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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1348 - Intriguing and Perplexing

Chapter 1348: Intriguing and Perplexing

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A large number of Immortals either hurried off or immersed in cultivation could be seen everywhere in the midst of the sea of mansion-type artifacts, and a road was formed between the tens of thousands of mansions and palaces.

Leading Star Luminous and Star Peng, Tang Xiu quietly walked on the road while his eyes casually glanced around, observing the Immortals and palaces in the surroundings.

At present, the weakest of those who dared to appear were ordinary Immortals. No mortals dared to be here for fear of running into some short-fused Immortals that were bound to harm them.

Seeing these countless faces made Tang Xiu feel strange, though he wasn’t that surprised either. Back when he was a Supreme, he rarely went outside except when there were important things he needed to tend to or visit old friends. Rarely had he met or gathered together with those with low cultivation levels.

7 days later, he finally spotted a familiar face and killing intent gleamed in his eyes. The instant after, however, he turned to Star Luminous and Star Peng and reminded them lightly. “I can sense a murderous aura from both of you. But you are not to cause trouble here even if you are Perfected Golden Immortals. Be aware that your purpose here is not to seek revenge but to strive and snatch your immortal fate.”

Star Luminous and Star Peng exchanged glances and immediately restrained their murderous auras. They just watched fixedly at the lean man sitting cross-legged several kilometers away outside a palace just like a guard dog. Still, they nodded to Tang Xiu in silence.

That was Argent Martial Hale, Tang Xiu’s former disciple. Though young, he was extremely talented in cultivation and possessed both Fire and Ice arteries and veins in his body. Eventually, Tang Xiu took a liking to him and received him as a disciple. He taught him meticulously for a few hundred years, and 700-plus years ago Argent Martial Hale was just an early-stage Golden Immortal. But this guy now had unexpectedly reached the late-stage Golden Immortal in such a short time.

Gotta change the course and keep on moving.

Tang Xiu looked around and calmly listened to the conversation between many Immortals and soon learned many things. He also heard about where the people from Inner Pill Sect and Everlasting Palace were staying.

“Let’s head to Boundless City,” said Tang Xiu casually.

He then floated up towards the small town near the Boundless Mountain Range. Star Luminous and Star Peng glanced at each other before they flew up to follow Tang Xiu.

Established at the summit of a majestic mountain, the entire Boundless City itself was an Immortal Artifact, a 9th grade artifact to be precise. The person in charge here was a Perfected Golden Immortal who was backed by a Supreme.

As the Secret Palace left by Drunken Immortal Supreme was about to open and attracted a large number of powerhouses from all over the Immortal World, the Boundless City’s City Lord, Boundless Star Guardian, not only felt like he was walking on thin ice, but he also must be very prudent in receiving these visitors. Even his Master Elder Golden Peak had to come and hold the fort.

Before the Secret Palace opened, no one was willing to provoke any troubles and become enemies with a Supremacy Stage powerhouse, so the security of Boundless City was still stable and under control. The mortal and immortal denizens here were cautiously giving service to the powerhouses who came from everywhere. Many of the natives here had gotten a lot of rewards from the visitors for their services.

Yue Tian was a guy who had been living in Boundless City for 18 years. Although he was only a Golden Core cultivator, his shrewd character allowed him to have a cozy life. Every day, he wandered around the city to serve as a guide for some Immortals, causing his blacksmith father to wish that he could break the legs of his son to make him stay at home and learn the ironsmith’s way for a living.

“I got an Immortal Crystal yesterday. If I run into some other high-profile visitors today, I may even get more than yesterday. Pity this Boundless City’s is too small and those Immortals’ speed is too fast, else I’d have been able to get more since I can accompany them several days more.”

At the city gate.

Yue Tian sat cross-legged on the edge of a curbstone, looking at the Immortals coming in and out of the city gate, wondering inwardly what kind of high-profile visitor he’d run into today and which one of them would ask him as a guide.

“Scram, will you? I refuse to guide you!”

A young man who also worked as a guide ran into and snapped at a group of finely-dressed yet menacing Immortals. As a result, the young Immortal slapped the youth guide. Fortunately, the latter’s cultivation was not bad at the Nascent Soul Stage, else he would have definitely died by the slap of that young Immortal.

“Tsk, poor him to get so miserable.”

Yue Tian pursed his lips and clicked his tongue. He knew that Nascent Soul Stage guy—a quite famous little fellow with quite an attitude. But two years ago, the guy eventually became much restrained and worked as a guide. Although he did get bullied many times, he still worked as a guide—a work he relied on to get a lot of money from these powerhouses.

Shortly after, Yue Tian focused his attention on this group of people and heard the clamoring of several people in the back. He immediately understood that these people were all from Myriad Sword Sect and that young man was the Young Lord of that sect.

“Bah, that sh*tty Myriad Sword Sect again. They’re nothing but dogs.”

The news was no longer new to Yue Tian. He had even heard of it too much. Naturally, the Myriad Sword Sect was just a second-class sect attached to the Everlasting Palace. It was safe to say that they were their dogs that would bite anything targeted by its Master.

“I heard that the Myriad Sword Sect has been particularly rampant in recent centuries. Even the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect that used to be super-powerful was harassed by them very badly. Alas, they truly are dogs who rely on their Master!”

Yue Tian secretly shook his head. After taking back his vision from the Myriad Sect Sword’s bunch, his eyes wandered around again to some people who just entered the city.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up when his sight fell on the finely-dressed handsome young man and then shifted to the young men behind him several seconds after. He thought for a moment and then decided to greet them. He respectfully said with an obsequious smile, “Senior Immortal really has extraordinary demeanor. You look so handsome, dazzling, and rich! May I know whether you’re new to the city?”

Tang Xiu smiled and nodded. “You work as a guide here?”

The youth raised his thumbs up and praised. “You also have keen eyes, Senior Immortal. Just like a dragon among Immortals, you make this unworthy one admire you! This little one has been living in Boundless City for 18 years indeed. It’s safe to say that this one knows this city well. Especially in the recent years since the Secret Palace of Drunken Immortal Supreme in the Boundless Mountain Range is about to open, so countless forces and powerful people with great supernatural abilities arrived here, letting me learn about quite a lot of special circumstances.”

Tang Xiu threw an Immortal Crystal to him and saw the youth take it with a surprised look. Then, he nodded and smiled. “I’ll reward you more if you don’t deceive me. But don’t blame me for killing you if you dare to brag yet can’t answer my questions later.”

“Yes, yes, yes. This little one absolutely knows everything here,” replied Yue Tian hurriedly with a tense and prudent expression.

“Well, does the city still have some unoccupied places to stay?” asked Tang Xiu.

“No, all the taverns, restaurants, and inns are fully occupied, Sir. Let alone those places, even most of the natives here have been driven out of the city and their homes have been occupied.”

Tang Xiu squinted his eyes and nodded. Then, he slowly said, “Accompany us to stroll around Boundless City! Let’s just walk and not fly.”

Stroll around on foot?

Yue Tian was surprised. “Senior Immortal, even if the Boundless City is not very big, it will still take us at least a year to completely traverse all the streets here by foot!”

After thinking for a while, Tang Xiu then said, “Then find something to ride. Take these 20 Immortal Crystals to rent them. You can have the remaining Immortal Crystals as the reward for your hard work.”

Yue Tian’s eyes lit up and he asked quickly, “How long would you like to rent it, Senior Immortal?”

Tang Xiu thought for a mile and answered, “10 days! I think we can fully circle around Boundless City in 10 days.”

“No problem,” said Yue Tian hurriedly. “I’ll go immediately.”

Quickly after, the youth came back riding two popular beasts that pulled a luxurious coach. After Tang Xiu, Star Luminous, and Star Peng boarded the coach, Tang Xiu said, “You take the reins and drive. Calculate in your head how to fully tour the Boundless City within 10 days. Remember, don’t drive too slow or too fast, just enough to stroll around for 10 days.”

“No problem, Sir!”

Yue Tian was so happy. Renting this popular beast coach only cost 1 Immortal Crystal a day. 10 days would be 10 Immortal Crystals, so the remaining 10 would enter his pocket. Adding them with the other one Tang Xiu gave him before, he earned 11 Immortal Crystals in 10 days.

While observing both sides of the street, Tang Xiu said, “While strolling, brief us about the surroundings. The name of the place and the people who occupied it as well as their origins. If you’ve run into some Immortals and some interesting events in recent years, you can also tell us about them. I’ll give you 10 Immortal Crystals more 10 days later should your service make me satisfied.”

He’ll reward me… another 10 Immortal Crystals?

Yue Tian gulped and repeatedly nodded with gleaming eyes. Afterward, he began narrating about the buildings and many Immortals who occupied them along the route they traversed.

This fella really had great communication skills and was also very familiar with the situations of Boundless City. Tang Xiu was able to gradually learn the city’s forces and the forces who had come here. He even heard of a large number of forces he had never heard of before.

“Ahead of us is the Hundred Joyous Mansion that used to be a red-light pavilion for those wild flowers. It was eventually given to the Everlasting Palace to occupy now. I heard that the mansion kept all the good-looking girls to serve those people, whereas the average-looking ones were sent home with money.

“In the past 2 years, tens of powerhouses from several forces have visited this Hundred Joyous Mansion to seek pleasure with the girls here. They then clashed with the Everlasting Palace’s people. In the end, those who came late lost and left.

“I also heard that some Supremes are staying in the Hundred Joyous Mansion, but as for who the person is and what he looks like, I’ve never seen the person myself.”

Hundred Joyous Mansion?

A cold light flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes.

Everlasting Sect was the sect Zither Demon Jiuyao belonged to. Although it used to be inferior to the Vermilion Bird Holy Sect, the gap of power between the two was not as big as that sect was considered as a top sect in the Immortal World. 800 years ago, the entire Everlasting Palace had two Supreme experts, albeit losing Myriad Thunder Supreme at the moment.

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