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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1342 - Senescent Fiend Yi Zun

Chapter 1342: Senescent Fiend Yi Zun

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The Immortal World was a place with a cruel principle where the strong preyed on the weak. Having seen too many killings and battles, such a scene no longer surprised Tang Xiu. After retracting his vision, he waved to a middle-aged man who was watching over the Cloudstep beast by the roadside. After paying him 10 Immortal Stones, he boarded the back of the beast and rushed towards the city gate.

He deliberately didn’t speed up and the trip out of Renault City took him more than half a day. What he didn’t expect was that the number of Immortal soldiers outside the gate of Renault City now exceeded 1,000, all fully armed and in battle-ready stances.

Tang Xiu’s expression shifted. He carefully listened to the chatters in the surroundings and immediately understood the reason for the scene.

“Senescent Fiend Yi Zun is really crazy. He slaughtered tens of thousands of people in just a few days. He also massacred more than half of the people in Freshwater Village near Renault City. He went so far to kill that village’s Profound Immortal. Now he actually came to Renault City for another fight and killings. Many will surely die here if no powerhouse gets into action to face him.”

“His only son was killed, though I think he’s the one to blame since he kept protecting and indulging his son who always runs amuck here. Besides, that bloke raised a group of ruffians over the past few decades, and how many people have been harmed by them all this while? How many lost their souls and became ghosts? And this old fiend Yi Zun keeps acting tyrannical relying on his cultivation? He never blamed his only son whenever that bloke made trouble. He even sent his henchmen to help solve the trouble. That sh*tty son of his has now been killed by others. A totally deserved death for him, I’d say.”

“Pity that I’m weak, else I’d have killed the only son of this old fiend myself. Such a scourge now has been slain. I’m sure the surrounding regions can finally be peaceful for a long time.”

“Well, we have a Perfected Golden Immortal at the helm in Renault City. No matter how powerful that old fiend Yi Zun is, he’s just a Golden Immortal. If he dares to come, the Perfected Golden Immortal guardian of Renault City will naturally deal with him. It would be great if that pair of father and son die.”

“You know, I heard that Venerable East Wu has some friendship with this fossil fiend Yi Zun, though. Kinda doubting if Venerable East Wu is willing to get rid of that fiend if he does come to Renault City to kill people. Right, I heard those four Immortal killers were chased by the Immortal Guardian Force. And if my guess is right, they should have been handed over to old fiend Yi Zun to appease his anger, no?”

“Let’s have a look at the situation and not leave first. There are so many Immortal soldiers now, I don’t think that old fiend will dare to rampage and kill at the city gate.”

“Yeah, let’s wait and see here.”

After Tang Xiu learned about the situation clearly, he secretly sighed when he recalled those four Immortals who were chased and captured by the Immortal soldiers in the city after he left the Ascending Cauldron Pavilion. He had a vague hunch that Venerable East Wu, a Perfected Golden Immortal guardian of this city wouldn’t easily move to kill old fiend Yi Zun. It was likely that he would hand over the four people who killed that old fiend’s son to calm his anger.

Suddenly, a blood streak of light appeared from tens of thousands of miles away along with suppressing enormous aura. Several dead bodies then crushed down to the ground and over a thousand Immortal soldiers immediately rushed to the air, arranged themselves in battle formations, and looked at the blood-drenched old man in a white robe.

“SCRAM! I know the ones who killed my son fled into Renault City. If you dare to stop me, don’t blame me for stepping on your dead bodies!” Senescent Fiend Yi Zun’s killing intent was almost materialized, and all the cultivators who came in and out of the city could sense the violent murderous energy, scaring them greatly and making them flee.

15 minutes later, except for some powerful people outside the city gate, most of whom were Profound Immortals and some Golden Immortals, the rest had all entered the city. The dozen or so powerhouses were scattered on both sides of the city gate, quietly watching the unfolded situation before their eyes.

“Yi Zun, our city’s Lord Guardian has already sent some people to arrest the group of four who killed your only son. He also said that you don’t need to enter Renault City since he can catch those four killers and he’ll hand them over to you to proceed. But if you dare to enter Renault City, you’ll be regarded as Immortal Lyceum’s enemy. Even if you do have a friendship with our Lord Guardian, we, as his subordinates, won’t be merciful!” the tall and strong commander of those 1,000 Immortal soldiers stated while holding his spear.

Senescent Fiend Yi Zun unleashed his immortal sword and furiously roared, “Hmph, Venerable East Wu is indeed very strong, but why should I be afraid of him? I told you to scram already, else I’ll kill you all even if East Wu must move!”

The complexion of the Golden Immortal commander changed instantly. He was just an early-stage Golden Immortal, far from being Yi Zun’s opponent, who had been a very famous late-stage Golden Immortal for thousands of years. Even if he had some thousands of Immortal soldiers under him, they would totally be destroyed should they really fight this old fiend.

Therefore, he quickly transmitted a message through his Message Token and reported the situation at the city gate to Venerable East Wu.

The City Lord Palace of Renault City.

Venerable East Wu sat cross-legged on the futon beside the pond with various blooming flowers around, watching the Arowana fish swimming in the pond. No trace of aura lingered around him. His cultivation was at the early-stage Perfected Golden Immortal, but he hadn’t yet been able to overcome the hurdle to break through for the last 2,400 years.

Recently, he followed Apotheosis Bella to Heavenly Mountain Immortal Domain to rescue some people. Afterward, under the orders of Apotheosis Bella, he began to work seriously to eliminate some unstable elements in the Immortal Lyceum territory. It was such an unprecedented situation that he vaguely realized that something serious might be happening.

Back in the past, as a respected Perfected Golden Immortal powerhouse, he believed that as long as he did not actively provoke those Supremes and stayed under the shelter of Supreme Apotheosis Bella, he could at least rest easy and be able to cultivate slowly and breakthrough slowly.

But after the battle in the Heavenly Mountain, he watched Tang Xiu slay a Perfected Golden Immortal and the latter just couldn’t fight back. Only then did he finally realize that he was still too weak. Should a war that affected the entire Immortal Lyceum started in the future, even preserving himself would be difficult to accomplish given his current strength. Thus the reason he felt a sense of urgency now.


A streak of light came and he pursed his brows. As he reached out to catch the Message Token and read the contents inside, his expression suddenly changed and was replaced by anger. In the next moment, his figure vanished and appeared outside the city in nearly an instant.

“You’re too much, Yi Zun!” Venerable East Wu stared at Senescent Fiend Yi Zun indifferently with a cold tone.

Old fiend Yi Zun sneered. “Hmph. Brother East Wu, you know that I respect you and I don’t want to break the rules you set up here, but I have to get revenge on my son’s murderers. Let me enter the city and drag those four damned assholes. I’ll leave immediately afterward.”

East Wu shook his head. “No, the rules have been set and none can break it. I already sent my men to tell you about that. We’ll help you catch those four murderers and then hand them over to you to deal with later. That’s my bottom line!”

“I just can’t believe you, Venerable East Wu!” retorted Yi Zun coldly. “Then don’t blame from ignoring all decorum. I have long been wanting to experience the ability of a Perfected Golden Immortal like you. Now the chance is finally here.”

“Come again?!”

East Wu never dreamed that Yi Zun, this old fiend could say so. Judging from his attitude, was he ready to fight him?

Is this oldster crazy? Relying on his Golden Immortal Stage cultivation level, he thinks he can defeat a Perfected Golden Immortal?

Shooting a deep stare at old fiend Yi Zun, Venerable East Wu said indifferently, “Shortly put, you want to fight me, so let me fulfill your wish. But don’t expect me to go easy and be merciful to you.”

A contemptuous look flashed in Yi Zun’s eyes. His momentum burst out violently and, in nearly an instant, his aura soared by 10 times. Further, his skin began to crack as scales drilled out of his skin and quickly covered his whole body.

“Come! Let me taste what you can do!”

East Wu watched this with an incredulous expression and exclaimed, “Aren’t you a pure Immortal? But you… you turn out to be a Perfected Golden Immortal yourself?”

“You bet I am!”

Old fiend Yi Zun hideously grinned and instantly unleashed his Innate Natal immortal sword. Overlapping layers of sword beams instantly covered the sky as he cast his sword arts to crush down towards Venerable East Wu.

Venerable East Wu quickly cast his shock away and released his own Innate Natal immortal weapon. He had no idea why Yi Zun hid his identity and cultivation. He had been sincere to make a friendship with this oldster, but he didn’t expect that this old man turned out not to trust him whatsoever, so he didn’t feel the need to give this man any face anymore.

“Red Lotus Karmic Flame Sword!”

Without holding back, East Wu quickly conjured the most powerful and overwhelming move he could unleash. At the same time when he cast this technique, Karmic Flame emerged out of thin air and blazed forward to oppress Yi Zun.

Senescent Fiend Yi Zun let out a contemptuous smile. The moment his expression turned ferocious and twisted, he lunged toward Venerable East Wu. The cascading sword moves he cast were like killing blows as they instantly appeared in the midst of the sea fire Red Lotus Karmic Fire in the sky, while the scales on his body silently shot out and mixed into the sword beams created by his immortal sword to barrage and clash with Venerable East Wu’s strikes.

“So strong?!”

East Wu groaned as he felt his chest being hit hard. His body flew some hundreds of meters to the back, shocked to find that Yi Zun turned out to be much faster than him. One of those sword beams this oldster unleashed was like a long whip that severely hit his chest.


Blood splattered and the moment Venerable Wu was injured, his Innate Natal immortal weapon also hit his opponent’s waist and sent him flying backward. However, the scales on old fiend Yi Zun’s body were extremely hard and provided a very tough defense. Although his weapon hit the oldster’s wait, it was only able to inflict a minor injury on him.

“Who exactly are you? Senescent Fiend Yi Zun must not be your true identity!” Venerable East Wu angrily roared.

“Heh, show me the strength that can make me scared sh*tless if you want to know my true identity.” Yi Zun sneered. “Else, you can only be a muddle-headed ghost today.”

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