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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1350 - A Fight Between Powerhouses

Chapter 1350: A Fight Between Powerhouses

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Tang Xiu didn’t want to reveal his identity even though he knew that Star Luminous and Star Peng were very loyal to the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect. It could be said that he had powerful enemies literally everywhere in the Immortal World nowadays. He had yet to fully investigate how many people took advantage when the Everlasting Palace and Inner Pill Sect attacked the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, becoming supporters of their evil works, cheering for them, and waving their flags.

Such enemies must be completely annihilated so as to prevent future troubles.

He had devised some plans after returning to the Immortal World, but the first part of his major plan was not to get revenge but to quickly improve his own strength while training a large number of powerhouses. Otherwise, even if his cultivation returned to the peak, he would have no means to get revenge considering he must face the Everlasting Palace and the Inner Pill Sect that had a deep heritage.

As he came to the 3rd floor, Tang Xiu looked at the welcoming Apotheosis Bella and calmly spoke, “I’ve gathered some useful news. I decided that after entering Drunken Immortal Supreme’s Secret Palace, the first thing I’ll do is to snatch the wealth in the Secret Place and then collect some interests.”

“You mean the interests from the Everlasting Palace and Inner Pill Sect?” asked Apotheosis Bella.

“That’s right.” Tang Xiu nodded. “The number of people from these 2 forces who’ll enter the Secret Palace is likely quite a lot. Yet, they are still rivals when it comes to snatching fortuitous encounters. They won’t be united and definitely won’t team up in their actions. As long as they are separated, I can fish in troubled waters and inflict some losses to them. Further, there’s a lot of wealth there, but who can guarantee that these Golden Immortals and Perfected Golden Immortals are short on wealth? Killing them and snatching their wealth will be like killing two birds with one stone.”

“I believe in your ability, but you still have to pay attention to your safety.” Apotheosis Bella nodded and exhorted. “After all, there will be a lot of Perfected Golden Immortals there, and some of them are even able to contend against early-stage Supremes. You must not take this lightly.”

“I know that,” said Tang Xiu.

On the second floor.

An exciting look gleamed in the eyes of Star Luminous and Star Peng. Although they had already some guesses about the identity of the Great Tang Heavenly Emperor, now they had finally determined that the person was on their side. It was simply the best gospel they had heard for hundreds of years. After all, to have support from an unfathomable powerhouse that belonged to their camp may help them in the Secret Palace.

“This Great Tang Heavenly Emperor is very rich. If he’s really a friend of our Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, can we borrow some Immortal Crystals and Crystal Essences from him? Without the support of Immortal Crystals and Crystal Essences, the cultivation speed of our sect’s disciples will be slowed down a lot and we can’t have such a situation to happen for the next millennium. Else, our sect would be breached by the enemies and be destroyed,” said Star Peng excitedly.

Star Luminous, however, suppressed his excitement and forced a smile. “But the most important thing is, we’re not yet clear about his identity. Besides, there’s a chance that he’ll refuse if we rashly mention this issue. The most important point of all is that we absolutely can’t reveal how dire our sect’s financial situation is at the moment. Once our enemy found out our situation, they will definitely keep tabs on us more closely and those from our sect can only dream when they must secretly go out.”

His statement poured by a bucket of cold water on Star Peng and he smiled bitterly. He knew that his Senior Brother Star Luminous was correct. Outsiders may think that the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect was not in a shortage of Immortal Crystals and Crystal Essences in a short time due to their deep heritage. But they were insiders who knew best about their own situation.

Their sect had been maintaining the sect protective array all the time for centuries already. The number of Immortal Crystals and Crystal Essences consumed by the activated array was astronomical. Coupled with the consumption of the people there to absorb the Immortal Force contained in the Immortal Crystals and Crystal Essences to pick up their cultivation speed, it was just a disaster after another. No matter how deep the heritage of the sect was, such a long period of consumption still exhausted their resources.

Suddenly, both of them flickered to the window and looked at the mighty waves of the river surface in the distance with shocked faces. They clearly saw three Perfected Golden Immortals besieging a Perfected Golden Immortal in white, though his cultivation was mid-stage Perfected Golden Immortal, a minor-stage higher than the three others.

“Strange… that’s Dao Master Qing Feng from Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect. How come he provoked the Myriad Sword Sect’s people? Those from Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect have always been pure-hearted and they rarely participate in the battles between the forces in the Immortal World.” Star Peng frowned and his eyes flickered with incredulity.

A cold light flashed in Star Luminous’s eyes and he said in a deep voice, “Our Vermillion Bird Holy Sect may have no friendship with the Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect, but, nonetheless, the enemy of our enemy is our friend. The Myriad Sword Sect has been behind the ass of Everlasting Palace every time they attack our sect. Too many of our relatives and friends died in the hands of their powerhouses. It’s hateful, but we can only blame ourselves for being very weak. I don’t think we can help even if we go out. Else, I would have rushed out to help and fight side-by-side with this Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect’s Fellow Immortal to kill all those Myriad Sword Sect’s bastards.”

Star Peng also clenched his fists and unwillingly said, “There are too many powerful enemies out there. If we were to help that person from the Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect rashly, we’re bound to have our identity exposed and be pursued by powerful enemies.”

On the third floor.

Tang Xiu and Apotheosis Bella also noticed the fight outside. As both of them appeared by the window, Tang Xiu knitted his brows and said, “Who are they?”

“That one is Dao Master Qing Feng from the Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect, a casual acquaintance of mine.” Apotheosis Bella narrowed her eyes and slowly said, “That man is a decent person and his sect has a very good connection in the Immortal World. I’m sure you recognize the attire the three other Perfected Golden Immortals are wearing, no? They are Myriad Sword Sect’s people.”

Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect and Myriad Sword Sect?

Tang Xiu slightly frowned and his eyes flickered. He would have sat firmly on this spot and turned a blind eye if the Myriad Sword Sect were to clash with someone from another sect. But he somehow was related to this sect. Especially because Xue Yu had obtained the inheritance of Dao Master Guai from this sect. It could be said that she was already a half disciple of the Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect. Looking at it, staying still and not to get involved with such a fact was not acceptable.

Apotheosis Bella glanced at Tang Xiu’s face and asked slowly, “Xiu, do you want to help Dao Master Qing Feng?”

Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Yeah. Xue Yu has inherited Dao Master Guai’s legacy, someone from the Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect. She can be said to be half a disciple of this sect. Besides, this Myriad Sword Sect has been the evil accomplice that has caused great losses to the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect, so I want to help Dao Master Qing Feng.”

“Alright, then I’m going out,” said Apotheosis Bella.

“No.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “Sablefiend Scorpio will go out and deal with it. She’s a late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal and can fight those three Perfected Golden Immortal of Myriad Sword Sect alone. Adding Dao Master Qing Feng to the lineup, it will be easy for that man to quickly flee even if he gets pestered by those three.”

After ruminating about it, Apotheosis Bella nodded. “That’s fine too. The Myriad Sword Sect has too many people here and they have Everlasting Palace behind them. Daoist Qing Feng is bound to face a dead-end if he were to get pestered here. Saving him now is the best choice.”

Tang Xiu then summoned Sablefiend Scorpio and said, “Do you see the fighting outside?”

“Yeah, but I have no idea who they are,” replied Sablefiend Scorpio respectfully.

“The Immortal in white is Daoist Qing Feng from the Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect, while the three others clashing with him are from the Myriad Sword Sect. I’m tasking with helping Dao Master Qing Feng. You don’t need to kill his opponents, however. What you must do is to bring Dao Master Qing Feng here as fast as possible. I’ll have him secretly returned after the storm has subsided.”

“By your will, Lord!”

Sablefiend Scorpio originally thought that Tang Xiu would order her to help Dao Master Qing Feng to kill those three Perfected Golden Immortals of Myriad Sword Sect, which would greatly increase the difficulty. But if she was just to help Dao Master Qing Feng to flee, it was not a difficult task for her.

The moment after, Sablefiend Scorpio silently left the Myriad Golden Catamaran and took a detour to another direction without leaving any traces, preparing to move at any time.

“Hahaha… Qing Feng, your cultivation may be a level higher than ours, but I don’t think you can insist for long facing the attacks of us three Martial Brothers. You dare to poke your nose and meddle in the business of Myriad Sword Sect, so you must be ready to die!” Adjourn Northsword of Myriad Sword Sect manipulated his sword to block and stab Dao Master Qing Feng after laughing uproariously.

“Hmph, the juniors of your Myriad Sword Sect keep harassing and terrorizing men and take their women. They even dare to kill mortals rampantly.” Dao Master Qing Feng chided coldly. “Such deeds are something I must get involved with. Killing your juniors is a message from me to you. Whoever dares to wantonly kill mortals again, terrorizing men and taking their women, there will be others who will poke their noses and take care of this injustice as well!”

The smile on Adjourn Northsword’s face faded away like a tide. He glared at Dao Master Qing Feng and intensified his attack, shouting, “Only death awaits those who meddle in our business! You killed my disciple, so you must pay with your life! Your Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect may have people stationed in Boundless City, but anyone who dares to help you means that they are declaring war with my Myriad Sword Sect.”

Dao Master Qing Feng no longer replied and conjured various immortal arts and supernatural abilities. Golden runes emerged in the sky and constantly bombarded his three enemies.

Hundreds of thousands of meters in the surroundings.

At least hundreds of thousands of Immortals could hear the exchange between the two men. Nearly all of them looked at the Myriad Sect Sword’s three Perfected Golden Immortals as shameless and despicable people. Although they also thought that it was stupid for Dao Master Qing Feng to meddle in others’ business, the declaration made by Adjourn Northsword that pulled his sect to the battle with such a fight was simply shameless.

The reason was simple. The one killed was his own disciple. It was him who must avenge his disciple, so why must he pull his two Martial Brothers into the fray? Yet, if anyone from the Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect were to rush to help Dao Master Qing Feng meant that they declared war between two sects?

What kind of principle was that?

It was simply bullying! Pulling his Myriad Sword Sect that was stronger than the Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect to the table to bully others.

Amidst the hundreds of thousands of people, Nine Nether Swordmeister’s eyes flickered with evident coldness. He unleashed his Innate Natal immortal weapons and was ready to move. He was a lifelong friend of Dao Master Qing Feng. Now that he ran into him and saw him in danger, he didn’t even think twice to get himself into great troubles.

“Stay still!”

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