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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1345 - Wordless Golden Medallion

Chapter 1345: Wordless Golden Medallion

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After Apotheosis Bella arranged everything, the other five people left except Venerable East Wu. When she cast a suspicious look at the guy, Venerable East Wu forced a wry smile and cupped his fists to Tang Xiu. “Great Tang Heavenly Emperor will explain to you about this.”

“Well, Venerable East Wu has just broken through to the mid-stage Perfected Golden Immortal, so I’m going to take him to the Immortal Abode domain. You also know he needs to temper himself in battles after the recent breakthrough.”

“Huh?” Apotheosis Bella was surprised. “You have just advanced to the mid-stage Perfected Golden Immortal, East Wu? If I remember correctly, you have been stranded at the early-stage Perfected Golden Immortal for 2,400 years, right?”

“That’s correct,” Venerable East Wu respectfully said. “If it wasn’t for Great Tang Heavenly Emperor saving my life in Renault City and giving me some advice, let alone breaking through to the mid-stage Perfected Golden Immortal, I may have died by now.”

Apotheosis Bella was taken aback and asked in a deep voice, “What’s going on, exactly?”

East Wu’s bewilderment was getting more intense. He didn’t expect that Apotheosis Bella wasn’t even surprised that Great Tang Heavenly Emperor gave him advice. He then detailed everything that happened and finally said, “It was due to Great Tang Heavenly Emperor’s teaching that made my perception towards the Heavenly Dao go further and thus made me advance to the mid-stage Perfected Golden Immortal.”

“You’re really lucky to have received his pointers, you know.” Apotheosis Bella smiled. “Well, since he wants you to go with us to the Immortal Abode region, enter the Heavenly Abode artifact he carries with him. Go inside, then!”

“Are you perhaps also going?” asked East Wu in shock.

“Yeah, I’m going there as well.” Apotheosis Bella smilingly nodded.

Her answer made him more curious about the relationship between Apotheosis Bella and Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. He remembered that Apotheosis Bella had always her eyes looking at the top and never once had she paid attention to any man save Star Cultivation Great Emperor.

Could she have decided to sever all the karmic ties and whatnot since Star Cultivation Great Emperor’s soul has vanished… Say, has she decided to start a new life?

But… something feels amiss here…

If Lady Bella has decided to sever all the karmic ties, she wouldn’t have led me and the rest to the Heavenly Mountain and rescued the people of Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, right?

The confused Venerable East Wu eventually didn’t inquire anything to clear up his confusion. He went directly into the Heavenly Abode artifact Tang Xiu carried with him and then stabilized his new cultivation state.

2 days later.

Tang Xiu and Apotheosis Bella left the Immortal Lyceum. But instead of using Immortal Lyceum’s spatial teleportation array, they departed from the region by flying directly. Only after they spent half a year to cross 2 Immortal Domains did Apotheosis Bella change her appearance and aura and then cruise through space with Tang Xiu to the distant Immortal Abode region.

2 and a half years later.

Tang Xiu and Apotheosis Bella stepped out of the spatial teleportation array of Sacred Flame City in the Immortal Abode region. They saw thousands of Immortal soldiers with boiling killing intent in the surroundings. The commander of these Immortal soldiers was surprisingly a Perfected Golden Immortal who then left without even glancing at the pair.

After a long time, Tang Xiu transmitted his voice as he asked, “How long have we been in the Immortal Abode region? We’ve run into so many powerhouses, and just the number of Perfected Golden Immortals alone should be no less than 10, right?”

Apotheosis Bella transmitted her reply, “The Secret Palace left behind by Drunken Immortal Supreme does offer great temptation. It’s very likely that one-tenth of Perfected Golden Immortals in the entire Immortal World will come here, hoping to try their luck. But the number of Golden Immortals is surely many times more.”

Tang Xiu nodded. “Honestly speaking, I only admire a few people. But Drunken Immortal Supreme is definitely one of them. 80,000 years ago, he was able to distinguish himself and sit on the throne of the strongest in the Immortal World above the rest of powerhouses. That was not some unearned and groundless reputation. Pity that I wasn’t born in the same era as him, else I could have witnessed his elegance and style.”

“I believe you’ll be able to see Drunken Immortal Supreme one day, though,” replied Apotheosis Bella. “I’m sure if there’s anyone in the Immortal World who is likely to advance to Godhood and ascend to the Gods Realm, that person will be you.”

“Hahaha.” Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing. “You really are very confident in me. But I admit that I have such confidence as well. After all, I was able to survive the Divinity Tribulation back then, so I’m more confident that I can cross the next time as well.”

2 days later.

The couple was not in a hurry in the journey and just leisurely flew to the vast mountain range where the Secret Palace of Drunken Immortal Supreme was located. There was a small town that was the closest to the vast mountain range. But now, countless palaces had been established there, along with countless forces from the entire Immortal World.

Apotheosis Bella had restrained her aura and changed her appearance, looking just like an ordinary person who followed Tang Xiu to observe a lot of forces as they descended on a remote riverside.

“Haih, this reminds me that I need to buy a mansion artifact.”

Tang Xiu looked around and smiled bitterly. He had been the target of observation by countless people repeatedly ever since he arrived here. He could have blocked their spiritual senses if he had a mansion artifact.

“Well, I just spotted some people of a certain Artificer Sect here,” replied Apotheosis Bella with a smile. “Let’s look for them, we’ll definitely be able to buy that type of artifact.”

“Yeah, I plan to do the same.”

Tang Xiu grabbed her hand and flew in the direction of the palace where the Artificer Sect was staying. 15 minutes later, they arrived outside the gate of that palace.

“Halt your advance, both of you!”

Four Golden Immortals blocked Tang Xiu and Bella’s advance and kept them outside.

“We’re here to buy a mansion artifact. It’s the custom of your Artificer Sect to sell Immortal treasures as long as you establish your palace in the outside world, right?” Tang Xiu said.

The four men nodded in unison and one of them said, “Since your visit is to do business, we won’t stop you. Please come inside, two guests.”

After Tang Xiu and Bella passed through the palace gate, a stunningly beautiful Female Immortal greeted them with a warm smile. But Tang Xiu only glanced at her before his eyes landed on the backs of two people at the end of the corridor.

Those backs looked somewhat familiar. Tang Xiu wanted to release his spiritual sense, but he then found that this palace had a suppression mechanism that suppressed one’s spiritual sense. Feeling helpless, he could only withdraw his spiritual sense and watch as the two familiar backs disappeared in the palace corridor.

“May I ask what you need from us, two Honorable Patrons?” the pretty Female Immortal asked with a smile.

“I want to purchase a mansion artifact. Please take us in!” answered Tang Xiu.

The beautiful Female Immortal hesitated and forced a smile. “I’ll be frank with the two Honorable Patrons. Although our Artificer Sect came with a large number of mansion artifacts, too many VIPs who have purchased it, so we’re out of stock now. If you could wait for half a year, we’ll have a new batch of mansion artifacts delivered here.”

“We may not need such a mansion artifact half a year later, though.” Tang Xiu shook his head.

“Then I can only apologize to you on this matter, two Honorable Patrons,” replied the belle.

Suddenly, Bella put out a golden medallion, shook it at the beautiful female Immortal, and lightly said, “I know your Artificer Sect always likes to leave some backdoors. I think you should give us the first priority to purchase the mansion artifact if you have any surplus.”

“This is…”

The female Immortal’s expression immensely changed after seeing the golden medallion. She took out her Message Token and sent a message immediately. Afterward, she respectfully said, “Please wait for a second, two Honorable Patrons. This Wordless Golden Medallion is something given to the genuinely distinguished patrons of my Artificer Sect. Only less than 50 people in the entire Immortal World have one. My status is too low, so the elder of my Artificer Sect will soon come to receive both of you.”

As she said, a figure then appeared in front of the pair a few minutes later. The one who came was a gray-haired and humpbacked rickety old man with wrinkles that could be seen on his bronze-colored skin. With their high cultivation level, Tang Xiu and Bella were able to sense that this old man’s life force had begun to disperse, indicating that he only had 300 years left of lifespan at most.


A complicated look gleamed in Tang Xiu’s eyes. He knew this old man. He even had a good relationship with him. Pity that this old man suffered grave injuries and his cultivation was stopped at the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage, no longer able to advance to the Supremacy Stage for the rest of his life.

Back in the past, Tang Xiu also owned a Wordless Golden Medallion, a gift from the Senior Brother of Wisdomless Elder, the leader of this sect. Unfortunately, his interspatial ring was snatched after he got ambushed and the medallion was no longer with him.

“I’m unfamiliar with both Fellow Immortals! May I know from which Elder of my sect did you get it?” Wisdomless Elder confirmed the Golden Medallion and asked with a sigh.

“Colorless,” answered Apotheosis Bella.

Elder Wisdomless froze for a moment and immediately exclaimed in surprise, “Junior Brother Colorless did not leave my Artificer Sect for more than 500 years. Even then he only left the sect twice in the last 3,000 years. You unexpectedly can get a Wordless Golden Medallion from him. This is kind of… strange.”

“I received it from him 500 years ago,” said Apotheosis Bella lightly.

Elder Wisdomless’ eyes flickered. He had seen the sect’s document about the gifting of Wordless Golden Medallion. He naturally knew who was the person his Junior Brother Colorless had given the object to. He contemplated for a moment and then asked with a slightly surprised expression, “Is this Fellow Immortal perhaps Apotheosis Bella Fern Regalia?”

“Rumors have it that Elder Wisdomless likes to gossip the most. The rumors seem to really be true, huh?” said Apotheosis Bella calmly.

“Ugh…” Elder Wisdomless’ breath came to halt for a moment and he immediately said with a dry smile, “Haih, this old man is really rude. Well, you come to my Artificer Sect with a Wordless Golden Medallion, so you naturally have priority to purchase our Immortal artifacts. Further, you can also take away three artifacts for free, though we have to charge you if you take more.”

Apotheosis Bella nodded and said, “Venerable Colorless has explained your sect’s custom before, so I already know it. We only need a mansion artifact.”

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