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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1351 - Being Driven Beyond Forbearance

Chapter 1351: Being Driven Beyond Forbearance

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Venerable Netherworld, who stood next to Nine Nether Swordmeister, quickly grabbed the latter’s arm and shook his head indifferently. “Those three men have Myriad Sword Sect behind them. You’re also well aware of this sect’s power. Further, the Myriad Sword Sect still has the Everlasting Palace behind them. You may be able to help Dao Master Qing Feng for now if you fight them, but you’ll likely be the target of crazy pursuit by the Myriad Sword Sect once we enter the Secret Palace.”

“But I can’t just watch Qing Feng face such a predicament and misfortune without doing nothing!” Nine Nether Swordmeister angrily rebuked. “You also know what kind of relationship is between me and him.”

Venerable Netherworld was silent for a moment before slowly said, “Qing Feng has real connections with many people, and you’re not the only person who thinks like that at the moment. Just wait a bit more. If someone else takes action, it won’t be too late for you to step forward. Else, you’ll be hunted down endlessly in the future once you provoke such a feud with the Myriad Sword Sect.”

“But…” Nine Nether Swordmeister broke free from Venerable Netherworld’s grip and hesitated.

“No buts,” cut Venerable Netherworld with a cold face as he added with a heavy voice, “There are countless powerhouses in this place now, and the relationship between the various forces is intricate. No one can say if someone is an enemy or a friend. Endure it and be patient. Step forward when those people act beyond the limit of forbearance. You can expect that I won’t sit idly by then as well.”

Nine Nether Swordmeister hesitated for a while and then finally remained silent. He was well aware that even if he got involved, he could only lead Dao Master Qing Feng out of danger, but it was impossible for him to kill those Myriad Sword Sect’s three Perfected Golden Immortals. After all, the number of experts from this sect who came here was definitely more than these three. If Venerable Netherworld got involved, the odds of solving the problem would be much greater.

A blurry figure suddenly flickered from the northwest and appeared in the middle of the fight in mid-air in the blink of an eye. The new arrival was a blue-haired stout man with an immortal sword sheathed on his back.

“Blue Ocean Tidal.”

The instant he drew his immortal sword from its sheath, a blue sword wave formed in a flash and smashed toward the Myriad Sword Sect’s three Perfected Golden Immortals.

Nine Nether Swordmeister’s complexion slightly changed and he blurted in a low voice, “That’s Indigent Whale Sea Emperor of Heavenly Ocean Immortal Domain! I never thought he was friends with Dao Master Qing Feng.”

Venerable Netherworld shook his head and sighed. “Indigent Whale Sea Emperor’s personality is similar to Dao Master Qing Feng’s. He’s also a warm and genial person, so it’s no wonder that they can become best friends. But this guy is now getting involved, no doubt he will incur a feud with the Myriad Sword Sect. He’s just pulling the grudge over to the sea clans in the Heavenly Ocean region.”

“Indigent Whale Sea Emperor is truly brave and loyal to go to such lengths for the sake of his friends,” said Nine Nether Swordmeister coldly. “That’s the reason why he could fully unite the Heavenly Ocean region under him. Mortals and Immortals in that region are extraordinarily united under him. Further, many powerhouses who admire him have all gone there to take shelter, causing the region to increase in strength immensely. Unless the Myriad Sword Sect fully dispatches all their manpower, it’s nearly impossible to cause a big loss to Indigent Whale Sea Emperor and the Heavenly Ocean region.”

Venerable Netherworld silently nodded and was about to speak when his expression suddenly shifted and his eyes fell on another figure who took action. “That’s…”

“Undemonized Sovereign Mo!” Nine Nether’s complexion changed as he blurted out. He could recognize the newly arrived person instantly since he had seen that man before.

Venerable Netherworld frowned and muttered, “Undemonized Sovereign Mo is famous for being both nefarious and righteous in the Immortal World—one who always does everything in a whim. But I haven’t heard that he has any friendship with anyone. How can he now go out and brave the risk to help Dao Master Qing Feng and offend the Myriad Sword Sect?”

“I don’t care about anything else now,” said Nine Nether Swordmeister with a heavy voice. “Undemonized Sovereign Mo has now moved to help Dao Master Qing Feng. There’s no way I can still keep here.”

With that said, his figure streaked into the sky and instantly appeared in the middle of the combatants. He fiercely shouted, “Hmph, relying on numbers to bully others is really what Myriad Sword Sect is, huh? I, Nine Nether Swordmeister, just can’t watch my friend Qing Feng being bullied by you!”

Dao Master Qing Feng was very touched. Even in his imagination, he didn’t dare think that some old friends of his would stand up for him. He shifted to the powerful enemies from the Myriad Sword Sect and then said in a loud voice, “This Qing Feng is deeply grateful for the act of friendship the three of you have shown me. You all know my character. I never liked to be hypocritical, so please help me kill these three low lives together.”

“Count me in!”

Venerable Netherworld rose into the sky and slashed with his immortal sword, instantly sweeping across the already distressed Adjourn Northsword. Had the latter not possessed a high-grade defensive artifact, he would have been killed by Venerable Netherworld’s strike.

Qing Feng froze for a moment. Just as he was about to ask, he suddenly heard a voice transmission from Nine Nether Swordmeister and immediately understood. Quickly after, he gratefully said, “Thank you, Fellow Immortal Netherworld.”

Venerable Netherworld was feeling a bit regretful at the moment due to failing to slay Adjourn Northsword. He slowly shook his head and said, “I didn’t stand up to help you, but for my brother who likes to poke his nose everywhere.”

“Bahaha.” Nine Nether Swordmeister laughed aloud. “Spare me the nonsense when making good friends, will you? Besides, the sh*tty Myriad Sword Sect is just a bully and they got nothing we need to fear. I heard from a certain Supreme—a Great Emperor who once said that ‘I’ll draw my word to help any friend who’s in need and in trouble and happily kill for their sake’. It’s just a pity that Supreme, the Great Emperor who I admire and respect is no longer here. Else some sh*tty sects wouldn’t have dared to act rampant and force others to fight!”

The hundreds of thousands of Immortals present all wore strange expressions. From the line just recited by Nine Nether Swordmeister, they also knew who that Supreme Great Emperor was. Many powerhouses also had heard the famous line that he once said: I’ll draw my word to help any friend who’s in need and in trouble and happily kill for their sake.

It was the line once declared by Star Cultivation Great Emperor—once the most brilliant and dazzling powerhouse in the Immortal World.

Just that declaration alone won him many friends and countless admirers among supernatural beings in the Immortal World. If it wasn’t for their cultivation level being too low and not having enough qualifications to become friends with Star Cultivation Great Emperor, at least 90% of hundreds of thousands of renowned Immortals would have chosen to make friends with that person and become his genuine friends.

And now, four Perfected Golden Immortal powerhouses, Indigent Whale Sea Emperor, Undemonized Sovereign Mo, Nine Nether Swordmeister, and Venerable Netherworld all stood up to help Dao Master Qing Feng. What was the difference between this occasion and the event 700-plus years ago where a massive number of powerhouses extended their hands to help the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect when it was being besieged by powerful enemies?

In the midst of the Immortal crowd, Sablefiend Scorpio restrained her killing intent and quietly observed the situation in front. The order she received was to rescue Dao Master Qing Feng. But now, four Perfected Golden Immortals stood up for justice and took action, so Dao Master Qing Feng wouldn’t be in danger for the time being. She must make clear of the situation first and devise some plans accordingly.

Thousands of kilometers away…

One of the Myriad Sword Sect’s leaders, a Perfected Golden Immortal who brought the sect’s disciples to the Boundless Mountain Range to enter the Secret Palace, looked coldly at Dao Master Qing Feng’s group of five in mid-air. The calm-looking old man beside him, however, slowly said with a chilling light glittering in his eyes, “Tell those three to give up besieging Dao Master Qing Feng. Wait until the Secret Palace is opened and we’ll make plans accordingly.”


The burly late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal hesitated, but after seeing the old man’s cold and ruthless expression, he eventually could only sigh helplessly and instantly rose into the sky. He unleashed immortal flags that blocked the onslaught towards the three powerhouses of his sect, causing his body to shake slightly. Then, he shouted coldly, “This Lord is Myriad Sword Sect’s Elder, Northpeak Deluge. Please cease and halt, the five of you!”

Dao Master Qing Feng’s group of five immediately gave up chasing after hearing this and coldly stared at Northpeak Deluge.

“The grudges between us shall not be settled until the Secret Palace is opened,” Northpeak Deluge arrogantly said. “I’m sure you’re all here for the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme in the Secret Palace. I don’t think you want both sides to get injured before we enter the Secret Palace and make things easier for others, no?”

Dao Master Qing Feng realized that this issue was caused by him, so he immediately cupped his fists to the other four, saying, “Qing Feng is deeply grateful for your help. However, he’s right, yo all came here for the inheritance of Drunken Immortal Supreme in the Secret Palace. I can’t let you all be affected by my problem when you will have to fight for such an enormous immortal fate. The Myriad Sword Sect is willing to put this issue on hold, so we shall refrain from being aggressive as well. We shall see what will happen, whether it is after entering the Secret Palace or after our trip to the Secret Palace is concluded.”

“Might as well. Fine with me.”

Indigent Whale Sea Emperor shot an indifferent look at Northpeak Deluge and snorted at him before he returned to the camp of powerhouses from the Heavenly Ocean region he brought here.

Undemonized Sovereign Mo himself never uttered any word from the moment he took action. Now that the situation reached this point, he only let out a cold smile and said, “I, demonic Mo, am just rootless duckweed. I kill and help as my heart tells me to. If anyone of Myriad Sword Sect still dares to provoke Dao Master Qing Feng again, don’t blame me for slaughtering thousands of you to vent my anger!”

With that said, he turned to Dao Master Qing Feng and lightly said, “Let’s go together from now on. One enemy comes, we’ll kill him or her, and if two more comes, then we’ll slay them as well.”

“Got it!” Dao Master Qing Feng felt warm inside and nodded seriously.

“I already declared before that whoever bullies my friend is my enemy. I’ll deal with whoever it is even if my life is on the stake,” said Nine Nether Swordmeister. “Northpeak Deluge, I, Nine Nether Swordmeister, will make it clear to you. When you’re prepared to deal with Qing Feng, then be prepared to be my enemy as well!”

With that said, he slightly nodded to Dao Master Qing Feng and quickly retreated with Venerable Netherworld.

Boiling killing intent filled Northpeak Deluge’s heart, but when he recalled the words of that old senior, he immediately sighed inwardly and slowly said, “It’s difficult to stay who will die inside the Secret Palace. We are all already feuding, so we might as well not wait until the trip to the Secret Palace is concluded. Let’s hope we run into each other in the Secret Palace!”

“Fine!” Dao Master Qing Feng replied indifferently.

The fighting between powerhouses quickly calmed down. As Dao Master Qing Feng and Undemonized Sovereign Mo left, the Myriad Sword Sect’s people also quickly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Sablefiend Scorpio also returned silently to the Myriad Golden Catamaran and directly entered the Heavenly Abode artifact. She didn’t want to know the relationship between Tang Xiu and Dao Master Qing Feng. For her, the most important thing was to cultivate and fulfill her job to serve Tang Xiu for 5,000 years.

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