said, “Firstly, assuming that we’re not seriously injured, we are still under the seal cast by Myriad Thunder Supreme, while we also got no chance of fighting those 4 Perfected Golden Immortals. It wouldn’t be a problem to kill those four had we not been injured. But doing so now is not something we can pull off.”

“I just hate it that we are chained too close to each other, else I would’ve exploded my Immortal Soul!” Apotheon Soaring Plumb was fuming. “I’m absolutely sure I can blast out these chains and even shatter the chains shackling one of you!”

“You’re right on that, but none of us can withstand the explosion of your Immortal Soul with our current injuries,” said Apotheon Myriad Notes with a nod.

As they spoke up to this point, Apotheon Myriad Notes’ expression suddenly shifted and he quickly asked, “Junior Brother Soaring Plumb, the seal on your body…”

Apotheon Soaring Plumb nodded silently and then said, “Right, I’ve been using the lightning bolt strikes to attract the thunderbolts and guiding it into my body to erase the seal on me. There won’t be anything else that hinders me exploding my Immortal Soul.”

A cold light flashed in Apotheon Myriad Notes’ eyes and he said in a deep voice, “Brother Soaring Plumb, do you still remember the Soul Severing and Returning Art our Master has taught us?”

“Ah, I remember it!” Apotheon Soaring Plum’s eyes shone and he said excitedly, “I have especially practiced this Soul Severing and Returning divine art. If those 4 Perfected Golden Immortals are not here, I’m absolutely sure I can use this divine art to cut off these chains on us.”

Apotheon Myriad Notes pondered for a moment and slowly said, “Instead of sitting still like this, it’s much better to fight for our lives than to resign ourselves to death. If those two Perfected Golden Immortals and Myriad Thunder Supreme haven’t returned within three days, you can cut off your chains first in exchange for a damaged Immortal Soul after you cast the Soul Severing and Returning Art. Remember, do not think to even help us and just immediately run away if you succeed. You must do anything you can to try to escape from this place should any chance to escape appear!”

“No!” Apotheon Soaring Plumb hurriedly said, “I can’t just leave you all here and escape alone, Senior Brother Myriad Notes. We, brothers and sisters, must leave and die together!”

“You’re really silly, you know that?” Apotheon Myriad Notes chided him in a deep voice. “If you stay here you’ll be buried with us. You might as well escape and try to come back to save us in the future. You’re the smartest among our Martial Brothers and Sisters, I’m sure you can save us in the future.”

“I understand your thoughts, Senior Brother. I do.” Apotheon Soaring Plumb shook his head bitterly and said, “For the four of us to be in one group and still be alive is very fortunate in itself. However, I will never leave any of you behind. Once I can really cut off my chains, I’ll cut off the chains on you as fast as possible. Then I’ll rush to those 4 Perfected Golden Immortals to explode my Immortal Soul. Should any of us survive, then it must be you guys.”

Suddenly, four figures appeared out of the blue. They were the 4 Perfected Golden Immortals who guarded them, while tens of Golden Immortals also appeared one after another in the surroundings.

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