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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1347 - Happy Days of Living Together

Chapter 1347: Happy Days of Living Together

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Star Luminous and Star Peng took the jade bottle. Wry smiles suddenly appeared on their faces after they unplugged the corks and smelled the scent of medicine that fluttered from the inside.

Purple Scent Pills. Each of which was worth a million Immortal Crystals. Even a Golden Immortal who was seriously injured could fully recover in just a few days after taking one.

What left them speechless was that this mysterious Great Tang Heavenly Emperor threw them one bottle each as though throwing garbage.

“20 of them?!”

A Purple Scent Pill was worth a million Immortal Crystals, so the total value of these 20 pills was 20 million Immortal Crystals. Aside from this, he also bought them some artifacts worth 34 million Immortal Crystals. So, this time, he had already spent 54 million Immortal Crystals for them, brothers.

He was really… truly filthy rich!

Both of them smiled bitterly and put the jade bottle into their interspatial rings and followed Tang Xiu. Their curious eyes kept lingering on the backs of Tang Xiu and Apotheosis Bella while silently wondering from where did this Great Tang Heavenly Emperor come from. They had never heard of him before!


In the vast mountain range.

Tang Xiu released the Myriad Golden Catamaran outside the riverbank millions of miles away, causing it to burst out into a ship-shaped building that covered an area of a few kilometers. Afterward, a portal was then opened and the four people floated into the interior.

The Myriad Golden Catamaran itself had a total of three floors. Aside from the spacious hall on the first floor, there were 24 relatively small halls, each of which was completely empty. On the second floor, aside from the hall in the middle were 100 rooms connected by a corridor. As for the third floor, it only had four halls of the same size with a corridor, and the Profound Crystal windows easily allowed one to see the scenery outside.

“You’re free to choose any room on the second floor. But you’re not allowed to enter the third floor without my permission.” Tang Xiu then took Apotheosis Bella to the third floor after speaking.

Shortly after, he took out every article he had put into his interspatial ring. All of which were a large number of household items he purchased back when he was on Earth. He even brought Earth’s most famous bed, Simmons, and placed hundreds of them, excluding some small military bunks he bought with Gu Xiaoxue.

“Wow, all these things are very chic!”

Casting curious looks at each article Tang Xiu brought out and watched him put them up quickly and formed unconventional-looking space, Apotheosis Bella exclaimed as she reached out to observe a desk lamp.

Tang Xiu faintly smiled in response. The desk lamp itself had a spare battery, so he walked over and turned on the switch. As the light turned on, he smiled and said, “It’s a technological product from Earth. All the things here were brought from my world, Earth. I used to ignore these so-called technological products in the past, then I regressed and thought again that cultivation has its own merits, as do science and technology. After handling some things here, I plan to visit some technological star territories to get a lot of technological armament.”

“I’ve seen these technological armaments you mentioned before,” said Apotheosis Bella with a frown. “But those regions are usually not in the boundaries of the Immortal World. The sentient beings there are all civilized empires of various levels in the distant void. But to me, it seems that those tech-based weapons are very appalling. I can smash a huge battleship with a slap.”

“Well, there’s quite a distinction in the military-grade tech armaments itself, though,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “Some powerful battleships are even able to kill a Golden Immortal with their bombardment. Even those state-of-the-art battleships have a main gun that can pose a threat to a Perfected Golden Immortal. Bella, it’s best to not underestimate anything, whatever it is. These things can exist for a reason, and that already explains their value.”

Apotheosis Bella thought for a while about it and felt that Tang Xiu’s reasoning made sense. However, she was still indifferent to these so-called technological armaments and casually brushed it off with a smile. “Well, I’m still going with you since you wanna go there, though. Consider it as strolling outside to relax and find something new.”

“Might as well.” Tang Xiu nodded with a smile.

On the second floor.

Star Luminous and Star Peng didn’t separate and looked rather surprised. They casually picked a room and immediately arranged a soundproof array. Then, they took out two futons from their interspatial rings and sat cross-legged.

“I can’t help but feel that something is amiss with this Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, Senior Brother.”

Star Peng’s eyes flickered as he whispered.

“My thoughts exactly.” Star Luminous nodded and slowly said, “But I don’t sense any killing intent from him. Besides, with his cultivation level and the strength of the woman next to him, killing us would be very easy for them. Yet, they didn’t do anything to us, meaning that they harbor no malice toward us.”

“Whether they harbor malice or not is not something we can conclude for now.” Star Peng argued. “Besides, there are too many people in need of help in this world. Why us?”

“What do you mean?” asked Star Luminous. “You think he has some plan for us or something?

“Yeah.” Star Peng nodded. “We’ve changed our appearance and even disguised our aura. Only those very familiar with us could guess who we really are. But we’ve never met this Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, so it’s very unlikely that he knows us. That’s why I think that the reason he helped us is not as simple as wanting to make friends. Maybe he’s paying attention to us since he wants to use us.”

Star Luminous nodded without a word. Then, he said, “I can’t rule out such a possibility, either. Though I just can’t figure out what he wants to use us for.”

Star Peng squinted his eyes and added, “He may have no place where to use us now, but the chance is high after entering the Secret Palace of the Drunken Immortal Supreme, though.”

Star Luminous’s expression shifted. After contemplating for a long while, he slowly said, “We’re just throwing guess after guess wildly, but we won’t be getting any answers. Whether he wants to use us or not, we only need to remember one thing—stay vigilant and guard against anyone. We’ll immediately retreat once we notice something wrong.”

“Well, that’s the only way, I guess.” Star Peng nodded and then said, “If anything, let’s just hurry up and refine our immortal weapons before the Secret Palace opens. We’ll have some more life-preserving means when we get inside the Secret Palace.”

Time passed by quickly and four months fleeted by in the blink of an eye. There were only two months left before the Secret Palace of Drunken Immortal Supreme opened. During this period of time, Tang Xiu and Apotheosis Bella stayed on the third floor of Myriad Golden Catamaran, observing the movements in the surroundings, aside from immersing themselves in cultivation.

Here, they practiced pair cultivation, something usually done between Immortal couples.

2After Tang Xiu and Apotheosis Bella had such double cultivation, Tang Xiu’s Primal Chaos force rose several grades than an Immortal’s spiritual force, whereas Apotheosis Bella, who was still a virgin and at the Supremacy Stage, had her Yin Essence energy soar to an almost unthinkable extent. Therefore, both of them received huge benefits and their cultivation increased by leaps and bounds with such rapid progress.

“The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis truly has infinite mysteries. Although I can’t fully understand it, nor can I cultivate like others, the benefits I obtained in these several months are really hard to believe. The harvest I got from several months of cultivation is worth hundreds of years of lone cultivation.”

Apotheosis Bella herself advanced to the Supremacy Stage for some time. Due to having to fight continuously, she didn’t have time to stabilize her realm, but these few months were enough for her to stabilize her foundation, and the might she could unleash now was at least 10% stronger than before.

Tang Xiu didn’t talk to her on this issue but came to the window to look outside. Within an area of hundreds of kilometers, aside from seeing Immortals everywhere, only mansions and palaces in his sight. Both of them had yet to see any familiar face among them and chose to be silent whenever some familiar figures flew by.

“There are only two months left, Bella. I need to investigate the situation outside. Great Emperor Danqing never likes lively scenes and he always lives in seclusion, so he’s likely not here. But Zither Demon Jiuyao is the opposite of him. He always likes to show up wherever any major events occur. You’re a Supreme now, so those Perfected Golden Immortals won’t be able to detect your cultivation level. But Supremes can detect it, so you must stay here just in case you run into any Supremacy Stage powerhouse,” Tang Xiu turned around and spoke with all seriousness.

Apotheosis Bella thought for a while and nodded. “I understand. You still have Star Tears and Sablefiend Scorpio, so I can rest my worries. However, there are countless powerhouses from all over the Immortal World on the eve of such a major event like this. Many of whom have feuds with each other, so the situation will undoubtedly be chaotic. Do pay attention to your own safety and don’t easily clash with others, you hear?”

“No worries! I know that.” Tang Xiu nodded.

Having said that, he came to the second floor and found that Star Luminous and Star Peng were no longer cultivating in their rooms but standing outside the cabin and looking around the ship. He immediately came to them and lightly asked, “Are you thinking of going outside to stroll around?”

“Ah, Great Tang Heavenly Emperor.”

Both of them quickly saluted Tang Xiu and Star Luminous then said, “I do think of strolling around, Sir. After all, the Secret Palace will open soon and countless forces are about to gather. We want to investigate how many powerhouses and forces are preparing to enter the Secret Palace.”

“It’s likely that only a few Immortals, Celestial Immortals, or Profound Immortals will dare to enter the Secret Palace. I’m sure they are well aware that entering it is equal to being robbed of their treasures. The chance of them getting killed is just too great,” said Tang Xiu. “However, the number of Perfected Golden Immortals in the entire Immortal World is at least around a million, and more than a half will definitely choose to enter the Secret Palace for the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme. The number of Golden Immortals is likely even greater, so I don’t think you need to inquire about this issue.”

Tang Xiu looked at the slightly changed expression on their faces and secretly sighed inwardly. How could he not see that these two guys had been wanting to investigate the situation of their enemies? However, he didn’t point it out to them openly and just lightly said, “Well, I’m also bored here. Since you guys want to go out and stroll around, then accompany me! Maybe we can get some unexpected gains outside.”

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