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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1355 - Achieving Two Targets at Once

Chapter 1355: Achieving Two Targets at Once

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

1,000 meters deep at the bottom of the lake, Tang Xiu carefully and vigilantly observed the surroundings, watching the four Perfected Golden Immortals. He instantly released his aura and forced the lake water 3 meters around and then ignited the Nine Heavens Thunder Art instantly.


Loud explosions of thunder and bolts of lightning struck in the deep lake as though it was in the sky. The flashes of lightning were as though electric eels cruising and weaving the lake water into a power grid in an instant.

The four Perfected Golden Immortals lunging towards Tang Xiu had their faces enormously changed and gave up attacking Tang Xiu and unleashed powerful strikes one after another to force the surrounding water lake away from them to avoid themselves from getting electrocuted.

“It’s time to retreat.”

Tang Xiu didn’t prolong the clash and bolted to the back. At the same time, he sensed a terrifying aura coming from another direction very fast, so he quickly took out an Invisibility Charm to hide.

“Watch out, everyone!”

Venerable Northpure could only stare as Tang Xiu’s figure vanished with a helpless face. As he sensed Tang Xiu’s aura rapidly dissipating, a vigilant look was cast on his face and he shouted in a deep voice.

The black-robed woman’s expression suddenly changed and she interjected with a deep voice, “There’s another powerful being in this lake, and it’s approaching us very fast. Let’s be careful even though a late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal won’t be able to make us stay here.”

Several breaths after, the elusive Aquatic Golden-eyes Beast came into the sight of the four Perfected Golden Immortals. However, they didn’t look afraid even though the aura of the beast was very powerful. The look of greed on their faces was more evident as they stared at the head of the golden crystal beast.

That was a corona, a crown.

1They couldn’t tell what material the crown was made of, but they could recognize the 108 gorgeous Dragon pearls embedded on the crown. Each pearl was a multi-colored Dragon pearl formed after the death of a Sacred Dragon, whose essence then condensed into a Dragon bead and then turned into a five-colored Dragon pearl. At the center front of the crown itself was a fist-sized scarlet-colored Earth Core inlaid. It went without saying that each five-colored Dragon pearl was a priceless treasure, but that Earth Core alone was a treasure countless of Immortals always dreamed of having. Even those at the Supremacy Stage also desired it.

“Let’s kill this beast and snatch those colorful Dragon pearls and the Earth Core!”

The four exchanged glances and one of them shouted.


The Golden-eyed Aquaproof Beast was the first to attack. Its big mouth opened and shot out a mighty torrent of water. The powerful torrent of water was like a tide of artillery shells torpedoing the four people instantly.

“Golden Aegis Shield!”

“Quicksand Reticulum!”

“Black-gold Immortal Tablet!”

“Myriad Adamantine!”

Venerable Northpure’s group of four simultaneously released their respective defensive artifacts and formed a net in front of them. They hadn’t yet figured out the true strength of this Golden-eyed Aquaproof Beast, so they directly chose to defend.


The tens of meters wide torpedo-like mighty torrent clashed with the four defensive artifacts. The four artifacts continuously cracked and then shattered into pieces, resulting in the water attack hitting the four people.


The four people crazily coughed up some mouthfuls of blood and were forced back.

It was just one blow, yet all of them had been wounded. Although their injuries were not too serious, the terrifying blow from the Golden-eyed Aquaproof Beast sent a chill down their spines, and fear now birthed inside them.

With slightly trembling hands, Venerable Northpure shouted loudly, “This Golden-eyed Aquaproof Beast is very powerful. Even if it can’t be compared to a Supremacy Stage powerhouse, this beast is at least comparable to a late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal. I don’t think we have a chance to defeat it!”

Venerable Northomen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said aloud, “But we won’t get that crown if we can’t fight it. We can’t just enter a treasure mountain and return home empty-handed, no? I’m sure we brothers and sisters will regret it later.”

The black-robed female interjected with a heavy voice, “Let’s quickly find a way! Even though we can’t kill this beast, we must get the crown on its head. I suspect that that object is no longer an immortal artifact. It should be a Primordial Chaos treasure!”

A Primordial Chaos treasure?

The other three were shocked and the greed in their eyes intensified. It must be noted that a 9th-grade immortal artifact was already a terrifying artifact that even a Supreme may not necessarily have it in possession. As for Primordial Chaos treasures, such objects were priceless in the eyes of these Supremes.

If… this object is really a Primordial Chaos treasure, then if I get it, my combat power will be improved by at least several levels. I’ll definitely be able to slay a late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal. Venerable Northpure’s body shivered and he shouted fiercely, “We have no other choice but to go all out, everyone! It’s the way and the heart of the strong, so let’s go all out!”


The other three were also battle-seasoned powerhouses with tenacity and wildness in their bones. Facing such heavenly treasures, they even forgot about Tang Xiu.

The elusive Golden-eyed Aquaproof Beast was an Immortal Beast reared by Drunken Immortal Supreme for some tens of thousands of years. After staying here for 80,000 years, its real age had reached 120,000 years, so its strength was comparable to an early-stage Supremacy Stage powerhouse.

At present, the beast saw four weak humans coming here and provoking it, stimulating its ferocity and wrath. The moment it shot bubbles from its mouth, its sharp claws also instantly swept over towards them, forcing the water to both sides as the claws pierced through the bubbles.


The bubbles instantly exploded the moment its sharp claw clashed with the Innate Natal immortal weapons unleashed by the four, bringing out devastating energy that instantly increased the explosion power thousands of times.

“GOD! This thing is even stronger than before…”


The four people crazily coughed up blood and their bodies plunged upside down like snapped kites for hundreds of meters, while their defensive artifacts were all shattered.

Suddenly, the black-robed female shuddered. A stream of water instantly wrapped around her body like a snake. The enormous suction force barred her from being able to resist and she was pulled to the beast’s mouth lightning-fast. The instant after, the beast’s crystal-like sharp front teeth snapped her body. Her Immortal Soul was not able to escape and was directly swallowed by the Golden-eyed Aquaproof beast.

At the same time, Venerable Northomen was also being pulled to the front of the water beast. Terror covered his face and despair filled his whole being after witnessing how the black-robed female was instantly bitten and swallowed by the beast.

I’m dead! Venerable Northomen closed his eyes in pain and growled. “Two Senior Brothers, please help me take care of my family!”


The Golden-eyed Aquaproof Beast was just about to swallow Venerable Northpure, but the action of Venerable Northomen to explode his Immortal Soul blew it away, causing it to wail in pain. Most of its teeth and mouth were blasted and the huge impact injured it heavily despite its powerful strength.


A figure suddenly flickered and silently appeared above the Golden-eyed Aquaproof Beast. The beast would have been able to sense him had it not been for Venerable Northomen self-exploding action. However, it was now in pain after getting exposed to the explosion. Thus, its ability to sense anything in the surroundings was rendered useless.


A piercing strike from the divine sword stroked its head, causing the crown on its head to be thrown off and then was caught by Tang Xiu’s hand, who appeared out of the blue. Afterward, Tang Xiu exerted all his strength and crazily circulated his Primal Chaos force in his body and then dashed to the distance like a lightning bolt.

“Junior Sister Zhu Rong!”

“Junior Brother Northomen!”

Venerable Northpure and another Perfected Golden Immortal looked pained at the same time as they roared, gritted their teeth, and rushed toward the Golden-eyed Aquaproof Beast. To their shock, however, that figure who appeared in their line of sight and his action made them furious and cough up blood again more crazily.

“You abominable thief! Return that Primordial Chaos treasure!”

Both men no longer cared about taking advantage to attack the beast during its short moment weakness but instead tried to chase Tang Xiu. What had driven them so crazy? It was all for those great treasures!

“Nine Heavens Thunder Art!”

The moment Tang Xiu retreated like crazy, he didn’t hesitate to cast a spell, conjuring countless lightning bolts and thunder to blitz down to the lake surface. The crushing lightning bolts from the sky instantly made the bottom of the lake turn upside down.


The Golden-eyed Aquaproof Beast immediately sobered up after getting struck by lightning bolts. Its eyes turned bloodshot with crazy killing intent after it was gravely injured. Seeing that the two enemies just passed by it, it immediately roared and pursued.

Venerable Northpure and the other Perfected Golden Immortal were desperate and felt like dying at the same time. The lightning sparks made them slightly helpless. Who would have thought the previously fainted Golden-eyed Aquaproof Beast would sober up at this time?



At this time, Venerable Northpure no longer cared about chasing Tang Xiu or the crown again. His figure turned as though a cannonball as he dashed forward, though he got struck by tens of lightning bolts in the process.


The other Perfected Golden Immortal, however, couldn’t escape and was hit by the Golden-eyed Aquaproof’s sharp claws and let out a painful shriek as he got swallowed by the beast. However, thinking that he couldn’t survive, he chose to explode his Immortal Soul.

The Golden-eyed Aquaproof had just been hit hard. Although it barely survived the blast, it couldn’t withstand the second explosion from a Perfected Golden Immortal’s soul detonation. Its Beast Soul collapsed and its head was blown to death.

Venerable Northpure was too close to the Perfected Golden Immortal who exploded himself. The impact of the explosion made him get struck by more lightning bolts, causing blood to flow out from his eyes and nose. The moment he escaped from the bottom of the lake, the man was already close to dying.


A sword light that looked as if it was able to tear through space flashed, slashing the unprepared Venerable Northpure’s body into two halves in nearly a flash. Even his Immortal Soul was unable to run.

“Huh? So easy?”

Tang Xiu never thought that such a powerful Perfected Golden Immortal would be so easily slain by his sword. He didn’t even cast his Devour and Fusion abilities, for God’s sake!

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