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Returning from the Immortal World (Web Novel) - Chapter 1356 - Coincidentally Obtained Another Supernatural Ability

Chapter 1356: Coincidentally Obtained Another Supernatural Ability

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Tang Xiu’s eyes flashed with excitement as he put away the crown into his interspatial ring. He didn’t care to see what grade and the kind of treasure the crown was and just submerged deep into the water again. Seeing the dead body of the Golden-eyed Aquaproof Beast, he quickly put the remains into his ring and then quickly went to the Immortal Pearl Protection Array at the bottom of the lake. In just half an incense time, he broke the array, took the 108 Purple Coral Agates, and stuffed them away. As he came to the ten thousand years old cold jade platform, he grabbed a round bead radiating a seven-colored light.

“A seven-colored Dragon Pearl?!”

Tang Xiu’s eyes instantly shone. The seven-colored Dragon Pearl formed by the lifelong quintessence of a Sacred Dragon which then fused and formed a core—an absolutely priceless treasure in any Supreme’s eyes. If any early-stage Supreme powerhouse took and absorbed this seven-colored Dragon Pearl, it would greatly shorten the time needed for that person to advance to the late-stage Supreme. Further, that person would very likely have a chance to cross the Divinity Tribulation and ascended to Godhood.

Obtaining a seven-colored Dragon Pearl was simply tailor-made for him. If he absorbed it, his cultivation speed would be greatly improved by at least several times.

“Gotta take and ingest this thing!”

After contemplating back and forth, Tang Xiu finally made up his mind to ingest the seven-colored Dragon Pearl. An inexplicable taste and sensation then suddenly enveloped his heart.

“A supernatural ability… Rainbow Phantasmagoria Realm?”

Tang Xiu’s expression turned uncanny. He never dreamed that the Dragon Pearl would stimulate such a talent after ingesting it. What made him feel even more incredulous was that this “Rainbow Phantasmagoria Realm” was a supernatural ability that sharply increased his mastery in the illusion art. He could even use this divine ability to form a phantasm realm that could make the enemy hallucinate and expose their secrets to him.

“Unbelievable! This is so damn incredible.”

Tang Xiu could tell how terrifying this Rainbow Phantasmagoria Realm was. It was a supernatural ability that was far more abnormal than the Devour and Fusion abilities. If he were to fight against powerful enemies and caught them under the influence of this Rainbow Phantasmagoria Realm, he could distract them instantly. Most importantly, he could also learn their weaknesses by confusing their minds.

Suddenly, his expression shifted and he flashed to a small mud ditch in the blink of an eye. He quickly cast a concealment array disk and restrained his aura.

A few moments later, two figures appeared in the spot Tang Xiu just stood. Using their spiritual sense, they observed the surroundings but then frowned.

“There was obviously a fight here, but there are no traces of anyone. They must have erased their traces. If my guess is correct, they must have noticed our arrival and stopped fighting and then left.”

“I guess so. Besides, it was a fight between Perfected Golden Immortals. Pity that we came too early. Had we come after both sides got injured after the fight, we would’ve definitely been able to kill all of them and then obtained the benefit.”

“Haih, let’s set off again!”

The two men just exchanged some lines and then left.

Time went by.

After two days passed, Tang Xiu silently removed the concealment array and then activated an Invisibility Charm before he left the bottom of the lake. As he appeared at the lakeside, he didn’t find anyone hiding in the surroundings and then hurried towards the nearest mansion.

The number of people that entered the Secret Palace was big, but the Secret Palace was too large and Tang Xiu only ran into many Golden Immortals and Perfected Golden Immortals earlier. But a few days later, after having traveled for millions of kilometers, he only encountered two Golden Immortals.

Skypillar Manor.

It was a majestic manor surrounded and fully enveloped in an array in the Secret Palace with only a long bridge passage to enter it. For several days, however, tens of Golden Immortals and Perfected Golden Immortals who discovered this manor had not yet successfully crossed the bridge. Those who tried were either killed by the restriction and trap mechanisms on the bridge or returned with grave injuries.

Some hundreds of kilometers from the manor.

Sablefiend Scorpio’s figure trembled and dark-green blood flowed out of her mouth. Her black robe was tattered and showed some shocking bleeding wounds, with white bones appearing from several wounds on her body.

“Hand over that Obsidian Urn and we may spare a wisp of your soul so you can be reborn and become a scorpion again. You can keep resisting, but don’t blame us for annihilating your soul. But then, you’ll never be able to be reincarnated.” A delicate and pretty man in golden robes grinned strangely.

Beside him were two tower-like stout men nearly identical in appearance. They were both about 4 meters in height with oil-luster-like dark skin, and they had an additional eye on their forehead—a very rare and peculiar trait of members from the Violent Three Eyes race in the Immortal World.

Sablefiend Scorpio was a bit desperate. Her cultivation was at the late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal now. It was safe to say that only a few people could kill her in this Secret Palace. But these three men were also late-stage Perfected Golden Immortals, while Whitespark True Monarch especially had a 9th-grade artifact, the Skyscraper Auger.

“Think clearly, Whitespark True Monarch. You three may be able to kill me, but I’ll take at least one of you to the grave with me, while the two others won’t be unscathed either. There are at least tens of powerhouses in the surroundings waiting for a cheap harvest after both of us get injured,” said Sablefiend Scorpio coldly.

“Heh, do you think this Lord will be scared?” Whitespark True Monarch sneered. “You wanna pull some other sacrificial victims to us and are still trying to make us pay a grievous price? You’re already on the tip of a horn and we can slay you without going all out. Spare the sh*tty nonsense and just hand over the Obsidian Urn, else we’ll really annihilate your soul.”

Sablefiend Scorpio took a deep breath and looked around, shouting aloud, “Who dares to stand up now? Who else wants this Obsidian Urn treasure?”

Whitespark True Monarch smilingly scoffed at her effort whereas the two three-eyed experts of Violent Three Eyes clan looked contemptuous. At the moment, who dared to stand up and face three late-stage Perfected Golden Immortals like them?

As expected, nobody from the tens of Perfected Golden Immortals hiding in the surroundings came forward. It wasn’t that they didn’t desire the Obsidian Urn, but they were rather unsure whether they could defeat Whitespark True Monarch’s group of three if they helped Sablefiend Scorpio. Further, the enemy they had to face was not limited to Whitespark group of three alone since there were many auras hiding in the surroundings—potential enemies that would very likely strike when any of them were to fight against Whitespark group and then both sides were mutually injured. Should it happen, these people would definitely strike to kill them to snatch their treasures.

Feeling vexed and unwilling inwardly, Sablefiend Scorpio hoped that her Master, Tang Xiu, could arrive soon. However, she was perfectly aware that even if Tang Xiu was able to slay a Perfected Golden Immortal with a surprise attack, it was just impossible for him to be an opponent to the 3 Perfected Golden Immortals. Even with his help, the final outcome would only add one more death.

Then again, even if he does come here, the chance of him daring to help me in this predicament is very slim, no? After all… this situation spells a dead end to anyone.

Sablefiend Scorpio took another deep breath. She then took out a blood-red long saber from her body with madness-filled eyes. This high-grade Praecantator artifact was comparable to an 8th grade immortal artifact. She didn’t take it out before since she didn’t want anyone to know that she had such a high-grade Praecantator artifact, so as to guard against anyone from targeting her and hunting her due to coveting the treasure.

But she couldn’t care so much about anything else now.

“Bring it on, then! Let’s see which one of you who’ll go to the grave with me?” Sablefiend Scorpio shouted.

Praecantator artifact?!

The moment Sablefiend Scorpio took out a Praecantator saber, Whitespark True Monarch and his two subordinates were not the only ones who could sense the diabolic force radiating from the weapon, but also the tens of powerhouses in the surroundings. Some well-informed people could even recognize that Praecantator saber, a magical weapon originated from the once-famous Diablo Praecantator race in the Immortal World.


A grim figure flickered from a distance and a surging aura radiated from him as he said in a deep voice, “Sablefiend Scorpio, you had vanished for a few centuries, so I never thought that you’d appear here. Further, that weapon in your hands was once used by a warlord of the Diablo Praecantator race in the past.”

“Do you also want to have a share of killing me, Venerable Netherworld?” replied Sablefiend Scorpio aggressively.

“You’re very strong. I’m well aware that I’m not your match.” Venerable Netherworld shook his head and smilingly said, “Those three are certainly very strong. I cannot fight against them, either. I’m just curious. You were just a mid-stage Perfected Golden Immortal a couple hundreds of years ago, yet you quickly advanced to the late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal Stage. How did you do that? If you answer me, it’s not impossible for me to fight alongside you!”

Sablefiend Scorpio’s expression shifted and she deeply stared at Venerable Netherworld. She knew that what the man just said was correct. Not to mention a few centuries ago, she was still a mid-stage Perfected Golden Immortal several days ago. But after entering the Secret Palace, her luck could be said to be extremely heaven-defying. She got teleported to a swamp where a Celestial Spirit Fruit tree grew. Further, that Celestial Spirit Fruit tree had two ripe fruits. She then took one, which made her cultivation sharply increase and then allowed her to successfully advance to the late-stage Perfected Golden Immortal within a few days.

“Certainly, that’s because I ran into some fortuitous encounter.”

Venerable Netherworld narrowed his eyes and forced a smile after hearing Sablefiend Scorpio’s answer. He sighed. “Haih, I also wanted to wait for both of you to injure each other and then act to snatch the Obsidian Urn. I just never thought you would have a Diablo Praecantator Clan’s weapon, so I didn’t have a choice but to act ahead of time. Sablefiend Scorpio, you also realize the situation you’re in now, don’t you? Your chance of winning is nearly nil if you fight them alone. Only by fighting side-by-side with me will you have a chance of winning.”

Sablefiend Scorpio frowned and asked, “Why are you helping me?”

“Because I also have an artifact like yours,” answered Venerable Netherworld lightly. “Although I have no idea what kind of fortuitous encounter you experienced, I’m sure that Praecantator artifacts are very rare to find nowadays since the Diablo Praecantator Clan has vanished from the Immortal World. Anyone who has a Praecantator artifact has obtained their inheritance.”

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