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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1346 - Paying Bill for Others

Chapter 1346: Paying Bill for Others

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Elder Wisdomless raised his hand, taking out a mansion artifact and saying with a smile, “Of the items refined by my sect, weapons are the most popular. I didn’t expect we would be short on mansion-type artifacts after coming here. By the way, this one is an 8th graded immortal artifact. Not only can it be used as a residence, but it can also be used to fly for journeys.

Apotheosis Bella received and then nodded. “Thank you.”

“There’s no need to be that polite, Fellow Immortal,” replied Elder Wisdomless. “This is the custom of my sect and something I must uphold. But Junior Brother Colorless can’t come out this time, else he would be very happy to see you.”

Apotheosis Bella realized that Elder Wisdomless likely had already guessed her true identity, so she didn’t want to stay here for a long time. Then, she asked Tang Xiu, “Are we leaving now? Or…”

“Let’s continue to stroll around since we’re already here, shall we? Maybe we can run into some unexpected surprises,” said Tang Xiu.

“Do the two of you still need my company?” asked Elder Wisdomless with a smile.

“Temporarily no, but we’ll notice some others find you when we need you,” said Tang Xiu. “Also, send my regards to Fellow Immortal Nameless.”

Senior Brother Nameless?

Elder Wisdomless’s eyes gleamed as he watched Tang Xiu and Apotheosis Bella enter the corridor leading to the rear, secretly wondering their true identity. He had vaguely guessed Apotheosis Bella’s identity, but who was that young man, and what was his origin and background that he sent his regards to his Senior Brother Nameless through him? It must be noted that those who could have a relationship with his Senior Brother Nameless in the Immortal World were all powerful powerhouses who were at least at the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage or Supremacy Stage.

In the corridor, Apotheosis Bella sent a voice transmission to Tang Xiu, “I ran into Elder Colorless 500 years ago when I was fighting in the vicinity of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect against Zither Demon Jiuyao’s people. I had no idea who he was since he changed his face, but I fought side-by-side with him to help the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect and stayed there for decades. Finally, he was forced to withdraw since he was hit hard and seriously injured.”

“Sigh.” Tang Xiu sighed as he transmitted his reply, “I do have a deep relationship with this refiner sect, but I didn’t expect them to lend a hand to help the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect in the critical moments. I owe them this favor and will repay it in the future!”

Suddenly, he recalled the physical condition of Elder Wisdomless and an idea crossed his mind all of a sudden. Elder Wisdomless had a grave injury and it was impossible for him to advance to the Supremacy Stage for life. Yet, he had an extreme means to alter this old man’s condition.

It could be said to be an exchange between friends. The Artificer Sect had extended their hands to help the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect and he would pay it through Elder Wisdomless!

The palace itself had an enormously spacious space in the interior. Tang Xiu and Apotheosis Bella had been strolling around for nearly a day inside and only saw one-third of the regions inside the artifact.

“Can you sell it at a cheaper price? We have been on a tight budget recently. 2.4 million Immortal Crystals is my limit, I can’t take out more no matter how much we want to.”

As Tang Xiu and Apotheon Bella entered a hall at the side, they heard a bitter voice from inside. When the two of them looked at the voice’s direction, they saw two men in their 30s bargaining with someone from the Artificer Sect.

“I’m sorry, the lowest price for this ax is 3.2 million Immortal Crystals. We can’t get even the manufacturing cost if we sell it for 2.4 million. Both patrons may have to look for some other weapons if you don’t have that many Immortal Crystals,” said the beautiful female Immortal serving the two men as she shook her head helplessly.

These two men were Star Luminous and Star Peng. Both were late-stage Golden Immortals and disciples of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. They were famous for being outstanding geniuses of the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect since it was hopeful for them to reach the Perfected Golden Immortal Stage in less than 2,000 years. Even in the Immortal World, the geniuses that could rival them were very few and far between.

However, the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect was now in a precarious situation that forced its disciples to withdraw and stay in the sect, increasing the consumption rate of various cultivation resources to a huge amount. This time, these two men who knew that the Secret Place of Drunken Immortal Supreme was about to open, begged their Martial Ancestor, Soul Star Supreme to allow them to go out and took the chance for the opportunity.

Finally, after blazing through many interceptions on their journey with the help of immortal artifacts gifted by Soul Star Supreme, they escaped death time and time again before finally arriving at this place while concealing their identities. Unfortunately, their Innate Natal immortal weapons were destroyed after the battles, so they could only try to find a way to buy some artifact weapons. Only after buying them would they be more prepared and have more capital for fighting when they entered the Secret Palace.

Yet, they couldn’t help but feel helpless now. Although the sect did give them some Immortal Crystals, the sect itself was on an extremely tight budget, so they were only given 3 million Immortal Crystals, while they had also spent 600,000 on the journey. The remaining 2.4 million Immortal Crystals were all they had.

Star Luminous’s eyes were full of deep disappointment and said bitterly, “Haih, guess we can only choose some other artifact since this Skyshaker Ax’s price can’t be lowered.”

Sullen, vexed, and bitter feelings filled them. Due to being immediate family as well as having outstanding cultivation talents in the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, they had never lacked Immortal Crystals and Crystal Essences before. All kinds of resources were provided to them in an endless number and literally exhaustible. Back then, there was never a chance for them to worry about some million Immortal Crystals.

“Senior Brother, the Skyshaker Ax is already the lowest grade immortal weapon that can barely enter your eyes,” said Star Peng bitterly. “Your combat power will be greatly reduced if you get an artifact with a lower grade.”

“But we just can’t take out so many Immortal Crystals now and we can’t afford to buy that ax no matter what,” Star Luminous helplessly replied. “Besides, that Half-Moon Immortal Saber is also the most suitable weapon for you.”

“What a déjà vu…”

Tang Xiu came over with Apotheosis Bella and spoke these words, attracting the attention of Star Luminous, Star Peng, and the female Immortal attendant. Then, he lightly said, “What the two young friends are facing is something that I’ve experienced in the past. But a Senior passed by back then and paid the artifact I took a liking to. He only said some words to me—this is fate. Further, I also had to go through life-and-death situations several times and barely escaped later. The scene of the past came into my mind after seeing you. I’m deeply sympathetic after seeing your situation, so let me pay for those two immortal weapons!”


Star Luminous and Star Peng exchanged incredulous glances. They never dreamed that they would run into a generous man who would buy immortal weapons for them, especially when they were so dirt poor and couldn’t afford it.

“May I know your honored name, Senior? Us Martial Brothers will never forget your grace today,” Star Luminous gratefully cupped his fists and asked respectfully.

“It was fate that made us meet, so I won’t pretend and act otherwise,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “This Lord is Great Tang Heavenly Emperor. You can address me as Senior.”

“Thank you, Senior Great Tang,” saluted the two men again.

Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “I already said that it was the work of fate, so spare me all the pleasantries and politeness. You will still have a chance to repay this act of friendship if you go on living and become stronger in the future. Well, the artifacts here are cheap, so you should also pick some defensive ones! The more life-saving capital you have, the better the chance for you to survive in the future. Then you can repay me later!”

“About this…” Both men hesitated.

Contrary to their expressions, the female Immortal attendant’s beautiful face turned strange, and an envious look even flickered in her eyes.

Seeing the hesitation on their faces, Tang Xiu lightly said, “Do not reject the hand that extended to you when you’re down. Only when you can go on living and become stronger will you be able to deal with all issues with confidence. Further, you won’t be able to get any defensive artifact should you refuse me, no?”

Star Luminous and Star Peng both expressed similar looks and nodded to each other. After thanking Tang Xiu, they each took one offensive artifact and one defensive suitable for them even though they looked at Tang Xiu with embarrassed expressions.

Tang Xiu then shifted to the female Immortal attendant and lightly asked, “How many Immortal Crystals in total then?”

“34 million Immortal Crystals in total, Sir,” said the female Immortal after calculating the price.

Tang Xiu took out 340,000 Crystal Essences and gave them to her as he said lightly, “Please count them. If the number is correct, then conclude the transaction.”

“Understood!” Quickly after, the female Immortal respectfully said, “The number is correct, Sir.”

Tang Xiu shifted to Star Luminous and Star Peng. After contemplating for a moment, he said, “There’s still half a year before the Secret Palace opens. Even if both you are Perfected Golden Immortals, staying and living outdoors won’t be good for you. If you’re willing, you can run some errands for me for these 6 months. You’ll only do trivial things and I’ll give you shelter. I can also reward you 1 million Crystal Essences if the things I tell you to do are dangerous. How about it?”

1 million… Crystal Essences?!

Star Luminous’ and Star Peng’s eyes suddenly lit up. This number of Crystal Essences to them was huge. Even if hundreds of thousands of people in the entire Vermillion Bird Holy Sect were to gather all their wealth now, the number wouldn’t even be close to it, right?

As always, just as birds would die for food, men’s avarice for riches would always prevail.

Let’s take it!

The two exchanged glances quickly and then respectfully said, “We’re willing to follow you and work for you for six months, Senior Great Tang.”

Tang Xiu happily nodded and said, “Alright, then follow me if you are done here!”

“Senior Great Tang, we still have 2.4 Immortal Crystals. So… we also want to buy some healing elixirs. We ran out of any healing pills on the way here,” said Star Luminous hurriedly.

Tang Xiu serenely observed the two men and sighed secretly after seeing their bitter expressions. From Star Luminous’s words, he could guess that these two guys had blazed through many crises on the way here. Else, such Golden Immortals like them must have brought at least some healing elixirs.

In the next moment, Tang Xiu took out two jade bottles from his interspatial ring and threw them as if throwing the trash. He then lightly said, “What grade of healing elixir can you buy with so few Immortal Crystals, and how many of them can you buy? Let’s just head out! Don’t waste my time.”

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