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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1338 - Insta-killing Perfected Golden Immortal

Chapter 1338: Insta-killing Perfected Golden Immortal

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In front of the four Perfected Golden Immortals, a jet-black Soul Stone suddenly shattered and turned into ashes before it was scattered by the wind.

In that instant, the expression of the four Perfected Golden Immortals drastically changed and disbelief fully covered their faces. They knew the reason why the Soul Stone shattered.

“Master… Master is dead?” The long red-haired Perfected Golden Immortal in combat armor muttered in disbelief.

The lips of the other 3 Perfected Golden Immortals wriggled, but none of them were able to utter anything. Who was their Master? A Supreme of the Immortal World!

How many Supremacy Stage powerhouses were there in the entire Immortal World? Less than 100. Yet, their Master who was a Supreme died?

Apotheon Myriad Notes, Soaring Plumb, Nine Immortal Fingers, and Enchantress Yu, who were chained on the cliff, all wore uncanny expressions. They were similarly shocked upon hearing the sudden death of Myriad Thunder Supreme.

Suddenly, Nine Immortal Fingers uproariously laughed. “HAHAHA… Myriad Thunder Supreme is dead? It’s great that he died! A sinful man, yet he can live to the present, the Heavens truly have bestowed its blessing to make him dead now! You guys just wait! Maybe it won’t be long before your turn to die comes and your souls vanish!”

Apotheon Enchantress Yu was wild with joy and laughed aloud. “That’s right! Senior Brother Nine Immortal Fingers is right! It’s great that such a ruthless and despicable Myriad Thunder Supreme had his soul destroyed. He died now and that’s it! The more of you dies, the happier I will be.”

The long red-haired Perfected Golden Immortal looked furious and a frosty long whip appeared in his hand out of the blue as he powerfully whipped it toward Enchantress Yu’s direction several thousands of meters away.

Whip-crack, whip-crack…

Series of whipping sounds were heard, and each whiplash made Enchantress Yu’s skin and flesh rot. After dozens of whiplashes, Enchantress Yu’s wounds were covered in ice and froze the spilled blood. However, the injuries were not the most critical damage she received because the whip that flogged her was called Soul Whip that caused damage to her Immortal Soul. Despite her firm and tenacious will, the soul-splitting pain felt by her soul made her immortal body shiver unceasingly, causing her to grit her teeth and bite her red lips.

Enduring such endless pain, Enchantress Yu’s face was twisted, yet she let out a smile and shouted in a shrieking voice, “Bring it on, keep hitting me! Kill me if you have the ability! Else, you can expect this lady to shred you into pieces in the future. At that time, I won’t destroy your Immortal Soul but will torment your soul day and night until my last breath. Hahaha…”

“You don’t need to extinguish this bloke. How about I help you?”

A voice came from the distance and a figure appeared tens of thousands of meters away just as the voice faded away.

Crazy killing intent flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes as he shouted aloud, “That guy is mine, the rest of you can deal with the others! It’s been a long time since I last time fought a Perfected Golden Immortal, so I hope this guy won’t let me down.”


Apotheon Bella was the fastest to move and appeared in front of the four Perfected Golden Immortals. Her Innate Natal immortal weapon was as though turning into Grim Reaper’s scythe. Even though her strikes weren’t aimed at those Golden Immortals, the impact waves from her immortal sword were enough to kill several of them and some tens of others to fly upside down to the back.

“Who are you, people?!”

The red-haired Perfected Golden Immortal’s face greatly changed and a look of fear was evident on his face. His complexion instantly became pale the moment he sensed Apotheon Bella’s aura. “Was it you who killed my Master?”

Tang Xiu’s figure flashed and appeared in front of the red-haired Perfected Golden Immortal in nearly a second. Although Star Tears and Sablefiend Scorpio had been following him, he transmitted his order to them to prevent them from getting involved in his fight.

“Don’t act recklessly, Your Majesty!”

Star Tears was very anxious. She may have no deep affection toward this Great Tang Heavenly Emperor guy, but this man was the person who bought her from the Convict Arena and he had promised to give her freedom back after 5,000 years. Even after getting along with him for some time, she discovered that the man seemed to be very hostile toward Great Emperor Danqing and Zither Demon Jiuyao.

Thus, she thought that this Great Tang Heavenly Emperor could be of great help to the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect if he kept aiming Great Emperor Danqing and Zither Demon Jiuyao.

However, she didn’t expect that Tang Xiu, who had never showcased his strength and only had an aura comparable to an Earth Immortal, was going to clash with a Perfected Golden Immortal, even though his opponent was just at the early stage.

The pale-looking red-haired Perfected Golden Immortal wore a contemptuous look when he saw Tang Xiu lunged at him. He didn’t have the will to fight knowing that he wouldn’t be able to turn the tide here. Right as Tang Xiu came at him, he lashed his whip as though whiplashing a lamb and then planned to escape afterward. Even at this moment, most of his attention was still focused on Star Tears and Sablefiend Scorpio a 100 meters behind Tang Xiu.


A cold light flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes. A terrifying suction force erupted from him and everyone within a kilometer radius from him shivered uncontrollably.

The red-haired Perfected Golden Immortal was stunned when he realized that his body was forced to move forward a bit toward Tang Xiu, while the whip he lashed at Tang Xiu instantly changed its trajectory and just brushed past.

“Go the fuck away!”

He waved his whip yet again as he kept being pulled toward Tang Xiu.


Tang Xiu’s figure suddenly transformed into eight shadows that instantly appeared in eight directions and surrounded the red-haired Perfected Golden Immortal. As the latter slightly frowned, the man’s body suddenly shook. When the man thought that dozens of his soul-whipping whiplashes were going to pull Tang Xiu, he was shocked to find that the whiplashes only passed through Tang Xiu’s several figures and didn’t seem to hit nor touch anything.


The red-haired Perfected Golden Immortal suddenly looked down and saw a palm piercing through his left chest, a scene that birthed insane fear inside him.

In the next moment, pain followed, an overwhelming pain that engulfed his whole being.

Madness gleamed in Tang Xiu’s eyes. The terrifying devouring force coming from him was as though a magnet that controlled the body of the red-haired Perfected Golden Immortal. Every drop of his blood, lifeforce, energy, a wisp of his Immortal Force, and his qi essence were being extracted by Tang Xiu.

It took only a second for everything to unfold, yet Tang Xiu had fully cast the last step of the Fusion supernatural ability. At the moment when the red-haired Perfected Golden was desperately struggling, the eight figures he scattered out finally fused and merged with his hand on the red-haired man’s chest, his right foot stretched out from the red-haired man’s right foot, and his head from…

The unfolding scene was as though Tang Xiu had just drilled out from inside the body of the red-haired Perfected Golden Immortal, causing the man to explode into a bloody mist and his Immortal Soul to be shredded. The terrifying devouring force devoured all the energies into Tang Xiu’s body, and the universe inside his Dantian swallowed them before fusing it into the planets.

“How is that possible?”

Star Tears’ pupils shrunk and disbelief overflowed in her eyes. She was furious just now and chided Tang Xiu for being reckless and bit more than he could chew to clash with a Perfected Golden Immortal head-on.

But now, the means Tang Xiu just showcased made her completely shocked to the core.

Everyone in the surroundings, either the Perfected Golden Immortals and Apotheosis Bella, who were attacking the other Perfected Golden Immortals on the enemy side, couldn’t help but shift their attention to the clash between Tang Xiu and that red-haired Perfected Golden Immortal.

However, that instantaneous fight ended instantly, blowing their mind and shaking them greatly.

Sablefiend Scorpio, who stood in mid-air 100 meters away, had been watching that helpless red-haired Perfected Golden Immortal and was then killed by Tang Xiu in an instant. Her mouth was agape and her eyes turned saucers as though she couldn’t believe what she just saw. She even raised her hand and rubbed her eyes vigorously.

“That was not hallucination… right? My eyes didn’t deceive, did they?

“Master… he… truly insta-killed a Perfected Golden Immortal?”

She felt that her cognition and world view were subverted. It was obvious that her Master had just broken through to the Immortal Stage, yet being an ordinary Immortal, he had actually slaughtered a Perfected Golden Immortal by his own hand?

Ignoring the attention, Tang Xiu didn’t even wipe the blood covering his hands and just stepped on the void and came to the chained Enchantress Yu on the cliff step by step. He took out a healing elixir from his interspatial ring and directly stuffed it into her mouth and said in a deep voice, “Take this and heal yourself.”

Apotheon Enchantress Yu stared blankly at Tang Xiu, feeling a sense of familiarity from the young man in front of her as though she had seen him before. But no matter how desperate she tried to recall who he was, she couldn’t remember where she had seen him before.

“Who are you?”

Tang Xiu took a deep breath and said, “Just someone who saved you. No worries, I’ll never be your enemy.”

Enchantress Yu remained silent for a short while. As she took the healing elixir Tang Xiu stuffed into her mouth, he watched him cut off the chains that shackled her limbs. She shot a grateful look at Tang Xiu and said, “I won’t say thanks for this life-saving grace, but this Enchantress Yu will forever remember it.”

Tang Xiu didn’t speak to her anymore but appeared in front of Apotheon Myriad Notes, Soaring Plumb, and Nine Immortal Fingers in a flash. Using his divine sword, he cut off the chains that shackled them and also took three healing elixirs and handed them over, saying, “Don’t speak and don’t ask anything. Heal yourselves immediately right where you are. Star Tears, Sablefiend Scorpio, you both are responsible for protecting them!”

Star Tears and Sablefiend Scorpio came to the four people and, after checking their conditions, they quickly lifted the seal cast by Myriad Thunder Supreme on their bodies before taking them to the ground and guarding them while they recuperated from their injuries.

At this moment, all the Golden Immortals had been slain. One of the other three Perfected Golden Immortals who lost their will to fight had been killed by Apotheosis Bella, whereas the other two were still being besieged by several Perfected Golden Immortals.

“Don’t waste more time and just kill them!” Tang Xiu shouted.

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