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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1354 - Super Cheat

Chapter 1354: Super Cheat

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A smile crept up on the corner of Tang Xiu’s lips and climbed onto his face. “That was exactly my plan before coming here. Senior may be formidable, but your inheritance won’t help me and will instead affect my own cultivation path. I give you my word on that.”

Drunken Immortal Supreme happily nodded. A stream of torrential knowledge then merged into Tang Xiu’s sea of knowledge regarding the ancient array, as though it was directly engraved in Tang Xiu’s mind. In nearly an instant, he looked at this pocket world space. It was no longer a void environment but a running and evolving array pattern.

“Thank you, Senior.” Tang Xiu cupped his fists.

Drunken Immortal Supreme shook his head and smiled. “It’s part of your Immortal fate and karma. I look forward to seeing you and I also hope that you can be… kind to my inheritor. Our camp is kind of at the edge and on the losing side over here. Only by having a steady stream of new members joining us will we be able to…”

Tang Xiu was bewildered and confused, but then he found that the rainbow light in the eyes of Drunken Immortal Supreme had gradually vanished. He wanted to ask some more questions but eventually swallowed them back since the divinity force dissipated.

He was aware that Drunken Immortal Supreme had left, but what did he mean in the end?

“Our camp is in a weak position?

“Does it mean there are also battles in the Gods Realm? Do all the Gods and those who ascend from the Immortal World to the Gods Realm belong to one camp?”

It was safe to say that Tang Xiu knew many things due to his distinguished status in the past. He finally inferred from the line said by Drunken Immortal Supreme that the Gods Realm was similarly chaotic and unstable. Perhaps the battles there were even more brutal than in the Immortal World.

Ascending to Godhood and becoming a God was once an achievement very close to him in the past, but it was a very far destination for the present him. Hence, he decided to put it away first.


The wisp of consciousness of Drunken Immortal Supreme stared deeply at Tang Xiu and then smiled. “Young Friend has gained the approval of my main body, so this Drunken Immortal Chessboard is useless to you. There are 3 treasures stored inside the Drunken Immortal Chessboard, a 9th grade offensive artifact Soul Slasher Saber, a 9th grade defensive artifact Immortal Spirit Armor, and a Primordial Chaos Dao Pill. You can take all of them or choose one of them.”

“I’ll take all of them,” said Tang Xiu without hesitation.

Drunken Immortal Supreme’s wisp of consciousness slightly smiled. “Since you choose to take all of them, the enchantment here will no longer have any effect. This is the end of my duty. Fare thee well, Young Friend. We shall meet again in the Gods Realm.”

The starlight scattered from Drunken Immortal Supreme’s wisp of consciousness. As Tang Xiu put the three artifacts into his interspatial ring, the world in front of him changed and he returned to the jungle where he was before.

“What a rewarding harvest!”

Tang Xiu smiled gleefully. Through the memory in his sea of knowledge, he already knew the array structure of the entire Secret Palace, such as its complete map that had been engraved in his mind. He could clearly know which spots had restrictions, which ones were more dangerous, and which ones were safer, as well as some places suitable for fighting and hiding…

“Damn, this is really a fraud, a super cheat!”

Tang Xiu’s smile was exceptionally dazzling. Through his memory, he knew that there was a spot on the left side of the place that had a massive deposit of precious ores, so he immediately headed there and messaged Sablefiend Scorpio to hurry towards that place as fast as possible.

He only needed to guard against other Immortal powerhouses since he already knew the route ahead and was able to ignore the hidden dangers. His speed multiplied several times and he moved like a gust of wind along the way while keeping an eye for the precious resources along the path. He avoided tens of traps arranged by other Immortals and obtained a lot of cultivation resources after a thrilling but not dangerous process. Then, he appeared near a sparkling lake.

“There’s Violet Coral Agate at the bottom of this lake, a total of 108 pieces of them that formed an Immortal Pearl Protection Array. The Violet Coral Agate is a very precious material for refining. I’m sure there’s a more precious treasure protected by the Immortal Pearl Protection Array. I can see the Purple Coral Agate down there, but I can’t figure out what’s inside the array. It would be very dangerous if I were to go down there to have a look. Just that Golden-eyed Aquaproof Beast alone is very powerful and can definitely be ranked in the top ten Immortal Beasts in this Secret Palace. Unless my cultivation is a level higher, I’ll likely court my own death if I go down there now.”

Tang Xiu couldn’t help but sigh. He was unwilling, yet he could only look at the lake with desire. Just the total value of those 108 Purple Coral Agates was enough to purchase ten 9th grade artifacts. Giving up now without trying was definitely an enormous loss.

Suddenly, his expression shifted and his figure instantly disappeared.

The moment after, four figures slowly appeared—3 men and a woman in black robes, and all of them were Perfected Golden Immortals.

While restraining his aura, Tang Xiu observed the appearances of the four people. Then, his expression suddenly changed since he recognized the identity of one of them—a member of Myriad Sword Sect, who besieged Dao Master Qing Feng in the Boundless Mountain Range outside.

“Senior Brother Northpure, we already intercepted tens of people already, but none of them were from the Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect nor the Heavenly Ocean region. Also, the inheritance in the Secret Palace of Drunken Immortal Supreme will only be open for 3 years and this place will close if nobody can obtain it. It will take several thousands of years or even longer before this place opens again. We don’t have much time now!”

“I know that, Junior Brother Northomen. But the atmosphere and vastness of this Secret Palace are nearly comparable to a large-scale Immortal Domain. Finding the people of Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect and those from the Heavenly Ocean region is no different than finding a needle in a haystack. Hence, we can only try our luck. If we’re lucky and run into them, then we’ll kill them to vent our anger. But if we don’t, then we can only go all out to rob immortal treasures and cultivation resources, as well as finding the inheritance place as fast as possible to snatch this immortal fate.”

“I’ll definitely kill those assholes of the Pristine Immortal Confucian Sect if I run into them, just like those dead bastards from the Vermillion Bird Holy Sect.”

“Yeah! Encountering them will be a blessing for us. Killing them and robbing them of their treasures will be quite a double harvest for us.”


Tang Xiu watched the four people pass by as they quickly disappeared into the jungle in the distance. Intense killing intent boiled in his heart as these Myriad Sword Sect’s bastards had definitely killed quite a lot of Vermillion Bird Holy Sect’s members. Now that he bumped into them, he swore to make them pay greatly.

Afterward, Tang Xiu quickly followed and kept thinking hard, hoping to find a good way to kill these four enemies from the Myriad Sword Sect.

Suddenly, he abruptly halted his advance in a flash. His eyes flickered as a great idea suddenly crossed his mind. The next moment, he unleashed his spiritual sense for a moment, enough to be sensed by those four people in front.

“Acting recklessly, huh?”

The four people quickly returned and bolted towards Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu himself had devised a plan and didn’t bother to get pestered by these four and retreated back quickly. As he appeared at the lakeside, he took out an immortal sword from his interspatial ring and vigilantly stared at the Myriad Sword Sect’s four Perfected Golden Immortals.

“Aside from that female mid-stage Perfected Golden Immortal, the other three are just early-stage Perfected Golden Immortals. The strength of those four should be more or less equal to that Golden-eyed Aquaproof beast. I just need to pull them into the lake and then wake up that beast, so it can help deal with something else.”


As Tang Xiu thought up to this point, he immediately shifted to the four people and said, “Where did you four come from, and why are you chasing me?”

Venerable Northpure sneered and casually said, “You dare to release your spiritual sense in this Secret Place to stalk on us, meaning that you harbor malice to us and want to cross us four. Spit out your name. If your answer satisfies me, I may leave your Immortal Soul intact so you have a chance to be reborn.”

Tang Xiu deeply frowned and angrily shouted, “It turns out you’re nothing but some bastard brigands who want to kill me, huh? Let me tell you, I’m a late-stage Golden Immortal. You dare gang up on me, then I’ll risk everything to get the attention of all the powerhouses in the surroundings to completely destroy you!”

Venerable Northpure’s eyes flashed with contempt. He glanced at the three others and immediately sneered. “Heh, just a late-stage Golden Immortal nobody, yet you dare to yell at four Perfected Golden Immortals? You really are impatient to die, aren’t you? Did you anything else to spit out? As always, ignorant people are free from fear. But you, cretin, it seems you’ve now hit a dead end.”

With that said, he immediately unleashed his immortal sword and shot it toward Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu intentionally wore a horrified expression and jumped into the lake in a flash. He submerged quickly and could sense that those 4 Perfected Golden Immortals were all chasing him with ferocious and thirsting-for-his-blood expressions.

“Come chase me and I’ll help you fulfill your wish to die.”

Tang Xiu dove a kilometer into the lake and then stopped all of a sudden as he blasted away his divine sword in that instant to slash the four people. The sharp sword energy slashed the water surface and crushed down toward the four.

Bang, bang, bang…

The four people were caught off guard and were forced to retreat. They never thought that such a weak Golden Immortal nobody was so audacious and daring to fight against them, four Perfected Golden Immortals. Even though they had tried their best to block his strike, the tumultuous blood inside their bodies made them realize that the strike of this man in front had injured them slightly.


The killing aura of the female Perfected Golden Immortal in black robes almost materialized. She dashed fast towards Tang Xiu even though they were still under the water surface.

Venerable Northpure instantly followed and shouted coldly, “Something’s strange with this punk. His aura is only at the Earth Immortal Stage, yet the power he just unleashed is on par with Perfected Golden Immortal’s. It’s highly likely he has some kind of divine armament or something. Let’s join up and try to kill him as fast as possible!”

“Got it!”

The four people moved and attacked, resulting in a vacuum area a kilometer in diameter under the water.

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